Best Toilet Seat Covers in Singapore
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The 6 Best Toilet Seat Covers in Singapore

Looking for the best toilet seat covers in Singapore? Today must be your lucky day because we’re here to share our picks for the best toilet seat covers in Singapore.

We went over a large variety of brands, types, and designs to cater to different toilet sizes. Before we reveal our picks though, we’ll share our secrets when looking for the best toilet seat covers in Singapore. That way, you’ll know how to pick one yourself!

We’ve also included a guide to some other things you might find useful, like the types of toilet seats and how to measure yours to size your seat cover.

How to Pick the Best Toilet Seat Covers in Singapore

When we had to look for toilet seat covers ourselves, we were surprised to discover that there were more options than we anticipated. Worry not though, because we’ll narrow down the  options to make your own choice a whole lot easier.

Here are some of the factors you need to keep in mind while shopping for the best toilet seat covers in Singapore:

1. Comfort

Since you’re going to be sitting on it, a toilet seat cover’s comfort level should be among your priorities. It can be determined through its shape and materials, but the experience can vary from user to user.

Some users found that elongated toilet seat covers are more comfortable than rounded ones, mainly because there’s extra space. We’ll discuss the types of toilet seats later on in the article, so we’ll say more on that soon.

In terms of materials, we’d recommend going for a padded toilet seat cover for extra comfort, especially if you spend quite a bit of time sitting on the toilet reading the news on your phone or scrolling through social media [admit it, some of you do this!].

2. Materials

The most common options are the plastic and padded ones. There are also some toilet seat covers made out of wood, steel, vinyl, and even brass, but these tend to be a lot more expensive than the first two.

Plastic and padded seat covers are the most common materials when looking for toilet seat covers for a reason. Both are affordable and easy to clean as well, so it’s no surprise that they’re the top choice.

For those who want to improve the aesthetics for their toilets, there’s wood, vinyl, brass, or wood toilet seat covers. We found that these are mostly used in modern and huge houses in Singapore.

3. Durability

Who wants to waste their hard-earned money on a toilet seat cover that can’t last for a long time? Nobody, right? This is why we believe that durability is a huge factor when looking for the best toilet seat covers in Singapore.

We found that among all toilet seat covers in Singapore, the wooden ones are the most durable, according to some homeowners we talked to. Users didn’t have to worry about their toilet seat cover cracking or getting scratched easily.

Some even complained that plastic toilet seat covers are the ones that tend to break easily. However, don’t let this discourage you from choosing a plastic toilet seat cover: the better ones are fairly durable still.

The Best Toilet Seat Covers in Singapore

It’s time to move on to our picks for the best toilet seat covers in Singapore! We combed through the entire island and asked for recommendations from residents to ensure that only the worthy ones were included in our list.

So now, here they are!

1.   SG INSTOCK Toilet Seat Cover

SG INSTOCK Toilet Seat Cover
BEST FEATUREThick and durable
MATERIALPP and stainless steel
STYLEO shape, V shape, U shape, square and trapezium
DIMENSIONS44.5 x 35 cm
PRICES$22.90 – S$23.90

Check it out on Shopee

If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly option, then look no further than SG INSTOCK Toilet Seat Cover. It’s a durable and cheap toilet seat cover that comes in different shapes, making it the perfect option for all types of toilet.

The SG INSTOCK Toilet Seat Cover comes in O, V, U, trapezium, and square, all of which are made from high-grade PP and stainless steel. It comes with a bracket hinge that can be adjusted for a slow close or quick release.

We like that it can accommodate different sizes of users as well. Its trapezium and V shape are perfect for smaller and thinner people. Meanwhile, the U, O, and square shape wouldn’t have a problem carrying larger and heavier people.

It may be one of the cheapest toilet seat covers in Singapore, but the majority of its users can attest to how durable it is. Aside from being made with premium materials, it’s known for being thicker than most budget-friendly toilet seat covers.


  • Budget-friendly
  • More durable than other affordable toilet seat covers
  • Comes in different shapes for more options
  • Can be used by people of different sizes


  • Cannot be returned or exchanged at most vendors
  • No warranty

2.   MAYFAIR Soft Toilet Seat

MAYFAIR Soft Toilet Seat
BEST FEATUREPadded seats for extra comfort
MATERIALWood frame with padded seats
COLOURWhite, grey, black, pink, and rain forest
DIMENSIONS48.03 x 35.89 x 8.74 cm

Check it out on Amazon

The MAYFAIR Soft Toilet Seat features a classic and versatile design that can complement all types of bathroom decor. It comes in a variety of colours as well, including black, pink, grey, white, and rain forest.

In terms of durability, the MAYFAIR Soft Toilet Seat surely doesn’t fall short. Its frame is made out of molded wood core while its seat area is cushioned with high-end vinyl for added comfort.

We really like that its size is perfect for adults and adolescents, so no worries about getting a seat cover either too large or small for other members of the household. It’s one of the reasons we call it one of the best toilet seat covers in Singapore.

If there’s one thing that makes it stand out from other toilet seat covers in particular, it’d have to be its hinge. Its hinge makes it possible to attach and detach it from the toilet with no problem, making it easier to clean and install.


  • Competitively priced
  • Durable padded seat area
  • Comes in different colours
  • Goes well with any bathroom interiors


  • No warranty
  • Can’t be used by toddlers and children

3.   Johnson Suisse Heavy Duty Toilet Seat Cover

Johnson Suisse Heavy Duty Toilet Seat Cover
BEST FEATUREMade with high-quality materials
MATERIALNon-recycle heavy duty plastic
DIMENSIONS43.5  x  37.2 cm

Check it out on Shopee

If you’re after a toilet seat cover that can handle people of over 200 pounds, we’re sure that you’re going to like the Johnson Suisse Heavy Duty Toilet Seat Cover. It’s made out of heavy-duty recyclable plastic, so it’s both durable and environmentally friendly.

It’s the perfect toilet seat cover for those who have a Johnson Suisse Cistern Toilet because it’s built specifically for that. However, it works well with all types of oval-shaped toilets, even the oldest and cheapest models.

Another feature we like about it is its powerful hinge. It can be easily adjusted to achieve either quick release or slow close, so say goodbye to getting started when the cover suddenly collapses.

For those who haven’t tried attaching toilet seat covers in the past, we promise that you won’t have a hard time installing the Johnson Suisse Heavy Duty Toilet Seat Cover. We’ve done it ourselves and it took no more than 10 minutes!


  • Easy to install
  • Can handle heavier weights
  • Made with premium and recyclable materials
  • Can be used on all brands of toilets


  • More expensive compared to the previous options
  • Heavier than the standard toilet seat cover

4.   KOHLER K-4648-0

KOHLER K-4648-0
BEST FEATURECan fit one and two-piece bowls
MATERIALEngineered wood
DIMENSIONS42.16 x 36.07 x 2.69 cm

Check it out on Amazon

Kohler is one of the most trusted names when it comes to all types of bathroom wares, from bathtubs down to toilet seat covers. Here’s the KOHLER K-4648-0, a heavy-duty toilet seat cover designed to last longer than the average toilet seat cover.

The KOHLER K-4648-0 is one of the few toilet seats made out of engineered wood, so there’s no question about its durability. It’s more expensive compared to our other options though, but users tend to look past its price tag due to how durable it is.

It may look basic on the surface, but it features a design that blends well with any toilet design and bathroom interior. It goes well with modern interiors, ethnic designs, and even the most minimalist of bathrooms.

On top of that, the KOHLER K-4648-0 is compatible with most round-front one- or two-piece toilets, so it can be used even if you don’t have a toilet from the same brand.


  • Perfect for one- and two-piece toilets
  • Made with premium materials
  • Matches any type of home interior


  • Bigger price tag
  • Difficult to install due to its weight

5.   BEMIS 1500EC 000 Toilet Seat Cover

BEMIS 1500EC 000 Toilet Seat Cover
BEST FEATUREFits all elongated toilets
MATERIALEnameled wood
COLOURWhite, almond, bone, grey, blue, beige, silver, and pink
DIMENSIONS35.89 x 5.08 x 47.96 cm

Check it out on Amazon

For those who can shell out a lot of money for a high-quality toilet seat cover, we recommend taking a look at the BEMIS 1500EC 000. It’s one of the few toilet seat covers that can fit all elongated toilets, including other brands.

The BEMIS 1500EC 000 comes in different colours as well, allowing customers to choose the colour that would complement their bathrooms best. It already features a classic and versatile look though, so it will surely match whatever the look of your bathroom is.

In terms of materials, its frame is made out of enameled wood while the hinge is made from premium plastic. It might not be a perfect toilet seat cover, but durability is definitely not one of its problems.

On top of that, the BEMIS 1500EC 000 features a superior high-gloss finish that can resist chipping and scratching. That’s a big part of its attraction for owners who want something that will look good as new for a long time.


  • Scratch- and chipping-resistant
  • Made with high-quality and eco-friendly materials


  • Expensive
  • Limited warranty coverage

6.   H+M One-Piece floorstanding WC

BEST FEATURERimless flush technology
MATERIALContact for more information
STYLEOne-Piece floorstanding WC
DIMENSIONSL685 x W380 x H743mm
PRICEContact for more information

Check it out here

We have another toilet seat cover recommendation—H+M One-Piece floorstanding WC.

We think one of its best features is its Uria soft closing seat cover, as well as its rimless flush technology.

The downside to this product is that it’s a whole toilet and not just a toilet seat, so you’d have to pay more compared to the other options in this list.

But despite it not simply being a toilet seat cover, we think it’s worth purchasing because of its amazing flushing capabilities!


  • Soft closing seat cover
  • Rimless flush technology


  • Expensive
  • Limited information about the product on the website

Types of Toilet Seats

As mentioned earlier, here’s our closer look into the common types of toilet seats: elongated and round toilet seats. We assume that there won’t be any trouble in determining your toilet’s type because there are only 2 of them.

Anyway, it’s important to know their difference to ensure that you’re taking home a toilet seat cover that matches the size of the toilet you have at home.

1.   Elongated toilet seat

An elongated toilet seat is slightly longer than the traditional rounded seats, almost similar to an oval shape. It’s said to be more comfortable than the rounded models mainly because there’s more space to sit on.

As with other toilet types, it comes in different colours as well. It usually has a length of 47 to 51 centimetres.

2.   Round toilet seat

It’s the most common type of toilet seat in Singapore. In fact, there’s a huge chance that you have a round toilet seat at home.

Generally, it costs less than elongated ones and other types of toilet, so more people prefer it. It usually measures around 49 to 47 centimetres, depending on the brand.

How to Measure Toilet Seats

When measuring the dimensions of your toilet seat, you need to measure 3 points:

  • Locate the hinges where the toilet seat is attached to the bowl and measure the distance between them. As a reference, the standard measurement for toilet seat bolts is somewhere between 13 to 15 centimetres.
  • After that, you need to measure the width of the bowl at its widest point. Remember to place the measuring tape on the outside of the brim to get the more accurate measurement.
  • Lastly, measure that length of the bowl from the seat hinges to the outside edge of the front of the toilet.

Round toilets usually have a dimension of no less than 42 centimetres, while elongated toilets should have a measurement of around 46 to 47 centimetres

Anyway, that’s it for our picks for the best toilet seat covers in Singapore. If you’ve already made a choice, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

You may also want to check out our list of the best toilet renovation services in Singapore in case you’re thinking about improving your bathroom’s interiors.