The Top 16 Places to Volunteer in Singapore

Are you looking for a good way to contribute to the community? You may be interested in today’s roundup, then, which is about the best places to volunteer in Singapore.

The non-profits we’ve found all have worthy causes. But what sets the ones in this lineup apart from the rest is the excellence of their organisation, the proven impact of their efforts, and their willingness to welcome and teach new members how to contribute.

But you can see that for yourself if you join any of them. So we won’t waste any more of your time and take you through the best centres or places to volunteer in Singapore.

1. Very Special Arts Singapore

*Photo from A Very Special Arts’ Facebook page

For over 25 years, Very Special Arts Singapore has run workshops and art fairs for the differently-abled and adults with special needs.

The organisation is open to those who have creative skills that they can share and teach to the students. Throughout the entire experience, the members all get their chance to exhibit their creativity to their heart’s content.

2. Animal Research and Education Society (ACRES)

*Photo from Animal Research and Education Society’s website

Animal lovers can spread their wild love for wildlife in ACRES. They are dedicated to protecting animals ranging from monkeys to birds, sea turtles to sugar gliders, and snakes to furbabies like dogs and cats, among others.

ACRES works to battle illegal wildlife trade, animal abuse, while also raising animal welfare awareness, doing rescues, rehabilitation, and community outreach.

3. Beyond Social Services

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You can register at Beyond Social Services, where every volunteer can send help to underprivileged youth.

Volunteers are encouraged to showcase their talent or hobby or just lend an ear to those who need a heartfelt sharing session. Beyond Social Services advocates building connections through empathy, and helping others overcome poverty.

4. Mummy Yummy Singapore

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Because of poverty, many Singaporeans are denied a decent meal in some days. So Mummy Yummy travels from door to door to deliver free packets of freshly cooked vegetarian food to various families in need.

Volunteers can contribute SGD 1 to the charity or assemble friends to deliver monthly food to their chosen “adopted” neighbourhood.

5. ReadAble


*Photo from ReadAble’s website

Singapore’s youth are helped to develop their reading and writing prowess by folks from ReadAble.

Advocating literacy for children, the organisation holds weekly readings plus lessons on language and arts to unleash their creativity.

You can join ReadAble to teach children or sponsor school supplies. These items are used to conduct classroom sessions.

6. Lion’s Befrienders

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Age is just a number that grows as we meet more friends along the way. That’s certainly something seen when you’re part of this non-profit.

Lion’s Befrienders are volunteers who visit homes for seniors weekly. They bond and form friendships with them, sharing lasting moments that never gets old.

A few of the Befriender’s tasks are accompanying the oldies to the doctor’s, reminding them about their medicines, or plain old support whenever needed.

7. Pink Dot Singapore

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Volunteers with Pink Dot are supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. Advocating the community’s rights is their prime motivation as they spread awareness about acceptance.

“Supporting the freedom to love,” as their motto proclaims, Pink Dot conducts a yearly demonstration that gathers allies and supporters alike in Hong Lim Park to advocate for, and celebrate the LGBTQ+ society.

8. Food from the Heart

 *Photo from Food from the Heart’s website

These volunteers collect bread from certain bakeries around Singapore. The breads are surplus, thus, they are not being sold nor eaten.

Food from the Heart gathers the baked treats then delivers them to their beneficiaries. You can join the organisation to help ensure that food will not be wasted on the island.

9. Causes For Animals

*Photo from  Causes For

Causes for Animals aims to provide proper care to stray animals, from rescuing to giving them a family that will treat them like their own. The money that the organization raises is allotted to various programs for animal welfare. There’s food, medical supplies, housing needs, and other sustainable activities to keep these animals away from the streets and the harm it could possibly bring.

Volunteers could be of help in many ways. They can write, design, take photographs, assist in the adoption process, take part in the events, and many other work for the benefit of the rescued animals.

10. Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations

Women’s welfare is the utmost priority of Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations. It brings together more than 50 member organisations, which represent over 500,000 women across the country in promoting “Equal Space, Equal Voice and Equal Worth” for all the women in Singapore.

Various activities await aspiring volunteers of the Council like Tutoring, Child-care support

Skills training (IT, language, financial, arts & craft), and Recreational (e.g. gardening, sports, music, outings). They also manage some thrift shops and IT hubs to widen the scope of their reach.

11. Singapore Red Cross

Red Cross is one of the widely known organizations worldwide and here in Singapore is yet another institution that provides assistance for people in need of immediate blood supply and other related emergencies.

Being a volunteer of Singapore Red Cross means the opportunity to help save someone’s life. They provide training and seminars that will get you fully equipped for different activities like  blood drives, medical missions, and emergency responding.

12. Race2Share

Fun and engaging activities for a cause is what Race2Share is all about. The pursuit that they host does not only challenge the physical capacity of their participants by hosting marathons and other sports but it also serves as a meaningful movement to inspire and reach less fortunate and unempowered people and help them be better.

Race2Share have supported a variety of causes in the past related to sexual abuse on deaf women and children, education, HIV prevention and PWD empowerment and they continue to raise awareness and increase funds to further their reach.

13. Habitat for Humanity Singapore

Habitat for Humanity is an internationally acclaimed organization that aims to fight against poverty and help less fortunate families to live a better life by providing shelters, basic necessities, and other similar needs that will improve their current living conditions.

The organizations hosts various activities to raise funds and support from people in and outside of Singapore. Due to their wide scope of beneficiaries, they are in continuous need for volunteers who have the same advocacy.

14. Action for Singapore Dogs

Action for Singapore Dogs is a nonprofit organisation that aims to help stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore. They have a strict no-kill policy for their shelter.

They focus on fostering and re-homing all the dogs they take care of. With all the activities they do, any manpower and donations you may provide are more than welcome.

15. Youth Corps Singapore

Youth Corps Singapore aims to provide a variety of volunteering opportunities for youth. Their service projects range from ad-hoc, to regular and project-based.

They provide all volunteers a chance to hone one’s skills, no matter the skill level. You’ll also get the chance to meet like-minded individuals, ones who are as passionate about serving the community as you are.

16. Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support is an organisation whose goal is to help pregnant teens in their time of crisis. They assist women aged 21 and below to inform her of her options and possible course of action.

By journeying with them, they aim to help the expectant woman reach stability and new normality through practical assistance and emotional support.

And with that, we’ve finished our list of the best nonprofits to go to if you want to volunteer in Singapore. Which of these worthy causes are you planning to join? Let us know!

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