6 Things Veterinarians Want Dog Owners to Know
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6 Things Veterinarians Want Dog Owners to Know

Whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or a newbie dog owner, a short trip to a crowded and rowdy veterinary clinic can be a stressful experience. And sometimes, pet owners get so distracted that they forget the vet’s recommendations and tips. 

To ensure that you can still get some words of wisdom from these professionals, check out some of the things that vets want every dog owner to know. 

Clean your dog’s bedding, bowls, and toys regularly. 

Some people even invest in high-end dishwashers because nobody wants to dine off dirty dishes. So what’s stopping you from regularly cleaning your dog’s food and water bowls? 

According to vets, your dog’s bowls should be thoroughly cleaned with dish soap and hot water every day. On the other hand, dog beds and toys should be washed at least once a month or depending on how quickly they get dirty. 

Although this might seem like a simple tip, it plays a vital role in your pet’s hygiene and health. Dirty bowls, for example, can be petri dishes for bacteria that can give a dog an upset stomach.

Bad breath is sometimes a sign of periodontal diseases. 

If you think your dog’s breath has been noticeably rancid lately, this could be the time to take them to their vet. You see, it’s better to have it checked as soon as possible because halitosis or bad breath can be a sign of serious periodontal diseases. 

To prevent this from happening or at least minimize the risks, make sure to follow the dental routine advised by your vet. Another alternative you can try is to opt for professional teeth cleaning by dog grooming services

Maintaining a predictable routine can reduce stress. 

Having a consistent and regular routine is advised by many veterinarians because a frequent change in routine can easily trigger the dog’s anxiety. An example of a dog-friendly schedule includes regularly spaced meals and ample time for exercise and playtime. 

Also, if you want your dogs to learn boundaries and rules, we suggest that you look into some dog training services

Honesty is the best policy, and effective communication is key. 

The only way a vet can help you and your pet is through effective communication. It’s important to always tell the truth about your dog’s condition, no matter how embarrassing or daunting it may seem. 

And don’t fret because these medical professionals will not judge you. 

A vet’s advice is still better than “Dr. Google.” 

Just like how students listen to their tutors, veterinarians also hope that dog owners take their advice and recommendations. This is because if you skip on your dog’s routine checkups or suddenly stop with their medications, you may be putting your pet in harm’s way. 

In addition to that, if you’re doing your own research to help your dog, make sure that the sites you’ll choose are offering reliable, accurate, and factual veterinary information.

Pet insurance is a good investment. 

Ensuring that you have money for vet care and services is one of the responsibilities you have to take once you become a pet owner. Although this can be a touchy subject for some, it’s still vital to consider this factor before you adopt or buy a dog from a pet store

Fortunately, just like how people can avail of health insurance and life insurance, dog owners can also consider signing up for pet insurance. With the help of a comprehensive pet insurance plan, you can focus more on your dog’s health rather than the stress brought by medical bills.