Maintenance Service Reviews in Singapore

When your home or office needs some work done, employing professionals for the job can save you not only money but also time for other important tasks. And if you’re looking to have some maintenance done, we’ve put out lists of the best maintenance service providers in Singapore.

Whether for the upkeep of your home or workplace, we’ve also compiled the best local maintenance and repair services. Pest control, plumbing repair, HVAC system maintenance, carpet cleaning, electrical rewiring—these are just some of the services we’ve listed, so make sure to check out the whole stash!

Cleaning can certainly take up so much time. So, why not employ Singapore’s best home cleaning services and part-time cleaners for the job?

Looking for a maid to help you maintain your household? Get help from our recommendations for the best and most reliable maid agencies in Singapore—child and elderly care included!

If you’re dreading the task of cleaning your carpets, curtains, clothes, and other fabrics, we’ve organised a list of the companies that offer the best carpet, curtain, laundry, and dry cleaning services in Singapore as well. And if you want to take the cleaning to the next level, hire the best disinfection services on the island for a squeaky-clean and germ-free household or office!

For waste disposal services—from furniture disposal to recyclable waste disposal—our top picks for the best disposal and waste management services in Singapore can get the job done, no matter how big or small it is!

Meanwhile, if you’re being haunted by the pests lurking in your space, it’s time to take control! Eliminate them for good via our choices on the best pest, ant, cockroach, mosquito, and rodent control services in Singapore.

For car owners, finding quality service for vehicles ensures your safety and convenience. Trust our picks for the best jump start car, car inspection, car fumigation services, and other vehicle-related services.

For emergencies on the road, we’ve also laid out the top car centres with the best roadside assistance for your convenience.

Got other maintenance problems only professionals can solve? From the best plumbers and welders, down to the best welding and airconditioning services on the island—we’ve assembled all of the best choices on the island for those!