The 5 Best Barbers in Singapore

Best Barbers in Singapore

Do you want to have a nice and neat haircut for the summer or a new hairstyle just for a change? With the best barber in Singapore, you can achieve any style for your desired look!

Other than trims, a lot of men’s barbershops are now offering a variety of hair care services. Whether you’re preparing for a job interview, a date, or a grand event, we’ve got your back as we’ve listed the best barbers in Singapore that’ll make you look like a dapper gentleman.

1.  Sultans of Shave

Sultans of Shave's Barbershop
Image Source: Giftano
BEST FOR  Special shave and haircut packages
PRICING Services
ADDRESS Locations

Sultans of Shave is a well-known barbershop on the island that provides different services such as shaving treatments, haircuts, colouring, and more. They also have additional treatments including massages and facial care.

One of the best things about them is that they offer special packages for father and son as well as for the groom and groomsmen. Having several branches all over the island proves that they have some of the best barbers in Singapore.


  • Gift vouchers
  • Online product shop
  • Discounted packages

Customer Reviews

Sultans of Shave has received a lot of wonderful feedback from customers who said that they were very meticulous and detailed with their haircut services. A customer from Google Reviews posted this review:

“These guys are fantastic! They do a solid haircut but it’s with their beard skills that they really shine! They take the utmost care to ensure your beard is sharp as can be!”


2.  DeepCuts Barbers

DeepCuts Barbers
Image Source: DeepCuts Barbers
BEST FOR  Affordable services
PRICING Services
ADDRESS 77 Kampong Bahru Rd, #02-01, Singapore 169376
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9023 3735
OPERATING HOURS Daily except Friday: 11am–9pm

DeepCuts Barbers offers their haircut, shave, and beard trim or sculpt services with affordable prices starting from $20! You can achieve a classic gentleman’s look without going over the budget.

They’ve also been recognised by many media outlets who claim that they have some of the best barbers in Singapore because of their genuine passion for barbering and male grooming.


  • Beard sculpt services
  • Affordable prices

Customer Reviews

Most customers have been coming back for their services and some even became loyal customers for years because of DeepCuts Barbers’ high-quality and cost-efficient services. A customer gave this feedback on Google Reviews:

“If you haven’t tried Deep Cuts and explored one of Singapore’s up and coming neighborhoods then you are surely missing out.  Not another shopping mall experience: Local guys who are passionate about and excellent at their craft and whose goal is to deliver a quality haircut at a very reasonable price point.  Afterward, take a walk through the neighborhood and try out some of the restaurants, coffee shops or bars (have a gin and tonic at the bar around the corner at Blair Road).  Kudos to Deep Cuts.”


3.  Truefiit and Hill

Truefiit and Hill's Barbershop
Image Source: Discover SG
BEST FOR  Complete range of services
PRICING Services
ADDRESS Locations

For an all-round service, Truefiit and Hill has all the grooming treatments that you need! Their skilled team of barbers and manicurists will give you a royal haircut, shave, nail care, and even massage!

They have a whole set of services including haircut, hair colouring, hot towel wet shave, beard trim, facial hair threading, waxing, spa manicure and pedicure, as well as head and face massages. With this range, they truly have the best barbers in Singapore for many locals.


  • Kids cut
  • Full range of services

Customer Reviews

Customers were very impressed with the classic vintage style of Truefiit and Hill and the excellent haircut and shave services. A customer from Google Reviews shared this experience on Google Reviews:

“Interesting experience at a true barber place. Takes you back to the old English barber where you can get a clean shave and cut. Truly transforming. Very relaxed environment.”


4.  Autocutt Barber Shop

Autocutt Barber Shop
Image Source: Timeout
BEST FOR  Hair tattoo design
PRICING Services
ADDRESS 47 Tanglin Halt Rd #01-313 Singapore 141047

68 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 545569

CONTACT DETAILS +65 9186 1233
OPERATING HOURS Monday till Saturday 11am – 8pm
(Sunday subjects to prior arrangement)

Autocutt Barber Shop features a vintage vibe and old-school style! This will bring back the nostalgic memories of a classic generation as you have your gentleman haircut! Their services include haircut, hot towel shave, beard trim, and hair tattoo.

You can be styled with your own personalised hair tattoo design if you have a particular one that you’d like to have. Hairstyling products from a famous brand are also part of their services.


  • Hair tattoo service
  • Hairstyling products

Customer Reviews

Many customers have recommended Autocutt Barber Shop because of the accommodating staff and of course, quality services. A customer left this review on Google Reviews:

“Best haircut I had in years. Very personal and lovely service. Even got a beer during my haircut. Will definitely return here.”


5.  We Need a Hero

We Need a Hero's Barbershop
Image Source: Pinterest
BEST FOR  Scalp treatment
PRICING Services
ADDRESS 57 Eng Hoon St, Block 57, Singapore 160057
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6222 5590
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays and Saturday: 11am–9pm
Sunday: 11am–8pm

We Need a Hero comes up with a wide range of barbering services involving haircut, hair colouring, scalp treatment, shave, beard, massage, and facial treatment.

They also offer brow treatment for additional grooming and waxing/laser treatments as well, making sure that you’ll have smoother and healthier skin. They also sell products for hair, facial, and body care.


  • Hair, facial, body care products
  • Special promotions

Customer Reviews

We Need a Hero has earned a lot of praises from customers who had a fun and relaxing experience as they got their desired haircut. They complimented the professional staff and their years of experience.

A customer from Google Reviews wrote:

“Experience is having a hair cut at this place is superb! The barbers here are well-trained and professional. The have been into business for several years and

They are known for their great customer experience. Highly recommended to have your hair cut here.”


Keeping yourself groomed will surely leave a nice impression for every person that you meet so come and visit at least one shop from our list of the best barbers in Singapore now! If we missed out on other great barber shops, share them with us, we’d like to know more about their services!

To see more options, take a look at these best hair salons in Singapore! They also do haircuts for gentlemen, helping them achieve a perfectly groomed look.

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