Best Seahorse Mattress in Singapore
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The 5 Best Seahorse Mattresses in Singapore for Less than $200

A lot of people aren’t aware that their lack of sleep can be attributed to their old and worn down mattress. If this is your problem as well, we strongly recommend getting your hands on the best Seahorse mattresses in Singapore.

Luckily for you, we’ve just created a list of the best Seahorse mattresses in Singapore to make your life easier. But before we move on to that, we’ll offer a few important tips that can help you spot the right Seahorse mattress for you.

If you think you don’t need that, though, feel free to jump ahead to our picks for the best Seahorse mattresses in Singapore. Either way, let’s start!

Factors to Consider When Buying a Seahorse Mattress

Buying a Seahorse mattress may look easy at face value, but there are some things buyers should weigh in before taking out their wallets. That is, if you want one that’s worth it.

Below, we’ll cover the most important factors. These include type, size, thickness, durability, and adaptability.

1. Type

Foam, innerspring, and adjustable air are the three most common types of mattresses, all of which have their own unique features. They all have their own way of making the user comfortable.

You probably know what foam mattresses are as these are the most common out of all three types of mattress. A foam mattress softens when you lie on it and molds according to the shape of your body to ensure that every part is as comfortable as possible.

Innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, are made up of steel coils of various configurations. Most units have multiple layers of foam on top of the spring to prevent the coils from causing discomfort.

Note now, though, that more spring coils doesn’t mean a better mattress. It will always boil down to the quality of the metal used.

Lastly, the adjustable air ones are pretty self-explanatory. These are the ones that can be inflated until they reach the desired softness and firmness.

2. Size

Seahorse mattresses come in different sizes, and your choice of size should mainly depend on how small or big your body is. If you sleep next to someone, you shouldn’t forget to consider their size too.

There are a total of six traditional mattress sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and california. You probably know the measurements of these sizes and which ones are for single-person use and which are for two-person use.

3. Thickness

A mattress’s thickness is sometimes dictated by its brand and manufacturer. Cheaper brands are usually thinner and simpler in both height and design, and we can’t say that we’re surprised by that.

If you want thicker and more durable mattresses, we recommend going for high-end and trusted brands. It might cost you a lot of money, but you can be assured that it’s going to be useful for the coming years.

One way of knowing the thickness of a Seahorse mattress is to try it yourself. If possible, lie down on the mattress and check if its thickness is comfortable enough for you to lie on for multiple hours.

4. Durability

Lastly, durability should never be forgotten when shopping for any household item… especially mattresses, because their prices are no joke.

In line with this, brand name and price shouldn’t be the only basis for a mattress’s durability, although considering them is a great help. We can recommend checking for the materials of the mattress.

When it comes to that, latex has been proven to last longer than poly foams. In terms of spring coils, their durability depends on how attached they are to one another.


The 5 Best Seahorse Mattresses in Singapore

With these tips in mind, you’re now ready to see our picks for the best Seahorse mattresses in Singapore that will give you the best sleep you will ever have.

Check them out one by one below:


1.   Seahorse Foam Mattress (4 Inches)

Best for Affordability

Seahorse Foam Mattress (4 Inches)

Price: $79.90

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If you’re looking for an option that won’t hurt your pockets, worry no more because we have you covered. Here’s the Seahorse Foam Mattress, one of the few ones priced below $100!

With the Seahorse Foam Mattress, you’ll definitely get what you paid for. It’s not the thickest Seahorse mattress out there, but we can assure you that it will keep your whole body comfortable while sleeping.

Since it’s a single-sized mattress, we can only recommend it to those who sleep alone and can’t afford to shell out a lot of money for a single mattress. In terms of foam density, it’s tagged as medium-firm, so it’s more than decent considering how low its price is.

Lastly, it also comes with a free delivery and free installation feature, so you won’t have to struggle bringing it home and putting it on top of your bed frame. All these are why we’ve named it one of the best Seahorse mattresses in Singapore.


  • 4 inches thick
  • Medium-firm foam density
  • Length 190cm x width 91cm
  • Free delivery and installation


2.   Seahorse Comfort Foam Mattress

Best for Durability

Seahorse Comfort Foam Mattress

Price: $169.50

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With the Seahorse Comfort Foam Mattress, you will experience a complete and comfortable night’s sleep. So, if you haven’t had a decent sleep in a long while, you might want to get this one!

The Seahorse Comfort Foam Mattress comes in four sizes: single, super single, queen, and king. It’s made from high-density latex texture foam, providing you with a soft and comfortable feeling whatever the position of your body.

More than that, it’s also extremely elastic and isn’t easily deformed — which is why we consider it one of the best Seahorse mattresses in Singapore. It also comes with an anti-mite and anti-bacterial fabric.

If there’s a downside to it, it would have to be its expensive price tag, so we suggest saving up for it if you really want to get your hands on it!


  • Soft and hard sides
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-grade fabric
  • Anti-mate and anti-bacterial


3.   Seahorse Crystal Foam Mattress (7 Inches)

Best for Maximum Comfort

Seahorse Crystal Foam Mattress (7 Inches)

Price: $169.00

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If you’re looking for a mattress that can provide maximum comfort, then the Seahorse Crystal Foam Mattress would be the perfect option for you! It’s made from high-grade latex texture foam, so rest assured that its firmness can pass the test of time.

Speaking of firmness, it’s foam density is described to be extra-firm, the highest level of firmness for any mattress. And this is why we’ve called it one of the best Seahorse mattresses in Singapore.

More than that, it also comes with an anti-mite, anti-bacterial, and anti-mold fabric. You won’t have to worry about washing and cleaning it regularly because there’s a system in place to block any type of contaminants.

In terms of price, it’s a bit costly, so better save up for it if you really want it. Despite that, it’s guaranteed to return your investment in terms of durability and added features.


  • With warranty
  • Free delivery
  • Extra firm mattress

Customer Reviews

As one of the best Seahorse mattresses in Singapore, it’s received mostly praise from its buyers. In fact, it has an average rating of 5 on Lazada, proving that every person who’s purchased it loved its quality.

One customer noted that it’s so thick that his body never shrinks onto the foam, proof that a mattress has premium foam. Unlike other mattresses, laying on top of the Seahorse Crystal Foam Mattress for an extended period of time never causes any discomfort.


4.   Seahorse Hard Foam Mattress

Best for Body Support

Seahorse Hard Foam Mattress

Price: $370.70

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If you prefer thick mattresses, then the Seahorse Hard Foam Mattress would be a great match for you! It’s definitely the hardest and thickest mattress in our list, boasting an 8-inch high-density foam.

In terms of material, it won’t disappoint you as well. It’s made from premium, high-quality latex texture, providing you with strong total-body support while laying down.

As for its durability, it won’t break down and lose its quality easily. It can maintain its firmness and hardness for the years to come, so rest assured that you’re going to be spending a lot of time with it.

Lastly, as with the other options in our list, it doesn’t come cheap. You might have to shell out a minimum of $150 for it.


  • Excellent workmanship
  • 8 inches thick
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable foam and fabric


5.   Sea Horse SEA ALL Foam Mattress

Best for Overall Value

Sea Horse SEA ALL Foam Mattress!

Price: $559.30

Get It Now On Shopee

If you can spare extra money for a quality Seahorse mattress, then you should get your hands on the Seahorse SEA ALL Foam Mattress. As the most expensive option in our list, we can’t recommend it to everyone, but we can assure that every coin spent on it will be worth it.

The Seahorse SEA ALL Foam Mattress comes in all sizes, from single to king, so rest assured that there’s going to be a unit for you no matter how small or large your bed frame is. It’s also 9 inches thick, making it the thickest Seahorse mattress out of the options in our list.

Its composition and materials are no joke as well. It features a high-density sponge and a premium latex form.

More than that, it comes with a high-end, anti-mite fabric to ensure that you won’t develop any rash or allergy while using it.


  • Free delivery
  • 9 inches thick
  • Anti-mite fabric
  • High grade foam


And that’s it for our list of the best Seahorse mattresses in Singapore. If you’ve tried any of these mattresses before, share with us what you think about it!

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