Insurance Reviews in Singapore


Whether you’re travelling around or just going by your daily routine, make sure that you’re properly insured from anything that could happen.

From travel, health, and home insurance to personal accident, car, and even pet insurance, our lists of the best insurance options in Singapore can help you have mental, emotional, and financial peace of mind.

If this is your first time getting insurance, it’s best to go with expert consultation. From wealth management, insurance, and life plans to comprehensive coverages and more, plan for your future the right way with our selection of the best insurance agents in Singapore.

Aside from physical repercussions, a life-threatening disease can take a toll on our finances as well. If you haven’t sought Singapore’s best critical health insurance yet, it’s time to take action now by checking out our list!

And if you’re a foreigner, we’ve also rounded up a list on where to find the best health insurance for foreigners in Singapore.

Expecting a child soon? Be sure to check out our list of the best maternity insurance you can get in Singapore to give you and your child the care you deserve.

Securing your home is another great way to ensure you and your family’s safety. See our choices for the best home insurance in Singapore.

If you want extra security and peace of mind, you could also insure your vehicles. For this, check out our recommendations for the top options featuring the best car and motorcycle insurance on the island.

Accidents can strike at any time. Protect yourself and loved ones with our picks for the best personal accident insurance in Singapore.

Business owners, protect your business’s interests and assets properly by taking advantage of our list of the best business insurance in Singapore.

Looking to travel outside of the country? Before you pack your bags though, make sure to check out our top picks for Singapore’s best travel insurance. For even more protection, check out our other recommendations for different travel insurances such as annual travel insurance and cruise insurance.

For those who employ maids in their households, you’ll be delighted to read our list on the top options for the best maid insurance in Singapore.

If you want to keep your pets safe and secure, we recommend you check out our guide on Singapore’s best pet insurance!