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Other Products Reviews in Singapore


We also make reviews on a variety of items that don’t quite fit in the other categories. From umbrellas to toilet seat covers, we’ve scoured the island to bring you Singapore’s best products!

Preparing for a new member of the family? Baby strollers, high chairs, baby cots, chairs, and everything in between—we’ve got our picks of the best baby supplies for precious little one!

To complement a healthy diet and exercise, consider taking food supplements. And if you don’t know where to look, our buying guides for the best multivitamins, fish oils, probiotics and more can help!

Thinking of learning a new instrument? Pick up an instrument from our lists of the best acoustic guitar, electric pianos, drum sets, and other musical instruments you may be interested in.

Living in a tropical country like Singapore leaves you and your family vulnerable to the threats of dengue. Protect yourself and your loved ones with our selection of the best mosquito nets and mosquito repellents on the island.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend the weekend, try taking a trip to the great outdoors! For all your camping needs, check out our picks for the best camping tents, fishing rods, binoculars and other outdoor tools and supplies you may need!

There are quite a number of medical equipment you can utilise without the assistance of a doctor. Blood pressure monitors, thermometers, CPAP machines, and nebulizers—we’ve reviewed a range of the best medical equipment and tools in Singapore for your health and wellness.