Repairs Service Reviews in Singapore

Things can and will break, either from age, accidents, mishandling and other circumstances.

It would be nice if we always had the funds to buy a new phone, oven, or car, but that would be living in a fairytale. Realistically though, what we’d do is find the pros who can fix our damaged things.

If your home is in need of a variety of repairs, we have great news for you! Just pick one from among our list for the best home repair services in Singapore. From electrical troubleshooting, furniture repair, landscaping, and more—we’ve made the search more stress-free for you.

Get your kitchen appliances up and running with our recommendations on where you can find the best kitchen cabinet, microwave, oven, stove, and fridge repairs on the island.

Broken aircon? Ceiling fan on the fritz? No need to suffer from the Singaporean heat—keep yourself and your family cool with our choices for Singapore’s best ceiling fan and aircon repair services.

Laundry piled up because of a malfunctioning washing machine? Have it repaired with our picks for the companies offering the best washing machine repairs in the country. TV not working? We also have a list of the best TV repairs on the island!

The right mechanic can fix all your car troubles and give you the best rates as well. To save you time (and money!) in searching, check out our options for the best car repairs in Singapore. Additionally, if your auto gate won’t function properly, have it checked by Singapore’s best auto gate repair services.

If you’ve been experiencing unstable electricity, it’s likely you need power trip repairs. No need to look for the best electrician for the job—simply consult our list of the options for the best power trip repairs on the island.

We use gadgets like our phones and laptops everyday. Needless to say many parts of our daily activities are affected when they malfunction. Save yourself the hassle of finding the right people and view our selection of the best laptop and phone repairs in Singapore.

Looking for a new luggage because yours won’t close due to a broken zipper? Not so fast! Save yourself more money by seeking the best shops for luggage repair—you’ll love our reviews!

Whether you’re struggling with a leaking roof, a broken door, a rundown water heater, or a malfunctioning rubbish chute, we combed over the island to give you only the best professional repair services that offer the best rates and the highest quality of service!