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8 Best Foldable Tables In Singapore For All Events

The best foldable tables in Singapore offer sturdy practicality with the convenience of portability. What’s more, they can even look pretty attractive.

We’re pretty sure you’re looking for good folding table in Singapore yourself, so we did the legwork for you and created this list of the best foldable tables to choose from. 

1. OEM Anti-slip Foldable Laptop Table

The Perfect Laptop/Breakfast Table

Price: $16.91

Get It From Shopee

Need a handy laptop table for when you’re working in bed? Try the OEM Anti-Slip Laptop Table.

With it, you can work anywhere, as it is ergonomically built, compact for carefree carrying and set-up. Regardless of the incline, computers are held in place on it too, thanks to the anti-slip feature.

On top of it all, the OEM foldable table is surprisingly roomy. You can definitely fit more than just the laptop on this.

Storage is a breeze with this foldable table in Singapore that’s why it deserves to be on top of our list.

Essential Information

  • SGD 19.90
  • 60 x 40cm x 28cm
  • High holding power
  • Made of wood and aluminum alloy

2. RuYiYu Square Dining Table

For Snacking, a Picnic, or a Simple Date

Price: $82

Taking the meal elsewhere? The RiYiYu Square Dining Table is what portable table dreams are made of.

Ridiculously roomy albeit with a compact design, it unfolds easily for a picnic or a outdoor brunch. This is a simple, attractive table most people will love.

We like that you can use this indoors or outdoors easily and its versatility has made us consider this to be one of the best foldable tables in Singapore.

Essential Information

  • SGD 82
  • Made of compliant composite wood
  • 80cm x 80cm x 75 cm
  • Especially designed foldable feature for easy storage

3. JIJI Portable Aluminium Folding Table

Heavy-Duty Functionality, Lightweight Portability

Price: $24.90

Check It Out on the Jiji Site

With its aluminium, JIJI’s folding table is sturdy enough to withstand unpredictable occasions. It’s thus ideal for things like parties, outdoor dining, and sports like ping-pong.

Generously size, it is built for portability while easy to assemble. You can even carry it around in style since the table can be folded into a briefcase. Definitely a must-have for any outdoor event that requires a folding table in Singapore.

Essential Information

  • SGD 25.90
  • 120cm x 60cm
  • Made of wood with aluminium alloy
  • Adjustable height

4. Li Fan 1843EB-180CZ Foldable Table

Unfolding Function and Fashion

Get It From Courts

The Li Fan 1843EB-180CZ Foldable Table is an impressive piece of engineering. For its size, it is shockingly light.

Plus, the table unfolds into a massive structure to hold full course meals or for use in the office. The table has a pretty finish for an awe-inspiring aesthetic too!

Its portability and lightweight element are the main reasons why we consider this to be one of the best foldable dining tables in Singapore.

Essential Information

  • SGD 90
  • 180cm x 70cm x 74cm
  • High-density polyethylene
  • Steel structure

5. LCF Butterfly Folding Table

For a Sturdy Study

Get It From LCF

From renowned Singapore furniture supplier LCF Home & Office Furniture comes a stylish folding table in Singapore designed for tiny spaces.

The LCF Butterfly Folding Table is best for studying and for freelancers working in the comfort of their home. It has a small footprint whether folded or unpacked, yet should offer sufficient tabletop space for most single users.

Essential Information

  • SGD 158
  • *Visit website or contact the seller for table size.
  • Space-saving
  • Made of wood with light oak finish

6. Soon Chew Enterprise Foldable Table with Castor Wheels

This is How Tables Roll

Get It From Soon Chew

Soon Chew Enterprise provides innovative furniture… and you can definitely see that in this product. Their foldable table with castor wheels is great because it makes the item even easier to move than other foldable tables.

You can set up the table for any function while the wheels allow for hassle-free moving about. Note that Soon Chew Enterprise also customises tables for customers, so you can get the exact table you prefer.

We like that its round size is not the usual that you can find in most foldable tables in Singapore.

Essential Information

  • *Visit website or contact the seller for price and table size. They can be reached at [email protected]
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Lightweight
  • Tables can be made/customised upon order

7. Foldable Bar Table

Price: $170

Get It On ChairForce

This foldable bar table is perfect for clubs or bars with limited space so they can easily keep vacant tables into their stock rooms without clumping the area. Conversely, they quickly set it up if more guests arrive.

It’s size can accommodate up to 2 persons and has an ideal height of 113 cm. It has a durable table top so it lasts longer than expected.

You can choose from the round or square foldable bar table.

Essential Information

  • SGD 170
  • 60 cm diameter
  • 113 high (147cm high when folded)

8. Keep FF-Series

Buy This Table From Keep Office

Price: $235.40

Now, if you’re looking for highly durable foldable tables for your workspace, then the Keep FF-Series can be a good choice.

Keep Office’s FF-Series is available at the standard size of 120cm x 60cm x 75cm. But for additional prices, Keep Office also offers two other foldable tables lengths, 150cm and 180cm.

This Keep FF-Series comes in ten different finishes—white, ivory, maple, beech, kirsch, cherry, light grey, dark grey, walnut, and black. So, buyers can simply choose which among these ten finishes complement their office space.

With wheels, Keep Office’s foldable table can also be moved from one office or conference room to another to match your company’s needs.

And to ensure durability as well as portability, the Keep FF-Series has sturdy metal frames that come in sleek black and silver finishes.

But because of its durable materials, this foldable table is heavier than the other products on this list. So, while you can move it around the office, you may not be able to bring it to functions outside of your floor.

Essential Information

  • Sleek and durable metal frames
  • Comes in 10 different surface finishes
  • Wheels for portability
  • Three length options
  • 120cm x 60cm x 75cm



That wraps it up for our list of the best foldable tables in Singapore. If you think we missed one, though, let us know — we’ll review it and see if it should be added to the list!

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