Hi, I'm Erica!

Hey! I’m Erica, the founder of Best in Singapore.

“If you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash, why spend it on anything less than the best?”— That’s what my parents, sticklers that they are, drilled into me at a young age.

They aren’t wrong, though.

For every product or service out there, there are literally thousands of options available and only a handful of those are actually worth your money.

Price, brand, availability, features, warranties—there are so many things to consider whenever you buy something that it’s becoming much of a chore for the average consumer.

And that’s where we come in.

I started this with the goal to create a review site that you can trust whenever you buy a product or pay for a service. Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all wonder product because everyone has different preferences and needs.

But even so, we consider all aspects of a product or service to find the ones that are suitable for most people. If you want to know how we do reviews here, check out our review guide.

Since we do all of these for you, reader feedback is always highly appreciated. For any kind of feedback or enquiry, remember that our inbox is always open! And above all, never settle for less than the best!


Erica Tan

Our Experts

Derek Hales

Derek Hales

Derek Hales is our expert on all things to do with products. Since 2014, he's been methodically testing products of all kinds and doing his best to create helpful resources for other consumers, which is reflected in his work as Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ModernCastle.com.

For him, all great reviews start with great testing, and he guides our writer-reviewers in their own product assessments using that same principle.

Dorcas Sholanke

Dorcas Sholanke

Dorcas Sholanke qualified as a podiatrist from the University of Southampton in England before moving to Singapore, where she took a post as Junior Podiatrist at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Since then, she has worked her way up the ranks, even been appointed Head of the Podiatry Department.

Her insight as a holistic practitioner and head of a busy multidisciplinary clinic is invaluable in our medical service reviews. Dorcas advices our writers on insider knowledge and how best to access healthcare providers in our articles.

Our Writers


Athirah is a tech enthusiast and entrepreneur with a passion for content creation. Living your life to the fullest is important to Athirah, so when she's not writing or making videos, you'll find her cultivating her side hustles and being the best version of herself.

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Cindy is a lifestyle writer with a serious case of wanderlust. Writing has taken Cindy to different parts of the world, sampling diverse cuisines and experiencing various cultures. A foodie at heart, she's always on the hunt for the next culinary adventure.

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Caleb is a passionate digital marketer but likes to pick up the pen every now and then. He devotes himself to missionary work, often traveling to different parts of the world. He is currently the Creative Director at Katartizo and a Marketing Manager at GBS Singapore.


I am a writer, life coach, and life-long learner. I love travelling, and I've spent more than a decade of my life exploring the world and experiencing different cultures. My life's mission is to inspire others and advocate personal development through my writing.


Now you’re probably wondering why we’d spend time and money comparing products and services without charging others for it.

For one, we believe that we’re offering a necessary service. We want to help people all over the island find the products or services that they truly need.

That’s why our opinions and reviews are our own. We know the struggle of finding the right solution to a problem, so we strive to ensure all solutions we put forward are good ones.

The only compensation we may receive from what we do is an occasional referral fee for some products or services you may purchase from our site. That fee doesn’t reflect in the price you pay for any product or service, though: it won’t be passed on to you.

If you have any questions about us or what we do, feel free to reach out to us! We love hearing from our readers.
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