Construction Service Reviews in Singapore

Whether you’re constructing a new home or fixing up an old office space, you should be able to construct or renovate a space the way you like it. That’s why we’ve covered the best construction services on the island that can help you throughout the entire process, from initial building plans to the finishing touches on the interior design.

It’s always a good thing to seek guidance from professionals. Before you carry out your building project, take a look first at our choices for the best architecture firms, construction companies, renovation contractors, and interior designers in Singapore.

For business establishments and condominiums, we also bring you Singapore’s best commercial and condo interior designers. With their help, you can create a living space that’ll surely entice property buyers.

Using only the most premium materials can do a lot for your living space. And to help you get the best, we’ve rounded up the best hardware stores on the island offering your needed tools and materials.

Need expert carpentry work done? For all your carpentry and woodworking needs, get high-quality work from our selection of the best carpenters on the island.

Tired with the look of your HDB? Enhance and widen your space with the help of Singapore’s top contractors for the best HDB renovation.

Or perhaps you only need to remodel certain parts of your house? Give your kitchen and bathroom a grand upgrade with our options for the best kitchen and toilet renovation services in the country. We’ve also got recommendations for shower screens, faucets, showerheads, and more!

A fresh coat of paint will certainly do wonders for your home and office. Why not enlist one of the best painting services in Singapore for residential and commercial projects for the job?

For eye-catching entryways, see our picks for the best doors in Singapore. We have our picks for different types of doors such as French, Nyatoh, and more, so make sure you check them out!

If windows are your concern though, feel free to browse our list of the best shops for soundproof windows. For extra security and privacy, look over our lists of the top contractors offering the best window grill and blinds installation on the island.

Need some roof repairs done? If you’re suffering from a leaking roof, eliminate the problem with the help of our list of Singapore’s best options for waterproofing.