Best Dog Cafes in Singapore
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The 4 Best Dog Cafes in Singapore

Do you want to treat your dog to someplace where both of you can have fun? Then you should visit the best dog cafe in Singapore!

Dog cafes have become a hot place for many dog lovers because these cafes allow them to bring their pet dogs while dining out. If you want to spend a day off with your dogs, going to a dog cafe would be a blast!

That’s why we’ve gathered the best dog cafes in Singapore that offer a fantastic dining experience, pleasant ambience, and affordable menu prices! Here, take a look:

1.  We are the Furballs

We are the Furballs' Dog Cafe
Image Source: PerroPet
BEST FOR  Large spaces, lovely ambience
WEBSITE Facebook
ADDRESS #07-07, Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, Singapore 188067
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6509 1186
OPERATING HOURS Sunday to Thursday: 1–10pm
Friday and Saturday: 12:30–10:30pm

We are the Furballs is not only the first dog cafe on the island, but they’re also one of the local favourites and most-recommended tourist spots. This is because of their spacious playhouse and comfortable environment where you can relax and have a good time with your pet and other dogs as well.

Dog treats are also available, so you can do some little dog tricks and make your furkids happy. Just keep in mind that only people 10 years old and above are allowed in the cafe.


  • Dog treats

Customer Reviews

Many customers have recommended We are the Furballs because of the friendly dogs, accommodating staff, and great ambience. These are the reasons they’re one of the best dog cafes in Singapore.

A customer left this feedback on Google Reviews:

“Definitely a must when you visit Singapore! The dogs were all very friendly and active, and the staff was also very nice and showed you around and what not to do. Dog treats can be bought separately, but is definitely recommend since most dogs only come to you when you have treats. They can do a lot of tricks like sit, lay down, roll, paw and high five. A lot of dogs also lay down on you or lick you in order to get attention and treats. Overall a very positive experience, I’d definitely visit again.”


2. I.N.U Cafe and Boutique

I.N.U Cafe and Boutique's Dog Cafe
Image Source: I.N.U Cafe and Boutique
BEST FOR  Premium and naturally-sourced dog care products
ADDRESS 530 Balestier Rd, #01-06/07 Monville Mansions, Singapore 329857
CONTACT DETAILS +65 8189 8092
OPERATING HOURS Daily, 12–10pm

Aside from having fun activities with your dogs, you can also get them the finest dog care products at I.N.U Cafe and Boutique. They have naturally-sourced treats such as nutritional foods, supplements, shampoos, and more!

Their products come from famous brands, giving you healthier options for your dog’s wellness. They also have special promotions for more affordable selections.


  • Free delivery
  • Special promotions

Customer Reviews

Customers were very impressed with the quality products and friendly staff of I.N.U Cafe and Boutique which is why many have known to be the best dog cafe in Singapore. A customer from Google Reviews posted this feedback:

“A really active dog cafe. I have been to cafes that hardly have any dogs but this place is where all dog lovers unite with their pets. They even have a store next to it to spoil your dogs. The store owner is a very honest business owner who will advise you otherwise if she feels that the product is not suited for your furry child. Do reserve a table if you are planning to go on a weekend.”


3. Sun Ray Cafe

BEST FOR  Hand-made Coffee
ADDRESS 79 and 81 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Gardens Estate, Singapore 559218
CONTACT DETAILS  +65 6283 8700
Tuesday – Sunday: 9.30 am – 10.00 pm
Public Holidays: 9.30 am to 10.00 pm

Sun Ray Café is a cozy shop for you to dine with your furry friends. They offer mouth-watering food and beverages that you’ll surely love to indulge in while chilling. They also sell snacks for your pets so you can both eat together and experience great quality meals at a very affordable price.

The shops is known in all of Singapore, established to be a multi-award winning café. Trying each and every one of their delicacies is a must– you’ll be wowed by it’s great taste. Once you start going to Sun Ray Café, you can never find another pet-friendly shop that can give you better service.


  • Big Food Portions
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Lovely Ambience
  • Affordable Prices

Customer Reviews

Sun Ray is known to be passionate about their food and service, each client served with the utmost care and their furry friends, with love and respect! This is what most of their clients commend them for– you’ll be surprised with how amazing their shop can be.

“Great place to chill with your friends. Ordered their 5 scoops of ice cream and their portion was quite big. Totally worth it! Ice cream was creamy and rich in flavour. Service was great as well. Highly recommended. :)”


4. US Dog Bakery

BEST FOR  Dog Treats / Food
ADDRESS 23 Serangoon Central, #04-03 Singapore 556083
1 Harbour Front Walk, #03-03 Singapore 098585
CONTACT DETAILS  +65 6634 02911 / +65 6904 0390 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Sunday 1:00pm – 7:00pm

For over 10 years, US Dog Bakery has been keeping dogs healthy and happy by providing them with many yummy, wholesome treats. As the first dog bakery in Singapore to be licensed by AVA, you can be sure that their ingredients are doggie diet friendly.

They submit all of their menu items, from ingredients, cooking process, to the finished products to their board of vets and dog nutritionists. This is to ensure that their baked pastries remain safe to eat for our furry friends.

Besides offering various treats for dogs, the US Dog Bakery goes the extra mile by educating dog owners about the differences between human and dog diets. If you ever need a helping hand in taking care of your furry friend, visit the US Dog Bakery and get your dog a treat!


  • Doggie Diet Recipes
  • 100% Committed to using only Fresh, Human-Grade Ingredients

Customer Reviews

Here is a review left by a very satisfied client:

“My Yoshi simply love all the wonderful freshly made treats here! All your treats cheers him up during all occassions. And Thank you for offering us a free cake, knowing that Yoshi was very ill. It made his day. One year on, Yoshi has fully recovered and enjoying all your delightful savoury items.” – Jesseline Yeo 


And that’s the end of our list of the best dog cafes in Singapore! Have you already visited at least one place from our picks? If so, then share your experience with us and our other dog-loving readers.

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