Best Personal Accident Insurance in Singapore

8 Reliable and Best Personal Accident Insurance in Singapore

You can never know what’s going to happen next, so it’s ideal that we protect ourselves with the best personal accident insurance in Singapore. If you have a reliable insurance provider, you won’t have to worry about spending money in case something unexpected happens to you.

On top of protecting ourselves, the best personal accident insurance in Singapore also ensures that our loved ones are safe and secure. You get the relief of knowing that your family is also protected.

If you don’t know where to avail of the best personal accident insurance in Singapore, then don’t stop reading just yet. We’ve done the task of going through all personal accident insurance in Singapore comparison for you. We have a list of the insurers with the best personal accident insurance in Singapore, all of whom are dependable in times of need.

1.  Aviva Insurance

Aviva Insurance's Homepage

BEST FOR  Insurance and Life Plans
SERVICES Personal accident Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, and Commercial Insurance
ADDRESS 4 Shenton Way, #01-01 SGX Centre, Singapore 068807
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6827 7988 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 8:45 AM – 5:30 PM

If you’re looking for personal accident insurance in Singapore that covers both you and your loved ones, then Aviva’s Personal Accident Insurance is the perfect match for you. Married couples are entitled to 10% off their premiums and their children are included in the coverage without extra charge.

We consider it one of the best personal accident insurance in Singapore because it has a a lot of coverage, including medical expenses, car expenses, terrorism damages, and even accidental death.

You may choose between the three tiers of Aviva’s personal insurance in Singapore, namely Lite, Standard, and Plus.

It also includes road accidents, fall injuries, accidents incurred overseas, and worldwide hospital coverage.


  • 3-tier insurance
  • Discount for couples
  • Worldwide hospital coverage

2.  AXA Insurance

AXA Insurance's Homepage

BEST FOR  Personal and Business Insurance
SERVICES Personal Accident Insurance, Travel Insurance, Car Insurance, and Helper Insurance
ADDRESS 8 Shenton Way, #24-01 AXA Tower, Singapore 068811
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6880 4888
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

One of the most in-demand options for personal accident insurance in Singapore is by AXA Is the SmartPersonal Accident Insurance.

AXA’s SmartPersonal Accident plans cover at least 3 generations of families, making it one of the best personal accident insurance in Singapore as it protects multiple families. It ensures that you, your parents, & your children are insured in the event of an accident.

You may also customise the plan to include more benefits for you and your loved ones. It also comes with a financial protection plan that entails income protection and children’s education fund for people who have suddenly lost their source of income.

What’s more, your hospital bills are also covered if you got injured while doing sports or got hospitalised for dengue, food poisoning, and animal bites. We’re not too surprised that many consider AXA to be the best personal accident insurance in Singapore for 2021.


  • 3-generation coverage
  • Hospitalisation coverage
  • Customisable

3.  Sompo Insurance

Sompo Insurance's Homepage

BEST FOR  Personal and Commercial Insurance
SERVICES Personal Accident, Travel Insurance, Car Insurance, and Home Insurance
ADDRESS 05-01/06 Land Tower, Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Sompo’s personal accident insurance in Singapore provides 24-hour coverage worldwide for unforeseen and unexpected events. Some of its coverage includes physician checkups, terrorism damages, weekly income benefits, food poisoning, and miscarriage.

You may also personalise the plan to make it more affordable, add more coverage, and make the limit more flexible.

What’s more, you may also be entitled to free extensions in the event of an assault, murder, civil commotion, loss of limbs, and repatriation, which is why we consider it among the best personal accident insurance in Singapore.


  • Personalised plan
  • 24-worldwide coverage
  • Free extensions

4.  AIA Insurance

AIA Insurance's Homepage

BEST FOR  Comprehensive Coverage
SERVICES Accident Protection, Medical Insurance, Life Insurance Critical Illness Insurance, Savings, Investments, and Disability Income Protection
ADDRESS 1 Robinson Rd, AIA Tower, Singapore 048542
CONTACT DETAILS +65 1800 248 8000
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 8:45 AM – 5:30 PM

AIA’s Solitaire Personal Accident insurance remains to be one of the top insurance plans, and is among the best personal accident insurance in Singapore.

The Solitaire Personal Accident covers people from age 16 to 65, one of the few insurance plans that also cover minors. If you have an existing medical insurance, then this is the perfect one to get because it adds more health and hospital-related benefits to your current plan.

What’s more, it also provides coverage wherever you are in the world and at any given time. You are protected while at home, at work, or travelling and having the time of your life.


  • Complement medical insurance
  • Worldwide 24-hour coverage


5.  FWD Insurance

FWD Insurance's Homepage

BEST FOR  Medical and Lifestyle Coverage
SERVICES Personal Accident Protection, Carl Insurance, Home Insurance Maid Insurance, Endowment, and Personal Insurance
ADDRESS 6 Temasek Blvd, #18-01 Suntec Tower Four, Singapore 038986
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6820 8888
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

As one of the top insurance providers with the best personal accident insurance in Singapore, FWD promises that you never have to worry about spending money on medical bills. It provides up to $7,500 hospital coverage locally and $15,000 for medical expenses incurred overseas.

Moreover, you’re entitled to daily hospital allowance and and daily taxi allowance if you avail of their personal accident insurance plan.

You may also customise the plan to widen the coverage and benefits to make sure that you will be protected for a longer time.


  • Expanded medical benefits
  • Overseas coverage
  • Customisable plan

6. Pacific Prime Singapore

Pacific Prime Singapore's Homepage

BEST FOR Wide range of insurance plans
SERVICES Individual Plans, Family Plans, Group Plans, Maternity Plans, Dental Insurance, Home Insurance, Jewellery Insurance, Pre-existing Insurance, Business Insurance, Car Insurance, Senior Insurance, General Insurance, Travel Insurance
ADDRESS Cross Street Exchange #14-05,
18 Cross Street,
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +65 6346 3781
Fax: +65 6722 8610

If you’re looking for deals for personal accident insurance in Singapore that are both flexible and cost-efficient, then you’re in the right place. Pacific Prime Singapore is a leading insurance company in the country, which specialises in personal and family insurances.

They have a great insurance deal when it comes to accidents, making sure to take care of you and provide for your family in case things turn south. They have a wide coverage when it comes to this insurance plan so you know that you’ll be in safe hands.

Aside from personal and family insurances, they also offer plans for maternity, travel, group, business, and insurances for senior citizens. You also don’t need to plan too far ahead– you can apply for this insurance plan at any time and be granted fast, as Pacific Prime Singapore has the shortest waiting periods on the market. They truly are one of the most well-rounded establishment in Singapore, so make sure to consider them if you’re looking for an insurance company to secure you for life.


  • Personalised Plans
  • Multiple Insurances
  • 24-hour coverage

7.  Sona Insurance Agencies

Sona Insurance Agencies Homepage

BEST FOR  One-stop Insurance Services
SERVICES Commercial/Private Vehicles, Motor Loans Financing, Home and office contents, Travel, Worker injury compensation, Foreign worker medical, Personal insurances, Financing loan, Housing mortgage loan
ADDRESS 3030A Ubi Road 3 Singapore 408658
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9270 6527
+65 8113 1335
[email protected]

Sona Insurance Agencies is a one-stop insurance provider for insurances of all kinds. Their areas of expertise cover personal insurances, vehicle insurance, travel insurance, financing loans, mortgage loans, and more. 

Many praise them for providing premium services at affordable prices. Moreover, they strive to provide these services as soon as they can, at your convenience. 

Their team of insurance providers are well-versed in the basics of insurance, as well as certain specialisations of their own. With their help, any client will be able to find the insurance they need, personal insurance or otherwise.

Finally, they’re available 24/7 so they can help out any client in urgent need of their services. Given their efficiency and reliability as insurance providers, there’s no doubt that Sona Insurance Agencies will be able to provide insurances that are not only high quality, but also come at reasonable prices.


  • Handles a wide range of insurances
  • Efficient services
  • Reliable assistance
  • 24/7 services

8.  PromiseLand

PromiseLand's Homepage

BEST FOR  Independent Financial Advice
SERVICES Life Insurance, Investments, Financial Planning, General Insurance
ADDRESS 7500A Beach Road #02-312 The Plaza, Singapore 199591
CONTACT DETAILS +65 65054100
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more information

PromiseLand is a company that offers a wide variety of financial advising and insurance services. Their goal is to become one of the most trusted financial and insurance providers for clients around Singapore. 

Besides general insurance, they also have a wide range of life insurances such as medical insurance, disability insurance, hospital insurance, and more. Their insurances also have varying coverages, ranging from individuals to families and everything in between.

Clients can also discusses the possible options for their insurance periods as the longest period may not be the best choice depending on one’s financial status. They will present alternatives with no bias or ulterior motives, with only the client’s best interests in mind.

Given PromiseLand’s flexible insurance plans and unbiased advice, it’s no surprise that many rely on them as insurance providers for various aspects of life. With their help, you’ll be able to get the best accident insurance without needing to spend beyond your budget.


  • Impartial financial advice
  • Wide range of services
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Good value for money

And with that, we conclude our list of the best personal accident insurance in Singapore. We hope you were able to pick out that you think can better protect you and your loved ones.

If you know other insurance companies that offer great personal accident plans, don’t hesitate to share their names with us.

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