Best Japanese Lessons in Singapore
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The 6 Options for the Best Japanese Lessons in Singapore

Being able to speak more than one language is a sure-fire way for companies to consider your application. If you’re looking to have that edge when applying for a job, then you might want to try signing up for the best Japanese lessons in Singapore.

Luckily, there are more than a few language centres on the island that offer the best Japanese lessons in Singapore. Even if you’re not planning to learn the language as a professional skill, attending every class will still be worth it.

Anyway, we made a list of the top language centres known for the best Japanese lessons in Singapore. We included only those with professional instructors, affordable classes, and effective lessons.

Check them out below to know how to get in touch with them.

1.  Tomo Japanese Language School

Tomo Japanese Language School's Homepage
BEST FOR   Tomo Teaching Method
CLASSESJapanese language lessons and private language lessons
ADDRESS190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore 239924
CONTACT DETAILSGo to its website for queries.
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM

If you’re looking for a Japanese language school that can help you speak, write, and read like a native Japanese, then look no further than Tomo Japanese Language School.

Apart from its trained and experienced instructors, Tomo Japanese Language School is known for using the Tomo Teaching Method. This is a teaching method that puts more emphasis on speaking than listening, writing, and reading.

Tomo Japanese Language School is the only language centre on the island that makes use of this teaching strategy — which is why we call it one of the top options for the best Japanese lessons in Singapore.

Another thing we like about Tomo Japanese Language School is its conducive and spacious classrooms. It has a comfortable learning environment that makes it easier to learn the Japanese language.

If you want a more personal and private approach to learning the language, you may opt for its private language lessons.


  • Unique teaching method
  • Trained and professional instructors
  • Competitively priced rates

Customer Reviews

Here’s what some students have to say about their experience with Tomo Japanese Language School:

“I have been to other Japanese schools before and I really prefer Tomo Japanese Language school way better. I love the teaching style where we get to practice with one another through conversations and the way we progress with the lesson is less stressful. Along the way, I felt I can catch up and absorb better and I can also remember better what was being taught. Of course, credit must go to Ryo sensei, who has been really a pleasure to be in her class, she is funny, animated and helps keep the interest level high. We really enjoyed studying in her class and always look forward to the lesson next week.”

“Great lessons with native Japanese speakers. Every student is given equal time to practice their conversational skills with the teacher and with each other, and the lecture/homework material are at a good pace and of good quality. I am currently under Ryo-sensei and she is very patient. She guides her students with kindness and a pinch of cheekiness that makes her students feel at ease and engaged in the lesson.”

2.  Japanese Explorer Class

Japanese Explorer Class' Homepage
BEST FOR   Classes for beginners and advanced learners
CLASSESJapanese language lessons, small group classes, online courses, kids classes, business classes, and private classes
ADDRESS137 Cecil St, level 7, Singapore 069537
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6528 7918 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Japanese Explorer Class offers different types of Japanese language classes, including classes for beginners, advanced learners, and corporate classes. It’s one of the few language centres on the island that consider the varying levels of knowledge of its students.

If none of its classes fit your schedule, then we suggest going for its online Japanese courses. Its online classes guarantee effective learning approaches, methods, and strategies to ensure that students learn the language successfully.

Japanese Explorer Class is known for housing some of the most competitive bilingual teachers in Singapore, all of whom have years of experience under their belts. It’s no surprise that it’s considered the top option for the best Japanese lessons in Singapore by hundreds of students.

You may sign up for a free trial class if you want to experience a class taught by Japanese Explorer Class’s amazing instructors.


  • Experienced bilingual instructors
  • Online Japanese classes
  • Business Japanese classes

Customer Reviews

Take a look at some comments shared by its students:

“Teacher Jeryl has always tried to make the class interesting and enjoyable. He answers all questions and explains till we understand. It has been a very enriching experience and I would love to have him as a teacher again when I take the advanced class.”

“Attended the online Conversational Japanese Beginner 1 Group class and I really enjoyed learning throughout. The lessons are very enriching and would like to thank Jeryl for being a patient teacher, teaching us the basics of the Japanese language.”

3.  Pyaess Japanese Language School

Pyaess Japanese Language School's Homepage
BEST FOR   Carefully selected teaching materials
CLASSESJapanese language lessons, conversational Japanese for non-beginners, lunch time Japanese, and private Japanese classes
ADDRESS14 Robinson Road, #04-01, Far East Finance Building, Singapore 048545
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6327 1377
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

As one of the top Japanese language schools in Singapore, Pyaess Japanese Language School offers different modes of language classes, from group sessions to conversational classes.

It’s been around since 1988, and it’s helped thousands of students learn how to speak, write, and read in Japanese. As a language school, its aim is to make every student a fluent Japanese and English speaker.

Pyaess Japanese Language School has a team of experienced and trained instructors who are fluent in both English and Japanese. There won’t be any communication problems as its teachers know the languages that most students speak.

Aside from offering the best Japanese lessons in Singapore, Pyaess Japanese Language School is known for its carefully selected teaching materials. It boasts a library of excellent teaching materials for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.


  • 32 years of experience
  • Convenient location
  • Private and group sessions

4.  Ikoma Language School

Ikoma Language School's Homepage
BEST FOR   Comprehensive and structured classes
CLASSESJapanese courses, English courses, Mandarin courses, and Mandarin courses in Japanese
ADDRESS350, #12-07 Orchard Rd, Shaw House, Singapore 238868
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6238 0288
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

With more than 24 years of experience, Ikoma Language School has grown to become one of the most trusted language schools in Singapore. It offers not only the best Japanese lessons in Singapore, but courses in English and Mandarin as well.

Ikoma Language School is equipped with not only conducive classes but the right training materials too. Its trained and professional instructors will make sure that every student will know how to speak, write, and read in Japanese by the end of the course.

In case there are missed classes on your end, you’re free to schedule a makeup class for yourself. One of the best things we like about Ikoma Language School is its flexible class schedules.


  • 24 years of experience
  • Native Japanese teachers
  • Flexible classes

Customer Reviews

Take a look at this feedback shared by a student on Google Reviews, proving that it truly offers one of the best Japanese lessons in Singapore:

“Well-structured syllabus. Pace is great for working adults. Nonetheless, you have to find a teacher you can click with, and also do your homework. Some teachers may not be that good in English, but they are very dedicated and will do their utmost to help you understand the lessons. Classroom layout is cozy and conducive for learning. Attending make-up lessons is convenient if you cannot make it for your usual class.”

5. Tsubasa Language Services

BEST FOR   Small class size of max 8 students, correction of accents, character development
SERVICESJapanese language lessons, Japanese conversation lessons, JLPT preparation courses, private business/Japanese culture
ADDRESS808 French Rd, Singapore 200808
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
Visit the website for enquiries
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 5:00 PM – 10.00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Many students struggle with native Japanese teachers because they are unable to teach grammar or nuances of the language clearly. If that’s your issue with the language, Tsubasa Language Services may be the right place for you.

Tsubasa Language Services started with a man’s dream to help people out there learn and master the Japanese language affordably. This is the only place in Singapore that teaches the Japanese language along with culture, food, Japan trip planning, the Japanese way of thinking, personal character and moral development.

Students who graduate from the programme move on in life to spread the love for Japan and help others out there. Although all trainers are locals, they have completed the training course for Japanese language teachers (日本語教師養成コース) and accent correction training. 

All students will need to complete a personality test, a 30 minutes-1 hour readiness interview and a written and conversation test (for students with prior knowledge) to see their suitability and understand their reasons for wanting to join the course.

Although the entry requirements are difficult, students will find themselves in a class of fellow dedicated individuals who are committed to complete the programme. This is why the passing rate for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is at 100% for every level.

Tsubasa Language Services also collaborates with the Japanese Association of Singapore in their yearly summer festival and Japanese employment agencies to help students find jobs. Also, the carrot: a free ticket to Japan for the best student every year.

For the extraordinary person that wants to find his/her meaning in life through the learning of the Japanese language, visit Tsubasa Language Services


  • Small group classes and personal lessons
  • Immersion with Japanese food and culture through trips
  • Free learning materials
  • Free trial lesson

Customer Reviews

CJ Ho wrote a lengthy review in Tsubasa Language Services’ website, wherein he talks about just how Can accommodates and adjusts his lessons for the best Japanese class experience. Here’s an excerpt of his review:

“All in all, I must say that Can sensei is a very dedicated, exceptional and caring teacher that one should have. His care and attentiveness is one to yearn for and you will find that studying under him is definitely a magnificent choice.”

6.  Bunka Language School

Bunka Language School's Homepage
BEST FOR   Japanese lessons for corporate professionals
CLASSESJapanese language lessons
ADDRESS402 Orchard Rd, #05-15/16 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6737 3601
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

If you’re searching for a language school that aims to improve your skill set as a professional, then there’s no better option than the Bunka Language School.

Since 1985, it’s helped thousands of Singaporeans learn how to speak, read, and write in Japanese for their professional life. If you’re planning to move to Japan for work, then this language centre will help you prepare for everything from the language to Japanese culture.

One reason we consider it one of the top schools for the best Japanese lessons in Singapore is its small-sized classes which have a maximum of 12 students per class. Limiting the number of students per class allows its instructors to be more hands-on with every student, helping them learn faster.

Speaking of instructors, Bunka Language School employs a team of native and bilingual Japanese speakers. Every instructor is registered with the Ministry of Education.

Bunka Language School offers online Japanese classes as well. Students who don’t have the time to personally attend any of its classes can immensely benefit from this option.


  • Native Japanese speakers
  • Corporate Japanese lessons
  • Competitively priced classes

Customer Reviews

Bunka Language School has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Google Reviews, making it one of the best reviewed language schools in Singapore. Here are some comments shared by students:

“Been studying at Bunka for about 2 years and I’m really glad I found this school. Classes are very well structured and their syllabus very systematic. The focus is on grammar, conversation and understanding rather than merely passing exams which is exactly what I was looking for. The pace is pretty ok, some find it a bit fast,  so you have to make sure to study and revise between classes. This is a school that will help you learn Japanese effectively.”

“I’ve been studying at this school for 2 years and counting, and I can say without a doubt that the teachers here are patient and understanding! Would highly recommend this school to anyone keen on learning Japanese. :)”

And that’s it for our list of language schools that offer the best Japanese lessons in Singapore. If you’ve already decided which one to go with, don’t forget to share your pick with us in the comment section.

In case you know other language centres that provide the best Japanese lessons in Singapore, tell us their names and we’ll check them out!

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