Best Seafood Restaurants in Singapore

6 Best Seafood Restaurants in Singapore: Freshest of 2021!

For all the foodies out there who are in search of innovative and refreshing seafood dishes, you’ll absolutely love our selected best seafood restaurants in Singapore! We’ve got you fusion cuisines, signature dishes, pleasant ambience, and even affordable menu pricing!

Whether you prefer traditional and organic dishes or local meals with a modern twist, our list of the best seafood restaurants in Singapore has everything you’ve been looking for! So get ready for your most awaited food trip with our top picks listed below!

1.  Pince and Pints

Pince and Pints' Seafood

BEST FOR  Live lobster dishes
ADDRESS 33 Duxton Road Singapore 089496
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6225 7558
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri : 12pm – 2.30pm & 5.30pm – 11pm


Sat & PH : 12pm – 11pm (All Day)

Open on Public Holidays

Closed on Sundays

Last Order for Kitchen 9.30pm

Those looking for a live seafood restaurant in Singapore will be in for a treat at Pince and Pints, where lobsters are as fresh as can be.

If you’re a fan of lobster dishes, Pince and Pints serves various styles and flavours of lobster! They also take pride in their meaty chilli crab dishes, so this is one seafood restaurant in Singapore that will make you feel as though you’re dining by the seaside!

This award-winning restaurant prepares live whole lobster, lobster roll, lobster noodle, Cantonese style lobster, and even lobster mac & cheese! They also have live oysters, whole grilled crab, prawns, and fried calamari.

Without a doubt, ifyou’re a lobster lover, this is the best seafood restaurant in Singapore for you.

If your friends prefer to have courses other than seafood, then they can also enjoy some steak, soy chicken wings, potato fries, and more!


  • Local, Cantonese, and Western cuisine
  • Live mud crabs
  • Private events services

Customer Reviews

Pince and Pints has become one of the best seafood restaurants in Singapore because of their satisfying meal options. Customers said that their seafood dishes feature a pure taste that’s now rarely found in most restaurants.

A customer wrote this review:

“Nice steamed and grilled lobsters! Fresh n especially tasty w the butter sauce! Steamed lobster meat was softer but the grilled lobster was more tasty. Prices were a tad high but service staff was very responsive and helpful!”


2.  Jumbo Seafood

Jumbo Seafood

BEST FOR  Signature crab dishes
ADDRESS Locations

Chilli crabs are what Singapore seafood is known for and if you want to make sure that you get the best crabs in Singapore, Jumbo is the way to go. 

Jumbo Seafood is known for their signature chilli crab and black pepper crab recipes! The local and fresh seafood used in each dish is what makes their menu special.

You must also try their prawn dishes, live crab styles, live fish meals, and many more! For the vegetarians, vegan dishes are also included on their menu. 

Overall, Jumbo is a popular go-to for good Chinese seafood restaurant in Singapore.


  • Seafood bento box meals
  • Special seasonal dishes

Customer Reviews

Through the festive meals filled with mouth-watering local seafood, Jumbo Seafood was able to capture the interest of Singaporeans and tourists as well. Since it’s located near the riverside, customers also said that they were able to enjoy the seafood more.

This is why many consider them to be the best seafood restaurant in Singapore! Here’s feedback posted by one of their customers:

“Amazing Crabs. Went there twice. A must try in Singapore. You better go there early in order to be able to order crabs especially Alaskan Crabs which sell fast. We loved the Black Pepper Specialty more than the Chili/Spicy Specialty, but both are tasteful. Contact Cassie “The Lovely Lady Manager” and she shall help you for sure.”


3.  The Boiler

The Boiler's Seafood

BEST FOR  Seafood dishes with a variety of fusion sauces
ADDRESS Locations

If you’re very particular with sauces used on seafood dishes, then The Boiler might be the best seafood restaurant in Singapore for you! They create strong bold sauces that feature a mix of local and western spices, giving you fresh and tasty seafood dishes!

They serve premium and specialty seafood sets including seasonal crab, lobsters, prawns, and clams — you can even choose your preferred sauce! Seafood in Singapore is almost always fresh so you know that you will enjoy almost all their seafood dishes here. Aside from their fusion spices, they also offer a cosy dining experience with great music selections!

Overall, if you want a good seafood restaurant in Singapore where you can have fresh seafood cooked in both local and Western style along with great ambience, The Boiler is the place to go. 


  • Asian and American cuisine
  • Seasonal seafood
  • Personal choice of sauce

Customer Reviews

Customers liked the mixture of sauces and the freshly prepared seafood meals. A customer shared this experience:

“Wonderful seafood south western style.  The seafood are freshly boiled with light seasoning.

All tasty and super fresh.  Price wise is more worth it for getting a big bag to share.  A nice promotion on your birthday month u get a free lobster!  Delicious!”


4.  Uncle Leong Seafood

Uncle Leong Seafood

BEST FOR  Signature sauce and toppings mixtures
ADDRESS Locations

If you want the best seafood in Singapore that’s also affordable yet fresh and flavourful, you should visit Uncle Leong Seafood! They offer large chilli crabs filled with signature sauces and sprinkles of oat!

This combination of flavours is the reason they’re known to be the best seafood restaurant in Singapore. Moreover, they also have other styles of crab dishes, abalone soups, fish dishes, and prawn dishes as well as meat and vegetable meals.

There are plenty of seafood restaurants in Singapore but Uncle Leong makes the best crustacean dishes, in our humble opinion. 


  • Chilli crab with oats
  • Set menu selections
  • Affordable menu prices

Customer Reviews

Many customers loved the unique combination of tastes and the wide range of menu specials. Plenty of them consider Uncle Leong’s one of the more reliable Singapore seafood restaurants. A customer left this review:

“Every single thing that we had at our table was so damn delicious. Must order fried seafood tofu, crab beehoon and the special seafood horfun.”


5.  Majestic Bay

Majestic Bay's Seafood

BEST FOR  Homemade seafood sauces
ADDRESS 18 Marina Gardens Drive #01-10 Singapore 018953
OPERATING HOURS Lunch (Mon–Fri) 11:30am – 4:00pm


Last order 3.30pm

Dinner Closed

Majestic Bay features homemade chilli crab and lobster dishes combined with Chinese noodles. You’ll also enjoy the wonderful waterfront view as you savour their signature seafood dishes!

They also have sea prawns, live fish, and scallops as well as vegan and meaty dishes. With this range, this place can truly be the best seafood restaurant in Singapore for you. 

It’s worth noting that they make whole fish dishes really well so those looking for a fish restaurant in Singapore should bear this in mind. It’s one of the best seafood places in Singapore for whole fish dishes shared with the family. 


  • Chinese cuisine
  • Ship Deck style restaurant

Customer Reviews

Most customers said that they had a good time at Majestic Bay. They mentioned the scenic view outdoors and the delicious homemade meals.

Many comments mention that they are a nice seafood restaurant in Singapore for reunions and family events. 

A customer wrote this feedback:

“It is not as expensive as we think. Very near, it is in front of the exit of forest dome. Food has good quality. Friendly staffs. Pan-seared Signature Chilli Crab Meat Buns is very delicious (If you don’t have much money but want to try chilli crab, you should taste this menu). Roast duck is crispy and tasty, my 6 years old son really like it. Fry rice is OK and they give a lot.  Everything is more than we expect. Give 5 stars.”


6. Orchid Live Seafood

BEST FOR Signature lobster porridge
ADDRESS 2 Yishun Walk #03-01 S767944


16 Jalan Kelulut S809033

CONTACT DETAILS Tel: 6756 0311
Tel: 6484 2495
OPERATING HOURS 11am – 2.30pm (last order at 2pm)
5pm – 10pm (last order at 9pm)

Orchid Live Seafood is the place to be if you’re looking for the best seafood restaurant in Singapore! Their lobster porridge and cold crab are definitely a must-try if it’s your first time.

Aside from these two, you can also get other seafood dishes and vegetable-based food. Nevertheless, you can rely on Orchid Live Seafood to provide you with only the best quality of ingredients cooked to perfection.

Special Set Menus are available to acquire if you’re with a date or with family for bigger discounts. If you’re in search of a seafood dinner in Singapore, Orchid Live is definitely one to consider. 


  • Fresh seafood
  • Signature dishes
  • Wide range of cuisine

Customer Reviews

Receiving a high rating from their customers, Orchid Live Seafood is loved for their interesting flavours and dishes that will surely make your mouth water. The star quality of food preparation and delivery is also mentioned by many.

Here’s feedback from their Google Review:

“The lobster porridge and Steven chicken is ever so good and the prawns and soon hock were steamed perfectly. The only dish doesn’t see it stands out is the smoked duck. Otherwise, everything was good and their service seems to have improved quite a bit. Especially with the lobster porridge, they will serve the customers when they notice that the customers bowls are empty.

Great place to bring families to.”


And that’s the end of our list of the best seafood restaurants in Singapore! Did we miss out on other local favourites? Feel free to share your recommendations with us if so.

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