Our Top 6 Picks For The Best Japanese Buffet In Singapore

Best Japanese Buffet

By Jasmine Wee

We’ve already done a list of the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore, of course. But we know that might not be enough for those whose appetites for Japanese cuisine is truly bottomless.

Those who’d be more interested in the best Japanese buffet in Singapore, in other words.

So, we went on another restaurant hunt and dug up the best places offering quality Japanese food at a great price on the island. You’d be surprised how many great places we found — we certainly were!

But at the end of the day, it came down to the 6 buffets below. So to see the restaurants vying for the title of the best Japanese buffet in Singapore, read on!

1. Tenkaichi

Tenkaichi's Dish

BEST FOR: Premium quality and affordable buffet dining


WEBSITE: https://tenkaichi.com.sg/

ADDRESS: https://tenkaichi.com.sg/contact/

CONTACT DETAILS: https://tenkaichi.com.sg/contact/

OPERATING HOURS: https://tenkaichi.com.sg/contact/

Beef lovers, get ready to be amazed by the delights of Tenkaichi! The place is an award-winning restaurant that features Japanese Wagyu Beef Yakiniku as the highlight of their menu.

You can explore a variety of beef selections and cuts from Japan and other countries. Despite being in a buffet setting, they still offer a la carte dishes if you want a solo serving too.


  • Different serving options
  • Venue for corporate events and private gatherings
  • Deluxe and premium buffet


With Tenkaichi’s years of experience in the industry, they have been dubbed one of the top options for those who want to try the best Japanese buffet in Singapore. Loyal customers say even their a la carte meals arrive quickly, so the place isn’t just for pure buffet dining.

Jing Wen Ong commended the staff service and shared the experience on Google Reviews:

“Nice buffet at 1 for 1 deal! We ordered the deluxe buffet. I think it will be better for the premium one, but slightly more expensive. Love the free flow Ben and Jerry ice cream too! All the staff are also fast, efficient and friendly. Worth trying.”

2. Shin Minori

Shin Minori's Sushi Plate

BEST FOR: Broad buffet menu and casual dining experience


WEBSITE: http://shinminori.com.sg/

ADDRESS: http://shinminori.com.sg/contact-us/

CONTACT DETAILS: http://shinminori.com.sg/contact-us/

OPERATING HOURS: http://shinminori.com.sg/contact-us/

Shin Minori which means New Harvest, has been living up to its name for years. The chefs consistently come up with new dishes for an always-interesting, always-creative buffet menu.

For the gourmet food lovers craving something new, this is the place to be! They have a large range of traditional Japanese dishes, including sashimi, sushi, temaki, teppanyaki, tempura, and other well-crafted delicacies that will satisfy even the most finicky Japanese cuisine lovers.

This diversity is the reason it can also be the perfect choice for those who are just starting to explore Japanese cuisine. Either way, it’s definitely worthy of being called one of the top candidates for the title of best Japanese buffet in Singapore.


  • Discounted menu prices
  • Innovative buffet menu
  • Free charges for children below 5 years old
  • Online delivery and takeaway


Aside from Shin Minori’s main course meals, they also serve high-quality beverages such as sake and shochu, and these are big hits with patrons. They’re also praised for providing private rooms for special celebrations and gatherings as well as commendable customer service.

Carlos Barnes praised the menu and servings of the restaurant with this feedback on Google Reviews:

“One of the best Japanese buffet a la card in Singapore. I like this branch much more because tables are much bigger. Quality of sashimi is great and unlimited. No timing. Staff is very nice and friendly. For lunch no need reservations. I strongly recommend this place.”

3. Kuishin Bo

Kuishin Bo's Japanese Dishes

BEST FOR: Authentic and traditional Japanese cuisine


WEBSITE: https://www.kuishinbo.com.sg/

ADDRESS: https://www.kuishinbo.com.sg/?section=15

CONTACT DETAILS: +65-6341-9200

OPERATING HOURS: Lunch at 11.30am-3.00pm daily (last round 2.30pm) / Dinner at 5.30pm-10.00pm daily (last round 9.30pm)

Kuishin Bo is the ideal place for festive celebrations because they have the complete range of dishes most would expect from the best Japanese buffet in Singapore.

They have more than 100 food selections on their buffet setting, so you can choose and try many dishes as much as you want.

From the top favourites such as tempura, oden, and udon, up to the cheesecake and chocolate fountain desserts, they truly have it all!


  • Fun and trendy setting
  • Online reservations
  • Special promotions


Kuishin Bo is also famous for its one-of-a-kind “special food items” announcement, which is catchy enough for the whole family to sing along to. Patrons say this is the best Japanese buffet in Singapore for a fun, relaxed experience.

Constance Goh complimented the overall service of the restaurant and wrote this review on Google Reviews:

“Amazing food with super friendly n attentive kitchen and service staff. Food gets topped up fairly quickly. Wide varieties from appetizers to mains and desserts with special premium food items being served at certain time. Our table was served by a friendly staff, Aunty Liew. Special thanks to Manager Kim Aii Too who arranged a special Birthday cake for our Son. She was extremely Service oriented too, coming by frequently to chat with us and checking on us! I would highly recommend this restaurant for its affordable buffet. It is open for lunch and dinner.”

4. Kushi Dining

Kushi Dining's Bento Meal

BEST FOR: Organic and original Japanese food concept


WEBSITE: http://kushidining.sg/

ADDRESS: http://kushidining.sg/contact/

CONTACT DETAILS: http://kushidining.sg/contact/

OPERATING HOURS: http://kushidining.sg/contact/

Kushi Dining, a family-owned restaurant, has been serving both locals and tourists for more than a decade. Therefore, many are now acquainted with one of the best Japanese buffets in Singapore.

Satisfied customers have praised their menu for representing the briny, umami taste of the ocean in each dish. This must be because of their organic ingredients, which are sourced from a renowned fish market in Japan.

If you come here, be sure to try their signature dishes, which include the famous lobster soup.


  • Combo sets for lunch and dinner
  • Original dishes
  • Private functions


The growing success of Kushi Dining can be seen in their two successfully launched branches. The different meals and large servings on their menu have captivated the tastes and preferences of many customers, who state that Kushi offers some of the most authentic Japanese food in the country.

Seth Lui featured the restaurant on the blog and stated:

“Expect to indulge in decadent and all the more delicious selection of their cooked food; wagyu beef cubes, lobster porridge, salmon head, tataki and many more. Their sashimi is really fresh and juicy as well, featuring premium thick cuts of salmon belly, swordfish, tuna, tako, amaebi and more. If you are looking for a high quality Japanese buffet, Kushi is the place to be at.”

5. Mitsuba

Mitsuba's Dishes

BEST FOR: Affordable but quality Japanese cuisine


WEBSITE: https://www.mitsuba.com.sg/

ADDRESS: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-88 The Central Singapore 059817


OPERATING HOURS: Monday to Thursday (unless it’s a public holiday) @ 11.30am – 3.00pm (last order: 2.20pm) & 6.00pm – 10.00pm (last order: 9.20pm) / Friday to Sunday (and public holidays or eves of public holidays) @ 11.30am – 3.00pm (last order: 2.20pm) & 5.30pm – 7.55pm (last order: 7.20pm) & 8.00pm – 10.30pm (last order: 9.50pm)

Mitsuba may not be the oldest Japanese restaurant, but they can compete with many of their rivals because of the exceptional quality and value of their dishes. Their achievements began by serving high-quality but low-cost traditional meals.

As the business expanded, they grew in popularity and are now known for their thick-cut sashimi and sushi. Apart from these, invigorating drinks and desserts are also part of their menu highlights.


  • Buffet and a la carte menus
  • Special buffet promotions
  • Online food delivery


For easier dining, customers love that they can order Mitsuba’s dishes online and have them delivered directly to their place. Also, their promotions have drawn a lot of approbation from customers due to their highly-discounted buffet prices.

Bassoon Lim recommended the food, service, and price and expressed these thoughts on Google Reviews:

“Food: Despite being a buffet, their food standard is really high! Very satisfied with the taste of most of the dishes.

Service: Excellent. Very prompt and very regular at plate clearing, especially with the high volumes of plates being used to serve the dishes.

Price: Great value, I’ve paid more for worse quality and this goes way beyond that.

Ambience: Warm and inviting. Japanese traditional design.” 

6. Himawari

Himawari's Bento Meal

BEST FOR: Different Japanese bento selections


WEBSITE: https://www.himawari.com.sg/en_SG

ADDRESS: 991B Alexandra Road, #01-08/09, Singapore, 119970


OPERATING HOURS: Daily, 11:30am–2:30pm, 5:30–9:30pm

The unique thing about Himawari’s buffet setting is that the menu divided into many main categories. This makes it more convenient for you to choose what your preferred dish is.

These sections include party platter, side dishes, bento, rice bowls, maki, sashimi, sushi, and even rice. Each category has plenty of food selections that will surely make an enjoyable dining experience.

They also offer online food ordering if you are tired from a long day of work and you just want to eat at home, relax and rest.


  • Daily bento delivery
  • Wide range of menu categories
  • Online food shop


Customers find Himawari’s menu selections to be very diverse as well as authentic. These characteristics have captured the hearts of many patrons and kept them coming back to try more dishes at the buffet.

Gregory Athanasius left this 5 star rated feedback on Google Reviews:

“Himawari’s  Japanese ala-carte & buffet with over a variety of different dishes which includes shabu shabu has gain awards and recommendations from local media. During weekends and dinner time could be very crowded. In term of service: waitress & waiter courteous and helpful.”

And there you go — the shoo-ins for the title of best Japanese buffet in Singapore!

Next time you try one of these, tell us what the experience was like afterwards. Let us know what dishes you liked best, for instance, and which ones you liked least.

And if you need still more buffets to sate that impressive appetite, well, give our other buffet lineups a try. We’ve done a list of the best buffets in Singapore, for example, so you can try a wide range of cuisines at those spots!

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