5 Firms with the Best Tax Consultants in Singapore

Best Tax Consultants in Singapore

By  Lindsey Tan

Need some help in preparing tax returns and making sure that every transaction complies with government regulations? If you do, then you may ask for advice from the best tax consultant in Singapore.

Tax consultants help their clients make wise financial decisions about tax-related issues. This includes effective strategies to reduce tax liability and ensuring that all tax obligations are fulfilled.

Following the advice of a tax consultant who doesn’t have enough knowledge and experience will have a huge negative impact on business operations. So, to help you find the most skilled and trustworthy professionals, we’ve listed the top firms with the best tax consultants in Singapore.

1.  SME Accounting Firm

SME Accounting Firm's Homepage

BEST FOR  Comprehensive tax negotiations
WEBSITE http://www.saaaccounting.com/
ADDRESS Locations

SME Accounting Firm provides accounting services for corporate firms, public organizations, individuals, non-profit making entities, and small/medium-sized enterprises.

The tax advisors at this firm specialise in providing relevant management services concerning new regulations related to tax liabilities. Their best tax consultants in Singapore also identify and create tax strategies that are suitable for the goals and nature of the company.

Regardless of the services or products you offer, they have a complete range of accounting and tax services that’ll help you with preparations and even maintenance of tax operations.

With their personalised tax provision program, you can be sure all transactions are in place and comply with the law. Their services are available for foreign investors and multinational or local business owners.


  • Efficient tax data collection system
  • Tax reporting
  • Follows the relevant tax changes


2.  JVKM Consultants

JVKM Consultants' Homepage

BEST FOR  Double tax treaties guide
WEBSITE https://www.jvkm.com.sg/
ADDRESS 101 Kitchener Road #02-31A Jalan Besar Plaza Singapore 208 511
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6295 5124, 6295 5125

JVKM Consultants is one of the most highly acclaimed firms in Singapore, offering a wide range of tax services for both personal and corporate purposes. Their complete tax service package includes quarterly GST filing and annual tax return services.

They have some of the best tax consultants in Singapore who also specialise in tax planning and filing both audited and unaudited accounts. They take charge of personal, corporate, property, and withholding taxes.

Aside from these, they’ll also help you eliminate the burden of double taxation that’s usually encountered by foreign investors.


  • Personal, corporate, withholding, and property taxes
  • Tax and GST filing services


3.  IBS Business Consulting

IBS Business Consulting's Homepage

BEST FOR  Tax structuring and advisory
WEBSITE http://www.consultibs.sg/
ADDRESS 77 High Street, #04-10 High Street Plaza, Singapore – 179433. Singapore 179433
CONTACT DETAILS +65 8283 3466
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 10am–6:30pm

IBS Business Consulting provides legal, financial, strategic, and general business advisory for all small to large enterprises. This includes tax and consulting advisory, registrations and compliances of direct tax and indirect tax.

With their industry-specialised teams that consist of the best tax consultants in Singapore, they provide financial, economic, and strategic advice. They also take charge of tax structuring, transfer pricing, and tax advisory.


  • Direct and indirect tax management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Transfer pricing


4.  GSTax Consultancy

GSTax Consultancy's Homepage

BEST FOR  GST management
WEBSITE https://www.gstaxconsultancy.com/
ADDRESS Locations
CONTACT DETAILS (65) 6652 5509
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m

GSTax Consultancy is known for their highly competent tax services handled by accredited tax advisors and registered practitioners from Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals. They’re also one of the first consultancy firms that focus on GST only.

They use a simple and direct approach for every GST process and ensure personalised, responsive, and professional assistance.

Due to their in-depth knowledge and experience in GST, they have resolved many GST issues with the IRAS. So for those who are struggling with GST concerns, they have the best tax consultants who can help and guide you throughout the whole business life cycle.


  • GST registration
  • Major Exporter Scheme (MES) & other special schemes
  • IRAS Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK)
  • Post ACAP Review
  • GST Training
  • GST Advisory


5.  A Tax Advisor

A Tax Advisor's Homepage

BEST FOR  Resolving IRAS tax audit and investigation issues
WEBSITE https://ataxadvisor.com/

If you’re worried that you might encounter tax complications in the future, A Tax Advisor has the best tax consultants in Singapore who can help you with your concerns.

Aside from filing tax returns and providing tax advice, they also specialise in settling IRAS tax audit and investigation issues.

They conduct a thorough self-review and health check on your tax affairs to prevent worse penalties. If there’s any improper filing found on your operations, they’ll resolve it through legal methods.

This includes reconstructing your accounts, replying to IRAS queries, attending IRAS interviews, and negotiating for an out-of-court settlement with IRAS.


  • IRAS routine query
  • Self-review on tax affairs
  • Annual tax filing
  • Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Claim


That’s it for our list of the best tax consultants in Singapore! Have you already found the one that matches your business needs? Tell us all about it!

In line with managing your tax accounts, you’ll also need help from the best financial advisor in Singapore to guide you in handling your overall finances. Check out that other list for other professionals who can help you, then!

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