Best Pest Control Services in Singapore

18 Options for the Best Pest Control in Singapore

Under siege by termites or getting deprived of groceries by rats? If so, it’s time to call on pest control Singapore companies to rid you of the creepy-crawlies terrorising your home.

The top pest control Singapore services deal with everything from rats to booklice. To illustrate their capabilities, we’ve rounded up the island’s top pest control companies for your consideration.

1. PestOff

PestOff's Banner


Response Time/ Expertise / Specialise Teams For Different Industries and Pest Issue


Bed Bugs
Fleas and Mites
Molds & Fungus


Depends on the Service



25 Kaki Bukit Pl, Singapore 416203


+65 6280 0777  | +65 8877 3355[email protected]


Open 24 hours

Pest Off Pte Ltd takes pride in providing quality service to all of their customers by solving all types of pest problems. Their staff are all trained and equipped with the necessary skills to solve problems in residential and commercial settings and also have weekly comprehensive training to keep up to date with the latest skills and knowledge.

They even have a specialized team that caters to specific problems in areas like the food industry and mold and viruses. With such an experienced team, you can rest assured that all your pest problems will be solved in no time.

Service Highlights

  • In-house R&D to constantly revise and enhance methods
  • Re-treatment within warranty period at no cost
  • Treatment suitable for all types of industries

Customer Reviews

Pest Off Pte Ltd has served many customers over the years, such as Q.B. Food Trading Pte Ltd. Here is what they had to say about Pest Off:

“We are glad to have engaged the services of Pest Off to provide monthly integrated pest management services for our food processing plant.

The Account Manager and Consultant have been very professional in their service in terms of knowledge and their food processing Pest Specialist team have been very competent in their work.

When Pest Off took over the Pest Management Program, their Consultant started off with an assessment to identify the critical control points within my premises and had come out with a customized Program with comprehensive defense and monitoring system based on Q.B.’s needs.

Knowing that our business nature is sensitive and strict in third parties audits requirement, their QA Team and entomologist are always keeping us ready for third parties audits requirements.

Pest Off has proven to be a pest management company that provides quality service. We will always highly recommend their services without hesitation and we are confident that their quality services will surpass others.“

2. The Pest Control Company

The Pest Control Company homepage

BEST FOR Pest Control Services
PRICING Contact for more information
ADDRESS 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #06-08 T-Space, Singapore 528559
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
9616 8818
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more information

The Pest Control Company has been in service for over 15 years. Their team is filled with professionals that can serve you like no other.

People like how their services are catered to a variety of customers in Singapore. Whether it is food establishments, commercial, or residential clients, they are ready to serve.

According to their previous customers, their method is spot on and worth the price. Their process consists of five steps, inspect & assess, create a strategy & action plan, do the treatment & solution, make preventive controls, and report & monitor.

They can definitely make your home and workspace a safer environment for all your loved ones.

Service Highlights

  • Team of well-trained pest control experts
  • Services are beneficial and environmentally friendly
  • Responds quickly

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their previous clients:

“Very professional and knowledgeable service provided for cockroach/pest cleaning. Will definitely look for wicleansoon again for any cleaning and pest control services. Thank you.”

“Interaction was efficient and accommodating. Service was exceptional and very thorough. Overall very satisfied with the service they provided! 👍🏻”

3. Pest Control Compared

Pest Control Compared's Homepage


Extensive Pest Control Services


Disinfection, Fumigation, Corrective Soil Treatment, Rodent Baiting, Anti-Bird Spike Installation, and more


Enquire for more information







Pest Control Compared is a platform that can help you find the best pest control service providers. This is great for those who want to compare various pest control in Singapore in price, service and range.

Quality won’t be an issue, as they’re partnered with only the most reliable pest control companies available. With their wide range of pest control services covered, you can rest assured that they will be able to find the right company for you.

Pest Control Compared is ideal for those searching for the best and also the cheapest pest control in Singapore.

Service Highlights

  • Wide range of pest control services
  • Expansive directory of pest control providers
  • Free inspection
  • Free quote available


IKARI's Homepage

BEST FOR Integrated pest management (IPM) & eco-friendly pest control
SCOPE OF SERVICES Pest Control, Odour Control, Fungi Control
PRICING Contact the company for a quote
ADDRESS 625 Aljunied Road, #03-07
Aljunied Industrial Complex
Singapore 389836
CONTACT DETAILS (+65) 6743 1313 | [email protected]

IKARI Services Singapore was established in December 1976. It is part of the IKARI Environmental Group, which was founded in Japan in 1959.

They specialize in pest, odour and fungi/bacterial control services. As one of the leading players among pest control Singapore companies, IKARI invests heavily in employee training and hires only experienced personnel.

Service Highlights

  • Proven track record
  • In-house entomologist
  • Long-term solutions
  • Human-safe and eco-friendly solutions
  • Skilled professional team with specialized IPM knowledge
  • Highly-trained service specialists

Customer Reviews

IKARI is rated highly by clients on Google Reviews. Customers praise their timely and efficient service as well as their post-treatment briefs with instructions about what to do after the treatment.

One customer also shared that their technicians make it a point to explain the process before carrying out the treatment.



BEST FOR Customised, science-based & safe pest control solutions
SCOPE OF SERVICES Commercial & Residential Pest Control
PRICING Contact the company for a quote.
ADDRESS #01-01 Tailee Industrial Building Singapore 577182
CONTACT DETAILS (65) 6280 5666 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday-Sunday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

With over 30 years of experience in tropical pest management, ORIGIN has always focused on the value of science and its principles in formulating their pest control/treatment methods.

They have in-house biologists, entomologists and environmental science professionals undertaking consistent R&D efforts. These projects translate the latest research into the most effective and safest solutions for pest control.

Service Highlights

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Continuous research and development of new treatment options based on key scientific principles
  • Customer care professionals with vast field experience who mentor and guide their team to attain their personal best field performances
  • Environmentally sustainable treatments
  • Experienced pest control Singapore professionals adopt a holistic approach to pest management
  • A passion for Corporate Social Responsibility

Customer Reviews

Customers left generally positive reviews with mostly 5-star ratings on Google Reviews. Some of the most commendable aspects of their services include a thorough and professional job as well as fast and responsive service.

For example, Chen Jiarun praised them because “(s)ervices rendered on site was timely and professional. They were also serious about their warranty commitment and repeated their treatment at no extra charge until the problem was resolved”.



BEST FOR Customised, science-based & safe pest control solutions

Ant Control, Cockroach Control, Rodent Control, Bedbug Control, Mosquito Control, Comprehensive Termite Control (includes termite-baiting and anti-termite treatment)

PRICING Contact the company for a quote.

192 Pandan Loop #05-24 Pantech Business Hub Singapore 128381


+65 6100 5266 | [email protected]


Innovative Pest Management is one of the top names in pest control Singapore.

It has experienced pest technicians who can help get rid of pests in your home, school, office, restaurant, or even a vessel. They also offer complimentary pest inspection before proceeding to fix any pest issues.

Innovative Pest Management has been awarded Bizsafe 3 from Ministry of Manpower and BCA certification by the Building and Construction Authority. It also has 1 million Public Liability Insurance, enabling them to manage massive pest control projects.

Service Highlights

  • Fulfilling 1,000+ jobs each month
  • Customisable pest package
  • Pets and child-safe solutions

Customer Reviews

The company has garnered much praise from its customers, particularly the commercial and industrial ones. Here’s an example:

“Such dedicated and professional team. Really appreciate their prompt responses in all my questions. They are also very thorough in their processes. Well done!” – Jeanette Chong, Executive at National Kidney Foundation Singapore


ECO SENSE's Homepage

BEST FOR Fast-response and integrated pest control services

Pest Control, Mould Removal, Termite Control, Bedbug Control

PRICING Contact the company for a quote.

531a Upper Cross Street #04-95, Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 051531

CONTACT DETAILS +65 9819 8432 | [email protected]

EcoSense is a pest control company striving to provide a ‘Clean Sense of Life’ to all of their clients. Their main contribution in attempting to do so is offering a wide array of pest control and decontamination services as a means of ridding properties of unwanted bacteria and viral pathogens. All of which are known to ruin the environment in general.

Hinted by their name, Eco Sense completes every job with the environment in mind. They use eco-friendly products and equipment while also reducing their energy consumption, air and noise pollution. 

For urgent concerns and emergencies, EcoSense keeps their lines open 24/7.

Service Highlights


  • NEA & EPA Approved Chemicals
  • Commercial Grade Equipments
  • Certified & Professional



BEST FOR Residential and Commercial pest control
SERVICES Pest control for F&B Businesses, Offices, Residential
ADDRESS 653 Hougang Avenue 8 #05-395 Singapore 530653
CONTACT DETAILS +65 3159 4308

Pests can be annoying especially in businesses. Thankfully, NBW Pest Control provides affordable and efficient solutions.

Their team of pest control specialists are skilled and experienced. Along with this, they are are also equipped with the right tools and equipment to work with quality.

Their efficiency is not only noticeable through their fieldwork, but also throughout their quick and convenient customer response. Pest control can be done quickly and at an affordable price with NBW Pest Control.




  • Quick Response Message Box
  • Solutions and affordability
  • Customer Satisfaction

9. Protect Pest Control

Protect Pest Control's Team


Affordable Pest Control Services That Deliver Results


Residential & Commercial Pest Control for Ants, Bed Bugs, Bees, Booklice, Cockroaches, Flies, Hornets, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Termites, Wasps, etc.


Offices, Warehouses, Industrial, Factories, F&B Pest Control Contract.



Ants: $90

Bed Bugs: From $360

Cockroaches: $80

Rodents: $280

Termites: $150



21 Woodlands Close #09-37 Singapore 737854


97941957 | [email protected]


24 Hours

Protect Pest Control is a home-grown pest control company that packs a punch when it comes to exterminating and getting rid of unwanted pests in your home or office.

The 100% Singaporean team has the local knowledge & expertise of common pest problems in homes and businesses. They keep their prices very affordable and are always ready to serve our customers as swiftly as possible.

Their team consists of experienced and dedicated pest control experts who have been in the field for more than 30 years. This means that they can effectively solve a wide range of pest issues and deliver results.

Protect Pest Control is the only company in Singapore that allows customers to purchase a pest control service directly from their eCommerce website.


Service Highlights


  • Over 30 years of Experience
  • 100% Local Experts
  • Focus on complete customer satisfaction
  • Free and thorough inspection
  • Safe for Children & Pets


Customer Reviews


Protect Pest Control has a perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews. Many customers complimented their friendly and efficient service while some highlighted their affordable prices.

One customer, Fai Senshi wrote, “Good service… they explain and inspect properly and show u the infected areas… good and cheap service.. 2 thumbs up!!!?? Will definitely recommend to others”


10. Greencare

Greencare's Homepage


Pest Control


Pest Control, Disinfection Service, Exclusion Services, Janitorial Cleaning & Maintenance, Lawn Treatment, Moisture Control, Odor Control, Restroom Care, Service Documentation, Staff Training


Enquire for more information



60 Albert Street
#08-02 OG Albert Complex
Singapore 189969


+65 6920 8656



Greencare is one of the leading pest control companies in Singapore. They also have other services to offer, such as cleaning services and lawn care treatments.

Their team of technicians are more than skilled when it comes to their work. With their help, your property is sure to become pest-free.


Service Highlights


  • Free quote available
  • Expert pest control technicians


PENTA PEST's Homepage

BEST FOR Comprehensive range of pest prevention, control & reactive Services
SCOPE OF SERVICES Residential Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control, Industrial Pest Control
PRICING Contact the company for a quote.
ADDRESS 31 Woodlands Close #04-02
Woodlands Horizon
Singapore 737855
CONTACT DETAILS 6483 1416 / 9058 7761 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS 24-hour emergency services

Penta Pest is an NEA-registered pest control Singapore company with a certified permit to handle hazardous substances. They have a team of dedicated, reliable, and highly-trained specialists.

The company’s specialists have a combination of more than 20 years of experience in the pest control industry.

Service Highlights

  • 24-hour emergency services
  • NEA-registered vector control operator licensed company (NEA201837308M)
  • Comprehensive range of pest prevention, control, and reactive services
  • Competitive rates
  • A team of dedicated, reliable, and highly trained specialists with over 20 years combined field expertise

Customer Reviews

Customers describe their service as meticulous and methodical, starting from a thorough inspection to customized treatments and follow-up treatments.

On Google Reviews, Corrine Oh wrote: “Penta Pest has very effective solutions on pest issues. I booked one for company apartment, they arrived within 3 hrs and get the job done effectively. After 13 days, no sign of recurrence.”


12. Pest Clinic

Pest Clinic's Homepage

Best For Pest control services for various industries
Scope of Services Pest Control, Termites Solution, and Disinfection Service
Price Depends on the Service
Address 3 Ubi Avenue 3,
#05-03A Singapore 408857
Contact Details [email protected] or 65 6397 5677
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday,
8.30am to 6.00pm.
Including public holidays.

With over 30 years of experience in this industry, PestClinic provides quality service at an affordable price. They have a wide array of services such as pest control, termites solution, and disinfection service good for both home and workplaces.

PestClinic utilises the latest pest control techniques and technology to practice the effective method of pest control. Moreover, they have highly trained personnel that has certified NEA to provide you the safe and effective in cleaning the pests.

All it takes is a call, and you won’t have to worry about the pests that might damage your property!


  • NEA Certified
  • Free Consultation
  • With over 30 years of experience

13. Anticimex

Anticimex's Homepage

Best For Prevention and Removal of Pests
Scope of Services
  • Anticimex Disinfection Solutions for Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Kindergartens, Shopping Malls, Childcare Centres, Residential Homes, Public Areas
  • General Pest Control for Individuals and Businesses
  • Garden Pest Control for Individuals and Businesses
  • SMART Pest Control for Individuals and Businesses
Price Contact for more information

3A International Business Park,

#11-01 [email protected],

Singapore 609935

Contact Details


Mobile: 93826363

[email protected]

[email protected]

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

We have all been taught that prevention is better than cure. Well, this is the mindset that Anticimex also adapts in all of their operations.

Anticimex is a renowned pest control and disinfection company that has endeavoured to create safe and healthy spaces for its clients since the time of its inception. The company is known to use new technology and sustainable solutions to accomplish such a feat.

When it comes to pest control, Anticimex uses Anticimex SMART, a non-toxic pest control solution that involves round the clock surveillance of the premises. By constantly monitoring and instantly reacting, it prevents costly infestations in an environmentally-friendly way. 

Meanwhile, the disinfectants Anticimex utilises are the same industrial grade, safety rated ones selected by governments worldwide for Emergency Disease Control and are listed in the biosecurity guides of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation.

Their disinfectant has a broad-spectrum, non-selective range of oxidation reactions which ensures they have achieved destruction of their target organisms, with studies showing kills to pathogens in seconds.

Anticimex Singapore offers quality services with value for money, get a quote and obtain expert advice on disinfection and pest-control services today.


  • Modern disinfectant and pest-control services
  • Worldwide choice
  • Thorough and smart solutions
  • Non-toxic and top-of-the-line equipment and products



BEST FOR Hi-tech & innovative pest management
SCOPE OF SERVICES Fumigation, Commercial & Residential Pest Control, Termite Management, Mosquito Control
PRICING Contact the company for a quote.
ADDRESS 22 New Industrial Road
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6432 8288
OPERATING HOURS 24 hour-availability 

PestBusters is a global pest management company founded in 1991. Their commitment to quality and performance has earned them various accolades including the People Developer Award and Singapore’s National Training Award.

Service Highlights

  • Growing international presence
  • Boasts high-profile clients in the hospitality industry
  • Innovative technology applications for integrated pest management solutions

Customer Reviews

Pestbusters has an almost perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews.

A couple of customers left feedback, but most left their reviews empty. One customer praised their professional appearance and left a 5-star rating.

15. Rapid Pest Control

BEST FOR Advanced rodent management techniques
ADDRESS 35 Selegie Road # 01-29B Parklane Shopping Mall (S) 188307 Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS +65 64557962, +65 83876903
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays and Saturdays: 9am–6pm

Rapid Pest Control uses the latest techniques in managing rodents, offering long-lasting solutions. Their trained technicians apply hygienic and eco-friendly methods, so there’s no need to worry about possible health risks.

They offer an integrated pest management program that features tailor-made solutions to meet clients’ needs.  Using the most suitable treatments will help solve the current problems as well as the potential issues in the future.

All services come with affordable rates and timely delivery. So, for those who are on a tight budget, they have the best rodent control in Singapore for you!

Their rodent control specialists serve the residential, industrial, and commercial sectors.


  • 24/7 support system
  • Effective spray and credible solutions
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment


  • Not open on Sundays

Customer Reviews

Rapid Pest Control may only have a few online reviews but they are mostly from impressed clients. Here’s one left by Jorgr Mov, a client of theirs:

Rapid Pest Control Pte Ltd is a trusted Pest control service provider company in Singapore. I’m highly impressed from its dedicated team and their services. Chemicals used by them are eco-friendly and odourless. I highly recommend them.

16. Aardwolf Pestkare

BEST FOR Comprehensive rodent monitoring method
ADDRESS 26 Third Lok Yang Road Singapore 628015
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6268-1771

Aardwolf Pestkare eliminates pests and ensures a hygienic environment through eco-friendly pest control programs. They design their own pest management program to meet the different needs of every property.

Their treatments start with an installation of a mini-video camera to monitor the entrance of the rodents. The recordings will help the technicians develop more suitable termination methods.

They’ll place traps, baits, and monitoring stations to get rid of the rodents. They’ll also eliminate burrows, rodent-proof gaps, and entry points to completely prevent them from entering the place again.

Aside from residential services, they’re also well-versed in local food safety and requirements. So, for those who are running a restaurant/eatery business, they have the best rodent control in Singapore!


  • Traditional treatments and digital technology
  • Food outlets and factories services
  • Pest control and prevention program


  • No outright rates available

Customer Reviews

Aardwolf has almost 200 reviews online and most of them are from happy and impressed clients. Here’s a review written by Siok King Lek, a recent satisfied client:

Sales staff was very helpful and patient. Even managed to calm my mum and ensure her that the issue could be fixed . Service staff was very polite and detailed. Very responsive to our questions and concerns when on site. They also paid attention to the safety of my old parents who were at home during 2nd follow up. Office staff also responded quickly to my request for a 3rd follow up during guarantee period. Overall, I will recommend d this company to my friends who need help.

17. Pest-Pro


General pest control, garden pest control, termite control disinfection services, pest control product sales



3A, #11-05 International Business Park Rd, [email protected], Singapore 609935


+65 6300 8385



Pest-Pro is yet another pest control expert that has high-tech solutions. Its pest solutions may be non-toxic and eco-friendly, but they’re still effective against bed bugs, mites, ants, cockroaches, bees and wasps, rats, and mice. 

Additionally, Pest-Pro Management is also equipped for the removal of wildlife animals like snakes and birds.

Those who want DIY pest solutions can also consult with and purchase pest control products from Pest-Pro. Its selection of products includes smart trap boxes, insect light traps, and metered sprays.

Additionally, Pest-Pro Management has disinfection services that keep healthcare and educational institutions, commercial spaces, and industrial grounds free from viruses and bacteria.

One of the best things we like about this pest management company is that it is available 24/7. So, if you ever have emergency exterminating needs in the early morning or late evening, you can consider Pest-Pro.

Despite this, we’ve still read reviews complaining about Pest-Pro’s poor service and slow response.


  • 24-hour response
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions
  • Disinfection services available
  • Pest control products for sale


  • Some complaints about poor communications
  • No access to stronger pesticides

Customer Reviews

Customers have praised Pest-Pro for its all-day availability and professionalism. Here are some of Pest-Pro’s reviews to tell you more:

“With innovation SMART system – 24/7 monitoring gives me a peace of mind!”—Li May Lim

“Good service and  show when professionalism in dealing with cases..”—SoonLoy Seow

18. Pest Control Islandwide Pte. Ltd.


Ants, bed bugs, bees, cockroaches, flies, mosquito, termites, rodent control, mould and fungi remediation


Contact for details



10 Anson Rd, International Plaza, Singapore 079903


+65 8118 1601



Pest Control Islandwide is an NEA-trained vector control company, so it can handle insects, birds, mammals, and reptiles invading your house. It even offers services for mould and fungi removal.

It can also handle any type of customer, whether from high-stakes food & beverage industries to simpler spaces like residential and commercial grounds. Pest Control Islandwide can thus handle long-term pest control requests as well as one-time removal services.

Aside from its NEA license and versatility, Pest Control Islandwide also takes pride in its 24/7 operations.

When it comes to residential spaces, Pest Control Islandwide uses water-based and non-staining solutions for pest control.

To ensure the effectiveness of its services, Pest Control also conducts follow up sessions until the infestation is gone. Clients need only call Pest Control Islandwide’s for appointments.

But do know that Pest Control Islandwide has received some complaints about its rude staff. Luckily, the company still values accountability and reaches out to correct mistakes.

Service Highlights

  • Handles all types of pests
  • Available for industrial, commercial, and residential spaces
  • Water-based solutions for residential pest control
  • 24/7 operation

Customer Reviews

Here are some of Pest Control Islandwide’s reviews to give you an idea of what clients appreciate the most about the pest control company.

“I called Pest Control Islandwide Pte Ltd. The Manager was so much more knowledgeable and can describe what his services will be. He came the following day and discovered hundreds of bed bugs in my masterbed room. He assisted with dismantling TWO bed frames (even though I supposed that’s not in the service description). He explained what he was going to do before proceeding with the service. So far after a few days (of this post), no bed bugs anymore! The Manager checks in via WhatsApp on how is the condition of the house. Great job!”—Bryan Chung

“Strongly recommended for cost effective pest buster solutions! One of my clients had a bad termite infestation in her entire condo unit. Called on over 8 companies for quotation and assessment, PSI stands out not only on prices but the professionalism in reporting, educating myself and my client on the options as well as processes in busting the termites.”—Benjamin Sng


At any rate, that’s it for our top pest control Singapore providers. Do you think this should have been a “top 19” list and we missed a great pest control provider in our roundup?

If so, leave us a note about it in the comments so we can check the company out! You can also check out our list of the top cleaning services in Singapore if you need help sorting out the mess your pest infestation left behind.