Studies and Statistics

Nowadays, more and more industries are seeing the importance of using different metrics and data in predicting and analysing the market trends. Whoever masters the data, masters the market, or so they say.

But that doesn’t mean that only industry players can benefit from Big Data. Even regular citizens like us can benefit as we can use these to understand how different elements—both simple and complex—shape our everyday lives and our society as a whole.

In this category, we take a look at the different aspects that shape Singapore and its people. We analyse various metrics and take it apart to create a bigger, more comprehensive picture.

Through thorough research and in-depth analysis, we tackle different topics that range from pressing issues like food wastage in Singapore to more casual topics like online shopping. No matter how complex the issues are, we make sure to break it down into digestible portions, still including all the important data points from only the most reliable local and international data sources.

We also make it a point to tap Singapore’s leading industry experts for their insights and proposed solutions for the different issues that plague our society. We also look to the public and private sectors and try to understand what steps they’ve taken to address the issue at hand.

Finally, we take all of the data gathered and make our own insights to generate a probable outlook on the issue. And to make sure that our projections are hopeful but also balanced and grounded, we consider all aspects—both positive and negative.