10 Firms for the Best Business Consultants in Singapore

Best Business Consultants in Singapore

By Michaela Koh

If you’ve been struggling to manage an effective strategy to maintain positive progress on your business, we may have the answer: you should seek help from the best business consultants in Singapore.

These consultants specialise in understanding the goals of an enterprise, providing practical solutions to problems, and extending social networks. With their knowledge, you’ll be able to improve productivity, grow your business as you vision it to be, and aim for even higher goals.

Whether it’s a startup or an established company, having a good management consultant would be an excellent help. So, here are some of the leading firms with the best business consultants in Singapore.

1.  Sandhurst Consultancy

Sandhurst Consultancy's Homepage

BEST FOR  Secretary and accountant services
WEBSITE https://www.e-sandhurst.com/
ADDRESS 77 High Street #03-01 High Street Plaza Singapore 179433
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6338 4202 , +65 9380 2254
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 9am–6pm

Sandhurst Consultancy offers assistance for complicated business processes such as formation/setup, registration, and financial accounting, as well as business advisory.

They help startups and small and medium enterprises build and maintain a progressive performance in the industry.

Their experienced specialists incorporate companies and make sure that all the guidelines and restrictions have complied with the law. They also provide assistance when writing the books and filing the taxes.

Most firms offer incorporation services or accountancy services only, but this firm has the best business consultants in Singapore who offer both.

Also, you can get a quote on their site so you can figure out early one how much they’ll cost as consultants for the services you need.


  • Detailed analysis of requirements
  • GST registration
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Payroll and accounting services
  • Tax advice

Customer Reviews

Through their decades of providing extensive and reliable support to many businesses, Sandhurst Consultancy has gained the trust of many entrepreneurs and have proven that they can contribute to the success of any business venture.

A client shared this experience:

“I can recommend Sandhurst Consultancy to everyone who needs to open a business in Singapore. Mr.Singh and Ms.Maribel are very kind and could answer every question I had for them when I first planned to get started with my business. The whole process seemed to be so simple and easy having them to assist me. It’s been a couple of years since I started my business with their help and I can tell that every time I need something and I contact them, they always manage to get back to me very quickly and resolve any kind of problem very efficiently… I think I was actually lucky to get to know them when I first went to Singapore and I am more than happy about their serviceI can personally recommend Sandhurst Consultancy…Hope my review will be helpful to anyone who plans to start a business in SG…”


2.  Healy Consultants

Healy Consultants' Homepage

BEST FOR  Corporate consulting in Asia and globally
WEBSITE https://www.healyconsultants.com/
ADDRESS 491B River Valley Rd, Singapore 248373
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6735 0120
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 9am–6pm

Healy Consultants has been serving clients from both local and global businesses for over a decade. Their consultants’ group is led by some well-known specialists who have worked with prominent businesses across the world.

They have an exclusive and wide range of professional services offered at accessible rates. This includes global company registration, corporate bank account opening, assistance on stock exchanges and raising corporate finance, relocation and migration, and search engine marketing.

Their best business consultants in Singapore also provide advisory on marketing strategy, website development, mergers and acquisitions, global trademark, etc.

For the novice entrepreneurs, they offer a comprehensive guide with necessary information about many strategic decisions.


  • Global corporate banking solutions
  • Financial services and solutions
  • Country comparisons
  • Tax and accounting services
  • Property investment advice
  • Search engine marketing

Customer Reviews

Clients mentioned that Healy Consultants was able to deliver results and services that met the needs and requirements of their business. Here’s a review posted by one of their clients:

“I have used the Healy Consultants Group multiple times for the appointment of a resident non-executive director in Australia. Their process is thorough, fast, and comprehensive. The fees for their services are the best I’ve found for the great quality service and responsiveness to clients. I would recommend their services in full confidence.”


3.  Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group's Homepage

BEST FOR  Innovative consultancy services and strategic approaches
WEBSITE https://www.bcg.com/
ADDRESS 50 Raffles Place, #44-02/03 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6429 2500

Being one of the oldest firms in the industry, Boston Consulting Group has partnered with many leading companies, helping them to overcome challenges and exploring business opportunities. Compared to other firms, they use both manual and digital capabilities to deliver successful results.

When it comes to management consulting, you can rely on their innovative strategies, marketing and sales advisory, post-merger integration assistance, and operations services.

Their best business consultants in Singapore have worked under various industries including education, retail, insurance, healthcare, media and entertainment, automotive, public sector, telecommunications, and many more.

Rather than following traditional business processes, they encourage a transformative process that’ll help an organization go beyond even their initial goals. Therefore, they also introduce digital approaches to unearth the full potential of a business.


  • Digital services
  • Management changes
  • Corporate development and finances
  • Client learning programs
  • International businesses services


4.  Advanced Consultancy

Advanced Consultancy's Homepage

BEST FOR  Creative and collaborative approach
WEBSITE http://advancedsafety.com.sg/
ADDRESS 6 Ubi Road 1 #03-07 Wintech Centre Singapore 408726
CONTACT DETAILS (+65) 6812 0999 , (+65) 9177 7340
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 9am–6pm

In a span of less than a decade, Advanced Consultancy was able to grow into one of the top consultancy firms in Singapore. They’ve already worked with thousands of clients, ranging from small to medium enterprises, and even government agencies.

The industries they’ve worked with include construction, food and beverage, healthcare, logistics, retail, manufacturing, as well as security and marine.

To enhance the performance of an organization, their team of the best business consultants in Singapore provide consistent training, consulting, and auditing.

As they guide their clients through every transformation process, they work in partnership and collaborate with out-of-the-box ideas.

And while helping the entrepreneurs implement the proposed management system, they’ll evaluate the effectiveness of the system and make some changes to ensure that it’ll work well for both employees and executives.


  • Information security management
  • Safety management
  • On-site consulting and training
  • Internal audit and review services
  • External audit support

Customer Reviews

Advanced Consultancy was able to build a long-lasting relationship with their clients because of proficient services, timely responses, and reliable after-sales services. Here’s a review:

“On behalf of our company, we like to express our appreciation for your kind assistance in assisting us to review and for the advice given in order to maintain continuous certification of ISO system for our company. We are grateful for your effort and time in helping us prepare and get the documents in place.”


5.  Intellect Minds

Intellect Minds' Homepage

BEST FOR  Consultancy and employment services
WEBSITE https://www.intellect-minds.com/
ADDRESS 51 Anson Road #05-51 Anson Center Singapore, 079904
CONTACT DETAILS +65 – 6222 0421 / 9016 / 6703
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 9am–6pm

Intellect Minds is known for being one of the reasons behind the growth and success of many enterprises in Singapore.

Through talent acquisition, application development, and training services, they were able to meet changing marketing demands and exceed the expectations of their clients.

Their best business consultants in Singapore specialise in technology consultancy where they help develop, implement, and manage solutions including digital automation, cloud and security projects, and so much more.

These technologies provide fast and accurate assistance, boosting the productivity of the employees and letting them focus on the core of the business.

Apart from this, you can also depend on their industry knowledge and allow them to find the right people for your business. They’ve provided staffing and consultancy services for different departments such as information technology, banking and finance, etc.


  • Business analysis and development
  • System engineering
  • Website design services
  • Employment services


6. Linkflow Capital

BEST FOR  SME loan consultancy services
WEBSITE https://smeloan.sg
ADDRESS 150 South Bridge Road, #02-10A, Singapore, 058727
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 9am–7pm

Linkflow Capital is one of the most established and reputable SME financing consultancy in Singapore. Assisting SMEs with business financing since 2012, the consultancy firm has helped hundreds of businesses secure SME loans and banking facilities. Their consultants have deep domain knowledge and experience in areas of finance and business loans facilitation. 

With a vast network of banking partners and financiers cultivated over the years, Linkflow Capital offers deep insights in the SME financing landscape to the clients they serve. With a well-diversified clientele across a wide spectrum of industries, Linkflow Capital can craft customized financing solutions tailored to each business’s’ situation and requirements. 


  • Corporate finance solutions
  • Commercial loan facilitation
  • SME loan comparison
  • SME working capital loan advisory
  • Business loan syndication
  • SME financing consultancy

Customer Reviews

Clients mentioned that Linkflow Capital was able to deliver results while providing a professional and pleasant service experience. Here’s a review:

“I am happy with the service of the consultant who exceeded my expectations. He has been most professional, providing me with useful insights and quality advice. I would gladly recommend Linkflow Capital to anyone looking for a professional who knows their stuff and can deliver.” 


7. Etereo

BEST FOR  Branding, Digital Marketing & Content Creation
WEBSITE https://etereomedia.com/
ADDRESS 258 Middle Rd, #02-01
Singapore 188987
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6871 8838
[email protected]

Etereo is a creative agency that specialises in branding, digital marketing, and content creation. They believe that branding is an essential factor for a company’s growth, which is why they especially support small companies.

They take a personalised approach to their clients to ensure that their clients develop to their fullest. Etereo will work together with you to create unforgettable experiences for your brands and products.


  • Tailor-made approach and services
  • Works closely with their partner


8. Jadeways Solutions

BEST FOR  Brand Marketing
WEBSITE https://jadeways.com/
CONTACT DETAILS https://jadeways.com/connect-2/

Jadeways Solutions is the best partner for entrepreneurs. They’re focused on utilising online and offline marketing methods to achieve more sales.

Its founder, Franziska Grobler, has extensive experience in retail and brand marketing. With her help, you’ll be able to know the best way to make your company stand out.


  • Extensive marketing experience
  • Excellent communication skills


9. Bizsquare Management Consultants

BEST FOR  One-stop Business Consultancy
WEBSITE https://www.sgsmeloans.com.sg/
ADDRESS 3 Gambas Cresent,
Nordcom One #06-15,
Singapore 757088
CONTACT DETAILS (65) 91834413
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday, Wednesday: 9 AM-7 PM
Tuesday: 9:30 Am-7 PM
Thursday, Friday: 10 AM-7 PM
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Businesses don’t always know what to do after their company gets off the ground. Fortunately, Bizsquare will help you decide on the next course of action you should take.

Their specialty is helping SMEs secure funding. With their partnerships to multiple trustworthy banks, they will guide you on where to steer your business next.


  • Helps raise funds for SMEs
  • Partnered with multiple banks


10. WLP Group

BEST FOR  Wide range of services
WEBSITE https://www.wlp.com.sg/
ADDRESS 100 Jalan Sultan, #02-44 Sultan Plaza
Singapore 199001
(Strictly by appointment only)
CONTACT DETAILS +65 64932970
[email protected]

WLP Group provides a wide range of services to their clients, making them a one-stop solutions provider. From business accounting to payroll outsourcing, they are more than capable of assisting you,

Their experienced team of professionals are ready to help you any time. After working with clients from various industries, you can rest assured that they will be able to help you with any problem you may have.


  • Free consultation available
  • Experienced team of qualified professionals


Choosing the most suitable consultant for your company is a major decision that’ll affect the overall performance of your business. Therefore, make sure to take your time picking one. We hope that you can find the right one from our list of the best business consultants in Singapore.

Also, if you need more staff to deal with the overgrowing tasks and projects, the best corporate secretaries in Singapore can help ease the heavy workload. Check out that other list of services to further improve your business operations!

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