Furniture Reviews in Singapore

Design your home or work space with the right furniture befitting your style and needs.

Qualities such as durability, design, and price should be considered when searching for your ideal home fixtures. Luckily, we’ve saved you time by listing down our recommendations for Singapore’s best furniture.

Can’t sleep properly because of your mattress? Maybe it’s time to switch to a better one. Get a full night’s sleep and wake up to a better day with our selection of Singapore’s best mattresses, from latex to air mattresses!

Complement your new mattress with the fluffiest pillows and comforters to get that shut-eye you deserve!

Dreaming of a kitchen á la Martha Stewart? Turn that dream into a reality with our top choices of the best kitchen furniture, from the best kitchen tables down to the best counter stools!

Thinking about upgrading your bathroom? Our recommendations for the best bathroom mirrors, cabinets, sinks, and other bathroom fixtures can help.

If you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish and unmotivated at work, consider livening your work space. For this, you’ll be glad to know we’ve also got lists for the best office chairs, desk, bookcases, filing cabinets, and other office furnishings in Singapore.

You could even create your own office mini bar by selecting any one of our options for the best wine chillers—provided your boss is totally chill with it, of course!

For gamers, if you’re feeling a lot of discomfort like back pains while playing, perhaps it’s time to get a better chair. For long hours of gaming without feeling sore, make sure to consult our guide for the best gaming chairs in Singapore.

We’ve also prepared reviews for the best computer tables to go along with your new gaming chair, so check those out as well.