10 Best Plumbers in Singapore

While simple leaks and clogs can be fixed with DIY know-how, many other plumbing problems require professional help. Unless you want to deal with the possibility of complications then, it’s wiser to let the best plumbers in Singapore take over.

To help you find the perfect Singapore plumber for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the best plumbers in Singapore here. These are the most versatile, experienced service providers with various specialisations, including water-related plumbing work and sanitary plumbing.


BEST FOR Highly reliable plumbing services

Water Pipe Leak Repairs

Plumping Repairs

Bathroom and Kitchen Appliance Installation

Water Heater Installation

Faucet Installation

Drain Cleaning

Water Filter Cleaning

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services

PRICING Enquire for details
WEBSITE https://www.plumber-singapore.com/
ADDRESS Singapore 
CONTACT DETAILS (65) 3138 1280 | [email protected]
Sat 10 AM-5PM
Sun 10 AM-3PM

Plumber Singapore offers the best plumbing repairs in Singapore. Count on them to provide you with trustworthy and efficient 24-hour emergency plumbing services.

Their team can handle any clogs or repairs that your toilet bowl, urinal, wash basin, water pipe, floor trap, or manhole may need. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why we strive to foster constant communication to ensure that everything is going according to your wants.


  • Trusted by the people
  • Go-to plumbing company
  • Constantly delivers excellent results
  • Accurate quotes
  • Cleans as they go
  • Impressive response time


Over the years, Plumber Singapore has proudly served various residential and commercial clients. In fact, they have built a positive reputation for themselves due to the quality of their work as well as the punctuality and professionalism displayed by all their plumbers.


BEST FOR Installation, maintenance, and repair plumbing work

Choke/ Blockage/ Clogged Pipe
Toilet Bowl, Floor Trap, Basin, Kitchen

Leakage Diagnosis and Repair
Toilet Cistern, Pipe, Tap, Sink

Install & Repair
Water Heater, Mixer/Water Tap, Basin, Toilet bowl

PRICING Contact the company for a quote.
WEBSITE https://www.greenwoodplumbingsg.com/
ADDRESS Suites @ Bukit Timah
68 Jalan Jurong Kechil
#01-14 Singapore 596180
OPERATING HOURS 24/7 Emergency Hotline

Greenwood Plumbing has over 30 years of industry experience. This gives its customers a sense of security and peace of mind when availing of the company’s services.

They can handle plumbing jobs in the bathroom or kitchen, such as installation, repairs, and replacement to overall plumbing needs. Their hotline is available 24/7 for any emergency, making them not just one of the best plumbers in Singapore but also one of the most convenient.


  • 24-hour emergency plumbing services
  • Transparent charging system
  • Economical charges
  • Quality and workmanship guarantee
  • Fast response time


Greenwood Electrical & Plumbing Services uses their expertise to also educate their customers to avoid future plumbing issues. This is one of the perks often cited by customers who gave them a high Google Review rating.

They also provide thorough assessment to make sure they fix the true cause of each issue.


BEST FOR Accurate and 100% transparent quote, affordable pricing, complete one-stop plumbing services
SCOPE OF SERVICES Plumbing Chokes & Repair
Water Heater Installation, Toilet Bowl Installation, Toilet Flush System Installation, Water Tap / Faucet Installation, Shower Installation

Plumbing Installation / Replacement & Repair
Toilet Bowl Choke, Drain Choke / Floor Trap Choke, Clogged Sink / Sink Choke

Plumbing Leaks & Pipe Repair
Water Pipe Leak Repair & Re-piping Services
PRICING Services (all prices inclusive of material, labour & transport):
1. Clogged toilet bowl / clearing toilet bowl choke: from $120
2. Clogged floor trap/ clogged drainage pipe/ clearing floor trap choke: from $120
3. Rectify water discharge into toilet bowl by installing new siphon: from $140
4. Labor & material to repair leak at exposed copper pipe or UPVC pipe: from $130
5. Supplying & replacing toilet/WC flush system: from $140
6. Replace shower set: from $140
7. Replace kitchen sink/ bathroom tap / faucet (basic type): from $120
8. Replace instant water heater: Price on ask
9. Replace storage water heater: Price on ask
10. Supply & replace bottle trap for kitchen sink: from $90
11. Replace sink/ basin/ cistern flexible hose: from $100
12. Labour & equipment to detect water leakage of concealed pipes in HDB flats and condominiums: $300 and above
13. Labour & equipment to detect water leakage of concealed pipes in landed property: $500 and above
14. As above described in commercial and industrial properties: call to enquire

Replacement Work
15. Supply & install toilet bowl set: from $390
16. Supply & install basin: from $180
WEBSITE https://www.mrplumber.sg/
ADDRESS 3 Phillip Street, Singapore 048693
CONTACT DETAILS  +65 6653 6258 (Phone) / +65 8750 8753 (WhatsApp) | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Sunday: 9am to 9pm 

Mr Plumber Singapore provides the full range of plumbing services with a team of licensed plumbers who are available for emergency plumbing.

They have over 10 years of plumbing experience and have completed thousands of plumbing jobs for both residential (landed, condo and HDB plumbing) and commercial plumbing.


  • Highly reputable plumbing services
  • #1 reviewed Singapore plumber on Google & Facebook
  • Fast response, easy & convenient process of service delivery
  • Honest and transparent pricing before going on-site
  • Complete one-stop plumbing services
  • More than 10 years’ experience
  • PUB-licensed plumber (PUB License No: WS06471998) & BCA-certified plumber
  • All plumbers are experienced and deliver quality workmanship
  • Plumbers have done thousands of plumbing projects and cases
  • Specialise in both residential plumbing (condo, landed, HDB plumber) and commercial plumbing
  • Clean & friendly service
  • Plumbing service warranty provided (different warranty period applies to different jobs)
  • Established company (trustworthy and reliable)


Responsive, friendly and prompt are some of the words used to describe Mr. Plumber.SG’s service in the many 5-star ratings they received on Google Reviews. Customer Jude Pinto added reasonable pricing as another strength when his heater was delivered and installed with no delays, stating that they delivered efficient and quality work.



BEST FOR 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Singapore, licensed & professionally trained plumbers
SCOPE OF SERVICES General Plumbing Solutions, Water Heater Issue Repair and Installation, Kitchen Sink or Basin Repair, Tank Repair, Vibrating Water Tap Repair, Drain Choke Repair, Leaking Pipe Repair, Toilet Bowl Choke, Other Services
PRICING All jobs consist of the following:
1. A service fee. The fee for their plumbers to go down to the client’s place to assess the problem. Cost for this service fee may vary from $10 – $30, depending on the time taken.
2. The material cost and labour cost. This is the cost of replacing any faulty plumbing accessories or equipment.

Contact the company for an estimate.
WEBSITE https://www.plumbinghub.com.sg/
ADDRESS 140 Upper Bukit Timah Rd Singapore 588176
CONTACT DETAILS 6760 6969 / 6875 0567 / 8126 2092 (24 HOURS)

Founded in 1984, Plumbing Hub began as a small neighbourhood plumbing company. They handle everyday plumbing problems in Singapore, as well as plumbing emergencies.

They have a professional team of plumbers ready to solve any plumbing problem, from simple plumbing repairs to major plumbing work. With over 20 years of experience, they have accumulated over 5000 satisfied customers island-wide.


  • Full range of plumbing services
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Over 5000 satisfied customers island-wide
  • 3-month warranty for residential repair and replacement plumbing work
  • 9-month warranty for commercial repair works


Plumbing Hub garnered mostly 5-star ratings in Google Reviews.

One customer appreciated their plumber for fixing a bathroom leak and fixing it after two days, when it was still leaking, without additional charges. Another customer not only praised the fast and efficient resolution, but also for cleaning up after the job.


BEST FOR Wide range of plumbing services for homeowners, landlords and business owners
SCOPE OF SERVICES General Plumbing Issues, Leaky Tap Repair, Faucet Repair, Blocked Drain Repair, Replacement of Aluminum Doors / Shower Screens / Toilet & Bathroom Flooring, Installation /& Repair of Water Heaters, Clearing of Basins / Floor Traps / Toilet Bowls / Pipes, Pipe Installation, Re-piping, Installation and Repair of Plumbing or Sanitary Fixtures (Residential & Commercial)
PRICING Contact the company for a quote.
WEBSITE https://www.plumbersingapore.org/
ADDRESS BLK 884 Tampines ST 83, 05-67, Singapore 520884
CONTACT DETAILS 68505025 / 87118489 | [email protected]

PS Plumber Singapore works with a wide range of customers, from homeowners and landlords to business owners. Their team is composed of experienced plumbers who can take care of almost everything from consultation to the final work.

Their plumbers are hired after a thorough background check, so customers are assured that their homes are in the hands of a trustworthy professional. This makes them one of the top companies for those seeking the best plumbers in Singapore.


  • Fully insured with the highest quality of workmanship
  • Prompt and timely service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free, no obligation quotes


PS Plumber has an almost perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews. Customers noted that their workers are among the best plumbers in Singapore due to professionalism.

One particular customer shared that plumbers arrived on time, repair was completed quickly and efficiently, plus the plumbers were friendly. They also took the customer through the repair process and gave tips about maintaining the kitchen sink pipes.


BEST FOR Fast, same-day service
SCOPE OF SERVICES Bathroom Plumbing Service
Shower Head Replacement Service, Shower Repair Service, Shower Installation Service, Shower Leak Repair Service, Shower Replacement Service, Toilet Bowl Clear Choke Service, Toilet Bowl Repair Service, Toilet Bowl Replacement Service, Toilet Bowl Installation Service, Toilet Choke Repair Service

Leaks & Pipe Repair
Bathroom Clear Choke Repair, Bathroom Flood Repair Service, Clear Choke Repair Service, Clogged Sink Repair Service, Clogged Toilet Repair Fix, Clogged Drain Repair Service, Drain Cleaning Service, Drain Choke Repair Service, Kitchen Flood Repair Service

Toilet Choke & Drainage
Detect Leak Service, Bathroom Leak Repair Service, Leak Repair Service, Pipe Burst Repair Service, Pipe Leak Repair Service, Pipe Repair Service, Water Leak Repair Service, Water Pipe Leak Repair, Water Pipes Re-piping Service
Clearing toilet bowl choke: $40 to 60
Clearing bathroom/kitchen floor trap choke: from $40

Replace toilet bowl valve: from $80
Dismantle and replace new toilet bowl set: from $500
Supply and install toilet bowl set: from $250
Rectify water discharge into toilet bowl by installing new siphon: from $60 to 80
Supply and install basin: from $150
Replace kitchen sink / basin trap (normal type): $50 to 60
Supply & replace bottle trap for kitchen sink: from $50
Replace Sink / Basin / Cistern flexible hose: $40 to 60
Supply and install shower head set: from $40 to $80

Labour and equipment to detect water leakage of concealed pipes in HDB flats and condominiums: $120 and above
Labour and equipment to detect water leakage of concealed pipes in landed property including underground pipes: $250 and above
Labour and equipment to detect water leakage of concealed pipes in landed property including underground pipes: $500 and above
As above described in commercial and industrial properties including underground pipes: $500 and above
WEBSITE https://hdbplumbers.com.sg/
ADDRESS Block 153 Batok Street 11, Singapore 650153
CONTACT DETAILS 84916116 | [email protected]

HDB Plumbers has a team of accredited plumbers in Singapore with more than 20 years of experience. Their personnel are among the best plumbers in Singapore when it comes to on-the-job expertise.

In addition to the expertise of their highly qualified plumbers, they use state-of-the-art equipment to solve daily bathroom plumbing issues. These issues include pipe leaks, replacement of plumbing fittings, and repair of toilet chokes in HDB estates as well as commercial and residential areas in Singapore.


  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Team of accredited, experienced plumbers
  • Local plumbers for faster response time
  • Transparent pricing system at competitive and economical rates
  • 24-hour service
  • 1-3 hours response time


HDB Plumbers has a high rating in Google Reviews. Customers like their fast response and cheap prices and cited those as reasons they’re among the best plumbers in Singapore.

Customer Esther Tan mentioned a plumber who came in at 8 in the morning and fixed a leaking pipe within 2 hours, as an illustration.


BEST FOR One-stop services for plumbing, electrical, painting & handyman jobs
Water Heater Repair, Leaking Pipe Repair, Exposed Copper Pipe Repair, Toilet Bowl Replacement, Shower Screen Replacement

Fixtures, Circuit Breakers & Wall Sockets, Electrical Rewiring Work, Ceiling Fan Repairs


Bathroom Accessories Installation, Exhaust Fan Installation, Rubbish Chute Installation & Replacement, Drywall Repairs & Finishing, General Home Improvement, TV Wall Mounting
PRICING Supply & Install
Install basin in home kitchen: $90 onwards
Supply & install bottle trap in kitchen sink: $50 onwards
Install kitchen accessories (basin tap, mixer, kitchen sink, flexible host): $40 onwards

Clear Choke
Remove toilet bowl choke: $80 onwards
Remove kitchen sink choke: $50 onwards

Repair & Detect Leak
Repair & supply copper pipe: $100 onwards
Detection of water leakage in concealed pipes: $250
WEBSITE https://kiasuplumber.com/
ADDRESS 20 Maxwell road #09-17 Maxwell House
Singapore 069113

Kiasu Plumber is a fully-licensed, insured, and bonded company providing the full range of plumbing services. Founded in 1998, their plumbers are readily available 24 hours to solve every household’s plumbing problems.

All their plumbers are PUB-licensed & trained. They also boast heavy industry experience that allows them to tackle issues efficiently.


  • Drug-free workforce
  • Work receipt for service warranty
  • No hidden costs
  • 24-hour service
  • PUB-licensed plumbers


Kiasu enjoys close to 5 stars on average for their Google Reviews. Clients generally agree they’re among the best plumbers in Singapore in terms of service quality and promptness.

A review said it took them 30 minutes to fix a leaky faucet, while another faulty pipe was fixed in less than an hour. One customer also mentioned kind plumbers who came to their house to fix an issue.


BEST FOR Expert 24-hour plumbing services in Singapore
SCOPE OF SERVICES Residential Plumbing, Sanitary & Plumbing Fixtures, Sanitary Installation / Repair / Replacement, Pipe Leakage Detection & Repair, Pipe Installation and Pipe Choke Repair, Repair & Replacement of Taps and Traps, Repair & Replacement of Toilet Accessories, Water Heater Supply & Installation, Dustbin Supply & Installation, New / Re-Piping Whole Units (Copper, PVC or Stainless Steel Pipes), Toilet Choke Repair
PRICING Contact the company for a quote.
WEBSITE https://hw-singaporeplumbing.com.sg/
41A Cambridge Rd,
Singapore 211041
CONTACT DETAILS  +65 9037 1221

HW Singapore Plumbing provides 24-hour plumber repairs and services to both residential and commercial clients. They guarantee 100% satisfaction with their highly-skilled and trustworthy staff who manage all plumbing work.

Clients can benefit from over 20 years of industry experience under their belt. They also supply a 30-day service warranty on any repair or installation, which is yet another reason they’re among the best plumbers in Singapore. 


  • Over 20 years of plumbing experience
  • 24/7 availability
  • Speak to an experienced plumber in seconds
  • No travel charges
  • Free estimates
  • 30-day service warranty


HW Singapore Plumbing gets a perfect rating in Google Reviews not just for their speedy service, but also for going beyond their job description. A cursory glance at their reviews is enough to show why they’re among the best plumbers in Singapore.

One review said that unlike other providers, there is no transport charge. Another appreciated their plumber for fixing their drainage problem at a reasonable price.

One other review said they completed the job and changed a stopper in less than 30 mins. They even provided advice on what to do if it happens again.


BEST FOR 24/7 plumbing services with competitive pricing
SCOPE OF SERVICES Plumbing Installation and Repair, Water Leak Detection and Repair, Sewer Line Repair, Other Plumbing Services
PRICING Clear toilet bowl choke: $60 – $250 onwards
Replace kitchen sink/basin tap (normal type): $60 onwards
Labor & material to repair exposed copper pipe leak (n.e. 1 Meter): $80 onwards
Rectify water discharge into toilet bowl by replacing new siphon: $80 – $120 onwards
Supply & replace bottle trap for kitchen sink: $50 onwards
Replace Sink/Basin/Cistern flexible hose: $20 – $40 onwards
Clear floor trap chokage: $50 – $150 onwards

Water Leakage Detection
Labor & Equipment to detect water leakage of concealed pipes in condominiums: $120 – $200 onwards
Ditto as above in landed property including underground pipes: $250 – $350 onwards
Ditto to commercial properties including underground pipes: $500 onwards
Additional charge for transport: $10 onwards, depending on timing

Replacement Work
Supply & install toilet bowl: $250 onwards
Supply & install basin: $150 onwards
WEBSITE https://www.24hrfamilyplumber.com/
ADDRESS Central: 140 Upper Bt Timah
West: 47 Pavilion Circle
North: Woodlands St 32
East: 9010 Tampines Ind Pk
CONTACT DETAILS 8126 2163 / 9815 7075 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS 24/7 every day, including public holidays

Family Plumber boasts a team of PUB-licensed plumbing companies serving both residential & commercial clients since 1988. They have worked with more than 5,000 customers over the years, which is a testament to their level of expertise and experience.

They operate a 24-hour plumber outcall service for quick and timely dispatch, especially during emergencies.


  • PUB-licensed plumbers, trained and thoroughly vetted, with at least 10 years’ experience each
  • 24/7 availability, including public holidays
  • Onsite assessment
  • Up to 3 months guarantee
  • Competitive pricing
  • Full stocked vans (5000+ items)


They currently do not have a lot of available reviews online. The little feedback found has brought up issues of communication and pricing, but the positive feedback has praised their workers’ efficacy.



Strategic plumbing and maintenance services


running of water supply pipes, drainage pipes (uPVC / Cast Iron), floor traps, installation of kitchen accessories, toilet accessories, water heaters, replacing grating covers, water filtration system and water hammering detection.


General repair, changing bottom trap and clearing drainage choke: S$120 onwards

Installation of new kitchen and bathroom accessories (Water heater, sink mixer, bathtub, etc): $150 onwards

Running of water supply and drainage pipe: S$250 onwards

Replacing of rubber expansion joint: S$400 onwards

Replacing of ball float valve: S$400 onwards

Scheduled water-tank cleaning and submission for PUB water testing: S$850 onwards

Water-saving assessment: S$250 onwards

Sale & rental of water dispensers, quarterly maintenance and carbon filter replacement: S$200 onwards

Installation of private water meter: S$350 onwards

Application and installation of PUB water meter: S$700 onwards

Concealed leakage detection (Underground/Within Wall): S$250 onwards

12. Water hammering source detection S$280 onwards




10 Buroh Street, #08-22 West Connect, Singapore 627564


+65 9630 9636


Monday to Friday, 9:30am-5:30pm; Saturday, 9:30am-3pm

Tom Plumbing has been operating since 1975. With over 40 years of experience, the shop is guaranteed to deliver high standard services especially in the field of industrial, commercial and residential plumbing.

Before proceeding with the actual work, the team of Tom Plumbing carefully analyzes and plans your floor plan and plumbing structure to ensure the quality and standard of the output. This process of strategic plumbing makes the job easier and faster for both the clients and the team of Tom Plumbing.

The team of also guarantees that all of their procedures are in compliant to the Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore’s National Water Agency.

If you want to try out their service, you can always get a free, no obligation quotation from them.


  • Team of expert plumbers
  • Transparent and reasonable rates
  • Compliant to quality standards


If there is one thing that Tom Plumbing is really applauded for, it is their ability to address plumbing issues in an instance and provide a really good quality service. One of their previous clients has left a review on their website.

“Responsive and very very good workmanship. Able to fix premium accessories brand with ease, the plumber before them is clueless when they see the fittings, I almost had to see the brand distributor to send their own plumber which will cost even more. I will recommend Tom Plumbing to my clients.”

Anyway, this is the last entry in our list of the best plumbers in Singapore. Is there another company you think we should add and why? Let us know in the comments!

You can also take a look at our list of the best cleaning services in Singapore while you’re at it. These cleaners can mop up and fix whatever messes your plumbing issues may have caused in your space.

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