Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore

The 8 Best Indian Restaurants in Singapore for an Indian Food Trip

Hankering for some scalding-hot, fascinatingly-spiced, and absolutely authentic Indian cuisine? Luckily for you, you don’t have to travel to India just to get it — as you’ll see in our lineup of the best Indian restaurants in Singapore.

We picked these restaurants due to the consistency of their dishes and service, as well as the appeal of their establishments, physically-speaking.

Now, it’s time for you to enjoy our research by trying them out… so let’s take a look at our picks for the best Indian restaurants in Singapore!

1. Komala Vilas 

Komala Vilas' Dish

BEST FOR: Authentic Casual Vegetarian Indian Cuisine



ADDRESS: 82 Serangoon Road, Singapore 217981

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 62943294

OPERATING HOURS: 11am-09:00pm (Mon-Sat)  11am-7pm on Sundays

The Indian cuisine at Komal Vilas has all the richness of spice you’ve been looking for. Whether it is the colour, taste, aroma or flavour, you will be impressed by how each dish represents true Indian cooking.

Being one of the oldest restaurants in Singapore, they have been consistently serving customers for years. Through that time, they have stuck to their principles of authenticity and freshness in cuisine.

Also worth mentioning is their use of freshly cut banana leaves for serving food. It’s a simple yet interesting food presentation technique really highlights traditional Indian dining culture.

Service Highlights

  • Classic and traditional food presentation
  • Affordable menu prices
  • Catering services for special events

Customer Reviews

The family-owned restaurant, Komala Vilas, is greatly loved by both locals and tourists. It has been receiving praise from customers for years for the quality of its food.

Vegetarians also commend it for offering them healthy Indian dishes. Milan Zatakia wrote this feedback on Google Reviews:

“Outstanding and authentic south Indian cuisine in a no frills ambience. Focus is on nice clean wholesome awesome tasty and lip smacking food that tickles the tastebuds with extreme joy. A not to miss experience. This reviewer has eaten here since 1972.  47 years of infinite joy !!!!”

2. Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill's Dish

BEST FOR: Royal Indian fine dining



ADDRESS: B1-01A, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, South Podium, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972


OPERATING HOURS: Lunch @ 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM / Dinner @ 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Punjab Grill belongs to those Indian restaurants that serves the most compelling food concepts you’ll ever see even while staying true to certain tastes (in this case, classic Indian ones). Aside from their dishes’ delightful visuals, the taste and flavours will not disappoint you.

The overall interiors will also let you experience a significant era in India and introduce you to their royalty while exploring their cuisine. For those who want to have exclusive gatherings, they also have a private dining area with a charming kitchen view.

Service Highlights

  • Sophisticated and elegant ambience
  • Vegetarian menu and special promotions
  • Majestic view of wine cellar

Customer Reviews

Punjab Grill’s fancy interiors and 10-course menu have won awards from institutions as well as praise from diners. They have never failed to give a remarkable impression to both of their loyal customers and first-time visitors.

Pratima Nagaraj left a 5-star review on Google Reviews:

“This restaurant never disappoints me!! I’ve been to other Punjab Grills in India but this one in Singapore has the best quality and their food tastes delicious. Love the ambience too. A little too pricey but you won’t mind paying for the quality. Great place to dine out on a special occasion.”

3. Kebabs and Curries 

Kebabs and Curries's Dish

BEST FOR: Casual Indian cuisine



ADDRESS: Mustafa Centre, 171 Syed Alwi Rd, #07-00, Singapore 207704

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 6419 0749

OPERATING HOURS: Daily, 11am–12:30am

Located at an exclusive 5-star hotel, Kebabs and Curries features friendly service and heartwarming dishes that make their customers feel cosy and comfortable.

Coming from the restaurant’s name, the main highlights of the menu are the enticing kebabs and curries. Due to the alluring interior design, the place looks spacious, with the outside view dominated by a refreshingly green environment.

Service Highlights

  • Budget-friendly menu and services
  • Online ordering services
  • Outdoor catering services

Customer Reviews

The nature-friendly ambience of Kebabs and Curries will let you enjoy the beauty of Indian cuisine while having some good conversations with your family and friends.

Here’s some positive feedback from Bina on Google Reviews:

“This rooftop restaurant at Mustafa Center has great food, nice seating and reasonably priced. We ordered some kebabs and some curries literally what this restaurant is about 🙂 and they were delicious. We asked for keeping the food mild and the food was exactly how we wanted it. Will highly recommend and will definitely go back.”

4. Chat Masala

Chat Masala's Dish

BEST FOR: Authentic Fiery Indian Cuisine



ADDRESS: 158 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455254


OPERATING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday and Public Holidays,12pm – 2pm / 6.30pm – 10pm (Monday closed unless Public Holiday)

Chat Masala engages your appetite with its invigoratingly hot and spicy dishes.

If you are a spicy food lover, then you will have a great time with their courses. They bring out a different side of Indian cuisine that focuses on the exciting and fiery taste of traditional dishes.

If you are wondering if this place will suit your taste buds because you are a vegetarian or a non-spicy food lover, though, don’t worry. They have a wide range of milder options for you.

Service Highlights

  • Intense spiciness
  • Perfect combination of colour and flavour
  • Friendly accommodations

Customer Reviews

Customers are highly satisfied with the diversity in their menus. The restaurant interior might be simple but their extraordinary meals will definitely amuse you, say customers.

Fae O’Neill wrote these compliments for them in a Google Review:

“Enjoyed the food immensely.  Have eaten there 3 times already and the standard has been the same.  We were served by the Lady Boss who incidentally doubles up as the chef on occasion.  One dish I found pretty spicy was the fried brinjal.  Lucky I had ordered lassie. The Briyani was excellent as was all the dishes we tried.  The prices maybe a little steep but the service and the food quality more than make up for it.”

5. Song of India

Song of India's Dish

BEST FOR: Contemporary Indian cuisine



ADDRESS: 33 Scotts Road Singapore 228226

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 6836 0055

OPERATING HOURS: Lunch @ 12.00PM – 3.00PM / Dinner @ 6.00PM – 11.00PM (Open 7 days a week)

Song of India boasts delicious treats and innovative desserts from Singapore’s best Indian chef and is known for its modern food style.

Their menu includes a la carte, full course set, buffet, wine list, vegetarian dishes, desserts, and more. The restaurant has decorative interiors and a green environment for a sophisticated and serene ambience.

They also have different dining halls, which can serve as venues for various events. If you’re on a food adventure and want to experience a very dynamic setting, then you should include this in your checklist.

Service Highlights

  • Classic dining hall
  • Luxurious fine dining cuisine
  • Art painting shop
  • Weekly promotions

Customer Reviews

Customers love the food and ambience at this restaurance. Rajiv Shah shared his own experience on Zomato:

“Decided to Song of India as I had heard good things about it. Got a reservation for 10p, which turned out to be close to end of service (10.15 closing time). But they were very accommodating as we were working with them to potentially be there around 9.30pm. The staff was very friendly and helped us have a great experience in the end.

 We ordered vegetarian platter to start with, followed by Palak Paneer, Dal Makhani & Chana. Every dish was outstanding, especially the Dal Makhani & Palak Paneer. But the standout for me was their Roomali Roti (very hard to find in Singapore). It was a great dining experience overall. The drinks we ordered were also very good. 

I will definitely come back to Song of India, potentially even with guests & clients.”

6. Kailash Parbat

Kailash Parbat's Dishes

BEST FOR: Authentic and creative Indian cuisine






Kailash Parbat has been open since the 1950s, proving that they have established their brand and gained the trust of Singaporeans, Indians, and tourists on the island.

Their menu is filled with different dining styles such as their original dishes, lunch specials, executive menu, house specials, starters, main courses, bento box options, and desserts.

The restaurant also has a chic and modern setting decorated with classic paintings.

Service Highlights

  • Signature dishes
  • Exclusive menu offers
  • Online catering order services

Customer Reviews

From delicacies to setting and services, Kailash Parbat is considered as a top brand in the food industry, with patrons saying its fame is merited. Here’s a review from Zomato:

“A Singapore Little India adventure will never be completed without visiting Kailash Parbat. I am indeed a fan of Indian cuisine and their food never failed me! I am happy I was able to try this restaurant because I super enjoyed my experience. I love their Naan together with their Paneer Butter Masala. Super worth it! A must try!”

7. Tandoor

Tandoor's Dish

BEST FOR: Traditional Indian cuisine




CONTACT DETAILS: +65 6733 8333

OPERATING HOURS: Lunch from 12 noon to 2.30pm, Dinner from 7pm to 10:30pm

Tandoor is known for its carefully-crafted dishes made with traditional recipes from India.

Each delicacy has the influence of different cultures from regions across the country. This diversity is the prime treasure of this restaurant.

You can also have some engaging conversations with the staff as they recall the beautiful history behind each dish. Whether for business or personal purposes, Tandoor would always be a great choice.

Service Highlights

  • Vintage Indian architecture
  • Stunning wedding venue
  • Gourmet dinner

Customer Reviews

Tandoor offers amazingly authentic Indian cuisine, say customers. Stefano Malachi left this high-rated feedback on Google Reviews:

 “Best Indian Restaurant at Orchard Singapore 

Since 1985 Tandoor an award-winning Indian restaurant in Singapore has offered a carefully handcrafted dish using classic recipes and time-honoured methods which date back in time across India’s rich history. The beautiful interior design has a story behind it, Full-length windows give diners an intimate view of the kitchen where two custom-made copper tandoors (or clay ovens) stand. From the dining hall, you will be able to see our chefs at work, from making Indian breads to preparing kebabs of tandoori meats and vegetables that are served fresh to your table, presents an inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy good food and great conversations with family, friends and clients alike.”

8. Muthu’s Curry

Muthu's Curry

BEST FOR: Traditional and innovative Indian cuisine



ADDRESS: 3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-109/177 Suntec City Mall

CONTACT DETAILS: 6835 7707 / [email protected]

OPERATING HOURS: Lunch: 11.30AM to 3.00PM / Dinner: 6.00PM to 10.00PM

The Indian recipes of Muthu’s Curry have been passed on through generations. This is how they are able to maintain the genuine taste of traditional Indian cuisine.

They take pleasure in their signature dish, Fish Head Curry, which was created by the establishment’s founder. Their dishes are acknowledged for their savoury flavors and textures.

Service Highlights

  • Affordable menu packages
  • Indoor and outdoor buffet menu
  • Friendly ambience

Customer Reviews

Muthu’s Curry serves mouth-watering seafood, fresh meats, and organic spices. Their success goes beyond their main highlights, as they regularly add new dishes to their menu, which customers find exciting.

In a review from Yelp, Jason expressed his thoughts about the restaurant: 

“Never had Fish Head Curry a day in my life but came here to try it and it was amazing! The restaurant was nicely designed and had a great staff and of course a great menu. Would be ideal for a date, business meeting, or just an outing. The naan was good as was the Indian Chai. I will be returning to try more things.”

And with that, we wrap up our list of the best Indian restaurants in Singapore. Remember, the best way to learn about a certain culture is to explore their native cuisines so make sure to visit these top restaurants and have fun sampling as many things as possible!

Oh, and if you want to try other cuisines of the world right on the island, check out our other lists for foodies. For example, we have a roundup of the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore and one for the best Thai restaurants in Singapore too!

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