Dining Service Reviews in Singapore

Singapore is a diverse hub of cultures, so it’s no surprise that it has a thriving culinary scene! And what better way to get a ‘taste’ of a culture different from your own than by food?

From North America to Europe and Asia—you name it! In the best restaurants in Singapore, you can treat your tastebuds by trying out different types of cuisine such as Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, French, and so much more.

Breakfast and brunch enthusiasts, this is for you! We’ve rounded up a list of the best places to have breakfast and brunch in Singapore. Whatever your cravings—be it pancakes, bread, pastries, tea, coffee—we’ve got it all here for you.

You can also stuff yourself with Singapore’s best buffets. Have certain dietary restrictions or preferences? Trust our picks on the best halal buffets in the island.

For seafood lovers, treat your mouth with the best seafood restaurants that can only be found in Singapore. We even have a guide specifically on the top chili crab places!

Savour the taste of particular Asian dishes such as ramen, omakase, dim sum, and sushi from Singapore’s best Asian eateries. If you’re an adventurous eater looking to try Asian fusion dishes, say no more and check out our choices for the best restaurants in Singapore offering peranakan food and bak kut teh.

Steak, burger, and pizza—this island offers great places to enjoy these Western delicacies as well! For dessert, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with our top picks for the best places to find ice cream, pineapple tart, and other desserts in Singapore!

But what is food without something to drink? Try our picks for the best places to get Singapore’s high teas! Luxuriate in seasonal teas, peranakan tea sets, premium teas, and many more from our list.

Coffee addicts, we got your back as well! See our choices for the cafes featuring the best coffee in Singapore. And as a bonus, we also made a list on the most Instagram-worthy cafes showcasing eye candy interiors for your social media feed.

For those of you who enjoy a glass of bourbon now and then, search no more and head straight to our list on where to get the best bourbons in Singapore. Add an extra wine or two to your collection by taking a look at our list on the island’s best wine shops.

Vegetarians and healthy eaters, take heed! We’ve also compiled the best vegan restaurants offering the most deliciously green dishes you can eat in Singapore.

If you’d rather eat at home but don’t have time to cook, we’ve also covered the best places offering food delivery services—alcohol included!

Planning to host dinner for some guests? Our list of the best catering services in Singapore is just one click away.

But if you want to eat in an out-of-the-box kind of way, trust our picks for the best dog cafes and unique restaurants in Singapore. You won’t regret it!