The 9 Best Conveyancing Lawyers in Singapore

Best Conveyancing Lawyers in Singapore

By Ryan Lim

Do you need help in securing a property that you’ve always wanted to purchase? If so, the best conveyancing lawyers in Singapore can help with the legal aspect of transferring properties to ensure that you’re protected during the exchange.

Moreover, the best conveyancing lawyers in Singapore ensure that you’re meeting all the legal obligations towards the owner of the property. So, if you don’t know where to find the best property lawyers in Singapore, then don’t stop reading just yet because we have what you’re looking for.

1.  Law Advice Now

Criminal Defense
Family & Litigation
Intellectual Property
Notary Public
Civil Litigation
Probate Law
ADDRESS 11 Keng Cheow St, #02-05 The Riverside Piazza, Singapore 059608
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Law Advice Now is one of the best law connection services to choose from when you’re in need of legal aid. The portal is accessible and gives clients the opportunity to easily connect to multiple lawyers — up to five — at a given point in time.

Aside from that, Law Advice Now’s range is extensive as well. No matter the field of law, Law Advice Now can help connect people in need with an expert lawyer who specialises in a specific field of law that they are concerned with.

If you are ever in need of legal services, you can always turn to Law Advice Now for reliable, trustworthy help when it comes to finding lawyers.


  • Wide array of services
  • Easy Access


 2.  PKWA Law Practice

PKWA Law Practice's Homepage

EXPERTISE Conveyancing, Family Law & Divorce, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property, and Probate
ADDRESS 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #16-01 HDB Hub East Wing, Singapore 310480
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6854-5336
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

PKWA Law Practice has a wide area of expertise that includes conveyancing, criminal law, family law, estate planning, commercial law, and a whole lot more. We picked it as one of the law firms with the best conveyancing lawyers in Singapore given the countless cases it has mediated and won.

Its conveyancing practice includes dealing with development projects, commercial and residential sales, HDB properties, collective sales of residential properties, and private properties.

So, if your property falls within these categories, we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice from PKWA Law.


  • 30 years of experience
  • Excellent track record
  • Well-awarded

Customer Reviews

Take a look at some of these reviews to know how excellent PKWA Law is:

“I must say that PKWA Law provided a very satisfactory service. The entire team was extremely professional and accommodating. Everything was straightforward and done in a timely manner. Special mention to Ms. Jessica Chow, Ms. Corinne Wee and the team for an exceptional service. I will definitely recommend PKWA Law to my family and friends.”

“This is my first time engaging PKWA Law Practice for some legal services.   All I can say is that they, esp Christina Lim, are very professional in their legal services.   I didn’t have to spend long time at their conducive offices.   They are very well prepared before each of my visits.  Everything is ready for me to sign and so I didn’t have to wait long at their offices.   Highly recommended for their professional services.”

3.  APEX Law

APEX Law's Homepage

EXPERTISE Conveyancing, Corporate, and Family Law
ADDRESS 185 Toa Payoh Central, #02-342/344 346/348, Singapore 310185
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6717 3131

+65 9624 9200

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Considered one the top law firms on the island, APEX Law houses some of the best conveyancing lawyers in Singapore. All their lawyers have years of experience in managing and settling different types of properties in Singapore.

You may ask for their legal advice if you’re dealing with HDB, Private Properties, Commercial and Industrial Properties, Part-Share Purchase, and even Redemption of Properties. APEX Law also guarantees that clients will receive quality and cost-effective legal services.

APEX Law also deals with family law, corporate law, and mediation and arbitration. So, if you need help in any of these areas as well, you don’t have to call for another law firm.


  • Effective meetings
  • Experienced lawyers
  • Convenient locations
  • Personalised legal services

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews by previous clients of APEX Law: 

“Apex Law is definitely a go to for legal matters and conveyancing work!  Jonathan Ow is a very experienced and sincere lawyer who has given us much well-rounded legal advice.  He’s responsive and “eveready” to go an extra mile to help his clients. His warm and humorous demeanor puts us at ease and makes communication so easy and accessible. Kudos.”

“My experience with Apex Law has been very pleasant and I am very satisfied with the service. The team at Apex Law is competent, professional and efficient, especially Mr Jonathan Ow who is very experienced and helpful. I will definitely recommend Apex Law to my friends.”

 4.  Tan Lee & Partners

Tan Lee & Partners' Homepage

EXPERTISE Conveyancing, Corporate, Family Law, Intellectual Property, and Probate
ADDRESS 10 Anson Road, #12-06, International Plaza, Singapore 079903
CONTACT DETAILS (65) 62215766
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

If you’re looking for a law firm that houses the sharpest lawyers on the island, then look no further than Tan Lee & Partners. It also has a long list of areas of expertise including conveyancing, family law, criminal law, corporate law, and a whole lot more.

What’s more, its conveyancing practice includes property development, property disputes, property financing, mortgages and loans, commercial and residential leases, and landlord and tenant law. One of the reasons we consider it among the best conveyancing lawyers in Singapore is due to its lawyers having successful streaks.

Above all, Tan Lee & Partners assures clients that its team of lawyers will do everything in their power to make sure that a good deal will come out of the transaction.


  • Customised legal services
  • Cost-effective services
  • Approachable lawyers

5.  Ho & Wee

Ho & Wee's Homepage

EXPERTISE Conveyancing, Litigation, and Corporate
ADDRESS 24 Raffles Place, #17-03 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621
CONTACT DETAILS (65) 62215766
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

With over 30 years of experience, there’s no denying that Ho & Wee has become one of the most trusted law firms on the island. It has gained a great reputation for being a law firm that can deal with any type of legal problem, including anything related to property law.

Moreover, it has years of experience in dealing with individual sales and development projects. It also has a long list of clientele that includes businessmen, land developers, construction companies, and individual investors.

Lastly, we consider it one of the top law firms with the best conveyancing lawyers in Singapore because they have won and mediated cases both locally and in other countries.


  • 30 years of experience
  • Wide area of expertise
  • Local and overseas exposure

6. Ohmyhome Pte Ltd 

Ohmyhome Pte Ltd's Homepage

EXPERTISE One-stop property acquisition solutions
ADDRESS Ohmyhome Pte Ltd 11 Lorong 3 Toa Payoh #04-17 Jackson Square

Singapore 319579

CONTACT DETAILS +65 68869009 | [email protected] 

Ohmyhome Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s most trusted companies when it comes to property acquisitions. They have a wide range of topnotch services that will definitely help you should you decide to pursue with your purchase.

One of the services they offer is Conveyancing. Their seamless processes make everything at ease and quicker for their clients. They house some of the best professionals to accommodate their clients’ property concerns.

You may also opt to avail their initial conveyancing advice before totally proceeding with the process, free of charge.


  • Guaranteed quality
  • Reliable support
  • Quick process


TAN LEE & CHOO's Homepage

EXPERTISE Conveyancing and land law
ADDRESS No. 1 Park Road #04-04 People Park Complex Singapore 059108
CONTACT DETAILS 6534 2339/ [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Founded in March 1972, Tan, Lee & Choo is among the oldest law firm in Singapore. As such, they have experienced and well-established lawyers in their firm. They are also renowned for their reliable reputation and integrity in the industry.

At Tan, Lee & Choo, you can consult any legal issues that you have. This is for the reason that they provide a comprehensive legal service to their clients. They specialize in conveyancing and land laws. So, if you have problems regarding this matter, you can contact their legal department.

One of their lawyers practices family law and civil litigation. In fact, he also qualified as Professional Deputy and Donee. Thus, the firm can handle whatever case you bring to them.


  • Provides legal service and solutions across a wide range
  • Experienced and professional lawyers

Customer Reviews

You will never go wrong if you choose Tan, Lee & Choo as your law partner. You can check out their client’s review: 

I think there is no one can good law firm in Singapore compare to Tan Lee and Choo. Here’s lawyers listen me first and consult my case first. Here is best lawyers team and help us full. I won my 15 years old civil litigation case help of this firm. 

Thanks Tan Lee and Choo Lawyers. – Paul Eisen

8. Singapore Divorce Lawyer

Singapore Divorce Lawyer's Homepage

ADDRESS 3 Church St, #15-04 Samsung Hub, Singapore 049483
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6337 0469/ [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Singapore Divorce Lawyer composed of ten lawyers who specialized in family law specifically on divorce. Equipped with the necessary knowledge and manpower, the firm makes sure to represent their clients at all cost. They take pride in managing conflicts and resolving legal issues.

You won’t have to worry about their consultation process. They will guide you all throughout the legal process. Further, if you’re in litigation, they will provide you with necessary information and status of the case. 


  • Quick response
  • Attend personally to your legal problem
  • Provides strategically sound advices
  • Free consultation

9. That.Legal LLC

That.Legal LLC's Homepage

EXPERTISE IP Protection & Portfolio Management, IP Disputes & Litigation, IP Exploitation & Commercialization, Corporate Secretarial Services, Digital Business Law, Social Media Law, E-Commerce Law, Defamation & Reputation Management, Personal Data Protection Policies
ADDRESS 144 Robinson Road, Robinson Square, #18-01, Singapore 068908
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +65 6305 4569
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 9am–6pm

That.Legal LLC is composed of competent lawyers who are expert on their respective field. For instance, their managing director is the chairman of the IP Practice Committee of the Law Society of Singapore. He has been in the practice for over 20 years which gives him the edge. Other lawyers of the firm have their own career on their chosen specialty. 

Their main service is intellectual property. However, they also venture on other fields such as conveyancing. Their lawyers will surely help you in addressing legal problems. They will provide you with legal aid and solutions. 


  • With competent and expert lawyers
  • Provide practical and real solutions to legal problems
  • Approachable and accommodating 

Customer Reviews

As compared to other law firms, That.Legal LLC has been very efficient and effective in dealing with their clients. Here is the feedback from their Google page:

I am so excited That.Legal LLC is up and running. I have known its Executive Director Mark Teng for many years, seeing how tirelessly and professionally he works in the interest of his clients. His chairing of the IP Enforcement Practice Sub-committee of the Law Society of Singapore also demonstrates his commitment to bettering the intellectual property scene in the broader public community. Last but not least, he successfully facilitated the trademark for the chiropractic clinic I work at. I strongly recommend That.Legal for your intellectual property matters. – Ashley Liew

And with that, we conclude our list of the best conveyancing lawyers in Singapore. If you’ve got more options in mind, don’t forget to let us know and we might end up adding them to our roster.

By the way, if you also need help in settling a dispute concerning your own family, we suggest that you seek legal advice from the best family lawyers in Singapore. These experienced and competent lawyers can definitely deal with any type of messy situation concerning families.

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