Education Service Reviews in Singapore

Singapore is globally-recognized for its success in education. Aside from its attractions and marvels, the island is a gem for its educational system and standards.

A good foundation in education sets the stage for higher levels and the life after. Have your little ones get ready for their future by checking out our picks for the best preschools and kindergartens in Singapore.

You can also rest assured that our choices for Singapore’s best private schools ensure they get quality education complete with various offerings such as personalised learning programmes and care for special needs children, among others.

But if you’re an expatriate looking to enroll your kids in the best international schools in Singapore, we’ve made the task easier for you. Feel free to choose from our in-depth list featuring info on their locations, rates, pros and cons, and so much more.

If your child is struggling with his studies—be it in math, essays, music, language learning, or other subjects—our list of the best tutors on the island is on-hand for your reference.

When learning how to play an instrument, nothing beats hands-on learning with a professional player. For the best violin, guitar, drums, and piano lessons, check out our top recommendations! We’ve also got lists for other instruments as well, so make sure to check those out.

Much like musical instruments, learning how to play a sport from the pros can tremendously increase your progress. Get on track to becoming an athlete by checking out our choices for the best schools and coaches in Singapore offering lessons in various sports.

Want to challenge yourself by learning a new language? Take a look at our selection on the best language tutors and lessons here on the island! Japanese, Chinese, English, German and much more—we’ve got all these prepared so make sure you check them out!

If you find yourself struggling with cooking, consider enrolling in one of our choices for Singapore’s best culinary schools. And if you want to try your hand at interior designing or digital marketing, we also curated a list of the best interior design schools and digital marketing courses.

Because learning never stops, one of the best ways to further your education is to get a postgraduate degree. Our picks on the top schools offering an MBA degree would definitely up your expertise in business—see our recommendations!

Want to make sure that you ace an important exam? Increase your chances by reviewing our inclusive guide on the best tuition centres in Singapore.

Feeling a bit lost in your life? Whether it be relationships, goals, or career, you can obtain counsel and coaching from our picks on Singapore’s best life coaches.