Gifts and Flowers

Gift giving is one of the best ways to show your care for your loved ones. Whether you want to express your thanks, show support for a sick friend, or surprise your romantic partner, there’s always the perfect gift for the occasion.

Flowers make great gifts because of their relevance for a variety of events, be it for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation days, and more. If you prefer fresh flowers, you’ll love our choices for the shops in Singapore offering the best flower delivery services.

But for those who want to enjoy the beauty of flowers for a longer time, you won’t be disappointed with our lists of the shops for the best dried and preserved flowers on the island.

For a more unique kind of gift, try houseplants—not only are they aesthetic house decor, they also help keep the air clean and fresh. For this, view our selections for the best houseplants in Singapore—you might even end up buying one for yourself!

As a bonus, we’ve also compiled a list of the shops selling the best vases and flower pots of all shapes and sizes. Your plant-loving friends would surely love these!

An assortment of gifts instead of just one is sure to impress your special someone. Check out our selections for the shops offering these gift baskets filled with goodies, from chocolate hampers to Chinese New Year hampers.

In case you won’t be able to give them yourself, we’ve also made reviews for the best gift delivery service on the island for your reference.

If you’re not sure what to give your sick friend or relative, fruit baskets are a great and healthy option. Get them one that’s already beautifully assorted from our list of the top shops offering the best fruit baskets in Singapore!

Whether you’re looking for the best gift ideas for babies or a cool gift for your older nieces or nephews, we’ve got you covered. Be the cool aunt or uncle by checking out our lists of the best gift ideas for kids!