Legal Service Reviews in Singapore

Legal matters are best left to the professionals. And because of the complexities of the law, there’s a variety of legal services available for individual needs.

If you’re looking for some top-quality legal services, we’ve got recommendations for the best lawyers in Singapore for different cases dealing with divorce, immigration, real estate, bankruptcy, intellectual property, law, and even the Syariah law.

Notarizing documents is also one of the most sought-after legal services. And if you’re in need of such services, our list of the top notary public in Singapore can help.

If you’re running a business, make sure that your tax returns are in compliance with the government’s regulations. For this, check out our reviews on the best firms with the top tax consultants in Singapore.

Legal conflicts can also arise between employees and their employers. Settle this through our choices for the best employment lawyers in the country.

Worried about intellectual property theft? To protect your creations by hiring only the best intellectual property lawyers on the island. Our top picks for the best corporate lawyers can also protect and aid your company in any legal encounters.

Dealing with people who won’t pay back the money they owe you? Let the law be the final word! Take a look at our top picks for the best debt recovery lawyers on the island.

Struggling with bankruptcy? Save yourself from the added difficulty of looking for legal help by simply checking out our recommendations on Singapore’s best bankruptcy lawyers.

Annulment and divorce procedures can get messy. Seek experienced lawyers with our guides covering the best annulment lawyers and divorce lawyers on the island. For expats, we especially created a list detailing the best Singapore lawyers on expat divorce.

For family issues that require the law to step in, it’s best to check out our top picks for the country’s best family lawyers. Determining your estate’s beneficiaries also calls for a specific kind of lawyer—find this and more from our guide on Singapore’s best probate lawyers.

For circumstances where you are caught in a legal dispute with someone, get quality assistance from our top recommendations for the best criminal lawyers in Singapore. We’ve also got the best legal practitioners for litigation and personal injury, so make sure to check those out.

Excited to move to a new country? Make the process easier by consulting with only the best immigration lawyers in Singapore.

Looking to purchase property soon? Before you go ahead and do so, make sure you sort out any legal issues first by hiring Singapore’s best conveyancing lawyers.

Finally, if you’re a member of the Muslim faith, we got your back as well. For legal matters related to the Syariah Law, we’ve handpicked Singapore’s best Syariah lawyers for your reference.