Best Memory Foam Mattress in Singapore
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A Guide to the 8 Best Memory Foam Mattresses in Singapore

How well we sleep at night partly depends on the quality of our mattress. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping at night, that’s usually a sign that it’s time to make room for a new and comfortable mattress.

For today’s article, we’re going to introduce some of the best memory foam mattresses in Singapore, recommended by sleeping experts and tried and tested by our team. 

Before we reveal our names, we’ll offer a few important tips that can help anyone find the memory foam mattress that matches their sleeping needs. We’ve also answered a few questions about memory foam mattresses below.

How to Pick the Best Memory Foam Mattress in Singapore

A memory foam mattress is capable of relieving body pains, reducing pressure, and improving overall motion isolation. However, looking for the right one is easier said than done.

There are multiple factors to consider when purchasing memory foam mattresses in Singapore, such as size, density, and more.

Let’s start with the different types of memory foam mattresses.

1. Type

At first glance, it’s easy to think that all memory foam mattresses are the same, but there are actually three types of them, each with their own benefits.

Traditional memory foam is the most common type, characterised by high temperature sensitivity, so it feels firmer when cool and softer when warm. It supports the body by responding to its weight and shape.

It’s also designed for cradling support to minimise pressure points and enhance blood circulation.

On the other hand, gel memory foam contains the same gel formulation found in most shoes to reduce pressure. It tends to be faster in responding to movements than traditional memory foams and better at dispersing heat away from the user.

This makes gel memory foam mattresses a perfect option for individuals who heat up while sleeping.

Plant-based memory foams are perhaps the most overlooked type of all three. What makes this type different is that it uses plant-based oils to produce the foam instead of petroleum, turning it into an eco-friendly option.

2. Density

A memory foam’s density refers to the amount of polymers versus air inside the foam.

 The general rule of thumb is this: the denser the foam, the firmer it is. Temperature-sensitive foams, in particular, are known for their firmness.

Memory foam mattresses come in three tiers of density: high-density, medium-density, and low-density. The only difference between them lies in durability and support capabilities.

High-density foam is considered the most durable, while medium-density ones allow for impressive motion isolation. Low-density foams are easier to break in, allowing our bodies to adjust quicker to the foam.

When you have to compare density levels, always go by the foam’s weight. High-density foams can weigh as much as 10 pounds per cubic foot, while medium-density foams usually weigh around 4 to 5 pounds per cubic foot.

Another rule of thumb to remember: denser memory foams are more expensive but last longer. Most cheap mattresses will feel great for the first few months, but can show signs of wearing down earlier than expected.

3. Thickness

Generally, most memory foam mattresses will have a thickness of 15 centimetres to 35 centimetres. It’s worth noting that thick mattresses are softer compared to thin memory foam mattresses.

However, it doesn’t automatically mean that thin mattresses aren’t as comfortable as thick ones. We believe that your choice will ultimately boil down to preference and budget, since thicker ones are more expensive.

If you don’t have enough for a pricey thick mattress, don’t hesitate to settle for thin ones because the comfort level is almost the same. You can even add a mattress topper for improved comfort, if you want.

4. Size

This one’s easy. Whether you have a single or king-sized bed, there will be a perfect memory foam mattress that matches your bed frame.

What’s great about memory foam mattresses is that even if they’re considered specialty mattresses, they still come in all standard mattress sizes. There are sizes made for kids, teenagers, single adults, and of course, couples.

The Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses come with their own positive and negative qualities.

We’ve compiled the list of pros and cons so you know what you’re getting into. It’s up to you how you’re going to weigh these qualities and let them affect your decision.

Keep in mind that not all memory foam mattresses have the qualities we will share, but most of them do, which is enough reason to mention them.


  • Motion isolation. One of the top abilities of a memory foam mattress is to keep the motion localised. Compared to an innerspring mattress, it doesn’t disturb the other person on the other side of the bed while the other is moving — so it’s perfect for couples.  
  • Body pain reduction. Most users of memory foam mattresses have reported reductions in back, neck, and shoulder pains after starting using them.  
  • Longevity. Durability is one of the major selling points of memory foam mattresses. Since they’re made with premium materials, they tend to last longer than the average mattress.


  • Heat retention. One of the most common complaints about memory foam mattresses is the amount of heat retained in them, causing sleepers to sweat more than usual.  
  • Weight. The foam density required to carry a person comfortably while sleeping can be a lot, so most memory foam mattresses are heavy. It can be an issue if you tend to move the mattress around.  
  • Off-gassing. Traditional and gel memory foams are made from petroleum byproducts, so the gases “exhaled” by them can be harmful to some people.  

The Best Memory Foam Mattresses in Singapore

It’s time now to reveal our picks for the top memory foam mattress in Singapore. Keep reading below to know what makes each option unique and worth getting your hands on!

1. Emma Memory Foam Mattress

BEST FEATUREResponds to body’s heat and weight
TYPEMemory foam
SIZE90 x 190 cm

Our experience with Emma was a game-changer in our quest for a restful night’s sleep. From the moment we sank into their mattress to the mornings that followed, we were captivated by the luxurious comfort and support it provided.

Convenience is king, and Emma made the process seamless.

Their user-friendly website made selecting and ordering our mattress a breeze. Plus, their prompt and efficient delivery had us eagerly anticipating the arrival of our sleep sanctuary.

When it comes to reputation, Emma stands tall.

Countless customers have raved about their memory foam mattresses, praising their exceptional quality and ability to improve sleep. It’s clear Emma has cemented its place as a trusted and reliable brand in the sleep industry.

Additionally, Emma’s memory foam mattresses are a worthwhile investment in your sleep and overall well-being.

With their competitive pricing, you get a premium mattress without breaking the bank. The combination of quality and affordability is a winning formula.

Sleeping on Emma’s memory foam mattress was also a dream-like experience.

The innovative design contours to your body, providing personalized support and pressure relief. We found ourselves drifting off effortlessly and waking up feeling refreshed, free from aches and pains.

However, they can get very busy during peak hours due to popularity. We advise booking an appointment with them ahead of time.


  • Unparalleled comfort
  • Pressure relief
  • 10-year warranty
  • 200-night trial
  • Fast shipping delivery


  • Busy during peak hours due to popularity

2. Saturn Home Memory Foam Mattress

Saturn Home Memory Foam Mattress
BEST FEATURENo noise and breathable
TYPETraditional foam
SIZE90 x 200 cm


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, then look no further than the Saturn Home Memory Foam Mattress. It costs only $115, making it one of the cheapest memory foam mattresses in Singapore we could find and liked.

The Saturn Home Memory Foam Mattress comes in various sizes: single, super single, queen, and king. However, the king-sized one tends to sell out easily, so most online and physical stores only carry the single-sized mattresses.

Another thing we like about it is that it’s foldable, making it a perfect option for those who have limited space and don’t have bed frames. Even if it’s left folded for weeks, it won’t cause any damage to its construction due to its materials.

Speaking of materials, the Saturn Home Memory Foam Mattress is made of five layers, consisting of air layer fabric, high elastic fiber cotton, memory foam inner core, another layer of high elastic fiber cotton, and a bottom layer made of pure polyester.

Its thickened high-quality knitted cotton fabric makes it even more breathable, so no worries about sweating at night, even during humid conditions.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Foldable build
  • Perfect for small rooms with limited space
  • Breathable, even under humid temperatures


  • Durability is questionable

3.   Aprica 3D Memory Foam Mattress

Aprica 3D Memory Foam Mattress
BEST FEATURELightweight material
TYPETraditional foam
SIZE66 x 200 cm


The Aprica 3D Memory Foam Mattress is made to improve the sleep of newborns and toddlers. We strongly recommend it to parents looking for a safe and comfortable memory foam mattress for their children.

It’s not as thick as the standard memory foam mattress, but its 4-centimetre thickness is enough to provide comfort for babies and toddlers. Its foam’s molecular structure is designed to support the correct sleeping posture and neck position.

More than that, it evenly distributes the pressure of the baby’s body weight to prevent body pains. It even promotes long and uninterrupted sleeping patterns, giving parents more time to take a break from looking for their children.

Another thing that the Aprica 3D Memory Foam Mattress does is improve blood circulation, which then enhances the overall quality of the baby’s sleep.

Every purchase of the Aprica 3D Memory Foam Mattress comes with a free pillowcase too!


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Promotes longer sleeping patterns
  • Prevents the buildup of bacteria and germs


  • Designed for babies and toddlers

4.   Goodnite ETERNAL LOVE Mattress

Goodnite ETERNAL LOVE Mattress
BEST FEATUREAnti-static fabric
TYPETraditional foam and pocket springs
SIZE91 x 190 cm


The Goodnite ETERNAL LOVE Mattress is a hybrid of traditional memory foam and coil springs, providing users with an even more comfortable sleep. It’s constructed with a five-zone pocket coil system to support the body from head down to the legs.

There are two types of memory foams used in the Goodnite ETERNAL LOVE Mattress: natural plush memory foam and natural eco-foam. The former equally distributes the weight across the surface of the bed, while the latter promotes longer sleep.

No worries about waking up with body pains either because this is a memory foam mattress that contours to the curves of your body. It can even isolate movements, resulting in minimal partner disturbance.

It’s also our only pick that comes with a foam-encased design that stabilises the sleeping surface to provide better full-body support. It’s a design meant to relieve pressure on your joints and make it easier for you to toss and turn.

One of the top features of the Goodnite ETERNAL LOVE Mattress would have to be its anti-static fabric that neutralises electrons in our bodies. Unusual but interesting!


  • Perfect for all ages
  • One of the thickest mattresses in our list
  • Offers minimal partner disturbance
  • A combination of memory foam and pocket springs


  • Expensive
  • Heavy, so carrying it would be difficult

5.   SLEEPNIGHT The Chiropractor Mattress

SLEEPNIGHT The Chiropractor Mattress
BEST FEATUREOrthopaedic benefits
TYPETraditional foam and spring
SIZE107 x 190 cm


The Chiropractor is made through the collaborative effort between SLEEPNIGHT and Dr. Tim Errington, a well-known chiropractor. It’s a memory foam mattress that’s carefully designed to provide orthopaedic posture support.

Since it’s an orthopaedic mattress, it’d be a perfect option for individuals who have posture problems and experience recurring body paints.

It comes with air cool memory foam that increases airflow for better air circulation, reducing the chances of sweating while sleeping. Its improved air permeability on the sleeping surface provides enhanced comfort for even better sleep.

Its orthopaedic pocket springs reduce motion transfer and pressure point build up while offering stable support for the entire body.

Aside from the premium inner materials, what makes it an even more durable memory foam mattress is that it has high-density foam encasements. It’s a foam that can stick around for the years to come.

The Chiropractor also has been treated with antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-dustmite procedures.

Finally, it comes with a pretty strong warranty that lasts up to 12 years.


  • 12-year warranty
  • Orthopaedic mattress
  • Improves posture and reduces body pains
  • Treated for antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-dustmite properties


  • Leans toward the pricey side
  • Difficult to assemble

6.   Dreamland Chiro Memory Foam Mattress

Dreamland Chiro Memory Foam Mattress
BEST FEATURESuperior back care support
TYPEGel memory foam and natural latex


If you’re willing to spend thousands on a memory foam mattress, then you might want to take a look at the Dreamland Chiro Memory Foam Mattress.

A single-sized mattress of the Dreamland Chiro already costs $1,579, making it the priciest option on our list. However, it comes with unique features and treatments that make up for its expensive price.

For one, the Dreamland Chiro is made of a combination of natural latex and cooling memory foam. It can contour to the curves of your body for proper spinal alignment and greater pressure relief.

It also comes with a MiraCoil™ Spring SYSTEM, which is considered the most advanced spring system in the world. It caters to the vertebral wall, helps correct postures, and relaxes muscles while sleeping.

More than that, the Dreamland Chiro can adjust to the needs of all types of sleepers. Even if you’re a stomach sleeper, you can reap the benefits of its memory foam and natural latex support structure.

In case there’s an issue with the mattress, all customers are entitled to a 10-year direct warranty from Dreamland, which saves them from covering the cost of the repair.


  • 10-year direct warranty
  • Perfect for all types of sleepers
  • Added layers of soft fillings for support and comfort
  • A combination of natural latex and gel memory foam


  • The most expensive mattress on our list
  • Always sold out on online stores


7. Magic Koil Remmory Visco Memory Foam Mattress

BEST FEATUREOrthopaedic Support
TYPEVisco Elastic/Memory Foam


The benefit of memory foam it that it moulds to the shape of your body which can give you orthopaedic support and helps you have a good night sleep. The Magic Koil Remmory Visco Memory Foam Mattress was made for this, to provide you with better comfort for a more restful sleep at night.

It provides great support since its thickness of 8 inches is traditionally made with visco elastic memory foam without a spring system. It’s outer cover is also made of soft knitted fabric and is also hypo-allergenic and has anti-dustmite which makes it ideal for those with asthma and other allergies.

To add to this, you can have this mattress in different standard sizes, locally and internationally with a 5 year warranty. Finally, the best part is that you can order this with free delivery and a box of 3-ply surgical masks.


  • 5 Year warranty
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Comes with free face masks


  • Pricey

8. MattressMart – Magic Koil Shangri La Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

PRICE$1,499.00 $2,142.00
PRODUCT DIMENSIONSingle: 91cm x 190cm x 30cm
Super Single: 107cm x 190cm x 30cm
Queen: 152cm x 190cm x 30cm
King: 182cm x 190cm x 30cm
INCLUSIVE OF FREE– 1pc x Memory Foam Pillow for Single / Super Single Size- 2pc x Memory Foam Pillow for Queen / King Size- 1pc x Mattress Protector- Old Mattress Disposal
WARRANTY10 Year Manufacturers Warranty
SHIPPING1-3 working days
MattressMart Ratings★★★★★ (5/5)

Get it on the Official Site

Magic Koil, founded in 1995, has grown into a worldwide corporation with a reputation for providing high-quality products and services. The mattresses are manufactured in Singapore employing cutting-edge, high-speed quilting and automatic spring coiling gear under the most strict quality control measures.

The Shangri La Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress provides a silver touch of comfort. Using a high-low individual pocket spring technology, this breakthrough mattress will transport you to paradise. Shangri La feels soft at first touch, but once you lie down, the soothing support and hardness of the springs will lead you into a deep sleep.

This mattress is ideal for side sleepers because the high-low springs help to evenly distribute your body weight, compressing more in the areas of your body that are heavier.


  • Argentum+ Silver Ion Mattress Fabric by Bekaert Deslee from Belgium
  • High-Low Pocket Spring Sleep System
  • Pressure Relieving Visco-elastic / Memory Foam Pillow Top
  • Foam boxed up on all 4 sides
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Anti-Dustmite
  • Anti-Bacterial


Customer Reviews

Good mattress and highly recommended

I was worried that memory foam will be too soft as I read online that memory foam has a sinking in sort of feeling but for this bed its soft with a firm support. It doesn’t feel like I’m sinking in too much and there is a good support for my lower back (no gap between my back and the mattress). Theres an added bonus that memory foam is absorbing the motion when you toss and turn, so your partner can sleep better haha. Good mattress and highly recommended.” —Stephanie Q

I got my mattress on the day I wanted and delivery was prompt and effective

“Wasn’t sure of this online store but the site was decent and their product offering with the freebies were really attractive, even more competitive then a very reputable online furniture store selling lots of mattress. I decided to contact them and give it a try. People over at PA were friendly and helpful. I got my mattress on the day I wanted and delivery was prompt and effective. Top 5 Stars! I will be back. Thanks PA for a very nice mattress! with the super comfy memory pillows for free!”  – Francis Ho

FAQs about Memory Foam Mattresses

And with that, we conclude our list of the best memory foam mattresses in Singapore. If you’ve used any of these mattresses in the past, share with us your experience with them.

If you know other memory foam mattresses that should’ve been part of our list, tell us their names so we can check if we can add them to our roster.

For more options, we recommend checking out our list of the best mattresses in Singapore. We included different types of mattresses for all budget ranges on that list!