Hotels Service Reviews in Singapore

No matter if you’re a traveller or a local, our selection of the best hotels and rentals here are all worthy picks for your R&R destination.

There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to quality lodging. From Instagram-worthy ambiance to comfy lodging—enjoy your stay on the island with our recommendations for the top cheap hotels in Singapore.

Staying for less than a day? Take a look at Singapore’s best hourly rate hotels! As another option, you can also try Singapore’s best boutique hotels with free wifi, affordable rates, bars and restaurants to swimming pools and airport shuttles.

But if you’re looking to stay for a few weeks or so, we’ve also created a list of the best room rentals on the island, perfect for business travellers looking for the most affordable rates! You could also take a look at our collection of the best serviced apartments in Singapore.

Another popular option for many travellers nowadays are Airbnbs. If you’re considering staying in one, check out our picks for the best Airbnbs on the island, featuring minimalist interiors and spacious rooms, among other exciting features.

Perhaps you’re a local and in need of some relaxation without travelling out of town. Our guide on where to experience the best staycation hotels in Singapore is complete with necessary details such as pricing, facilities, location, and other things you need to know to make the most of your trip.

We totally get it if you can’t bear travelling without your fur babies. That’s why we also produced a guide on where to find options for the best dog and cat boarding houses in Singapore.