Best Coliving in Singapore
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The 8 Best Coliving Spaces in Singapore

With limited property options, expensive rent, and the overall high cost of living in Singapore, it’s no wonder that many Singaporeans, travellers, and expats turn to coliving spaces for a more affordable housing option. 

But aside from cheaper rent, coliving spaces in Singapore also offer more facilities than your average room-for-rent, such as shared kitchens, pantries, dining spaces, swimming pools, recreational amenities, and more. Did we mention that most coliving spaces also come fully furnished?

Coliving spaces also offer the opportunity to communicate with like-minded individuals and form new friendships. If you’re more of a team player, you’ll fit right in the communal vibe that coliving spaces offer.

Since lots of coliving spaces have popped up all over Singapore, it can be hard to choose which one fits your wants and needs the most. Don’t worry, though—we’ve got you covered.

We scoped out the island and picked out what we think are the best coliving spaces in Singapore to help you make the decision. From the average rent prices to the amenities offered, we considered all of the important factors to make sure that you’re picking the best coliving space in Singapore.

But before we get on with our list, let’s discuss the pros and cons of renting a coliving space to see if it’s the best housing option for you.

The Pros and Cons of Coliving Spaces in Singapore

Pros and Cons of Coliving Spaces in Singapore

Pros of Coliving Spaces in Singapore

1. Wide range of facilities

Depending on the coliving space, you can get access to different amenities like fully-furnished bedrooms, coworking spaces, fully-equipped kitchens, entertainment lounges, WiFi access, and more. Definitely much more than what you’d get if you rented a 1-bedroom apartment in Singapore.

For those on a budget, coliving spaces can help you save tons of cash because you don’t have to buy your own appliances or pay for extra utilities. 

2. Networking opportunities 

One of the main benefits of coliving spaces is that you can interact with a lot of individuals from all walks of life. You can get to know people, make new friends, and—for those with entrepreneurial minds—establish new business connections.

If you’re an extrovert, you’ll also like the fact that most coliving spaces foster a community-like vibe. Some coliving space managers even organize events and get-togethers to facilitate closer bonds between tenants.

3. Closer to CBD

The closer you are to the Central Business District, the more expensive everything gets. This applies to rent, food, utilities, groceries, and other necessities. 

That’s why coliving spaces are so popular in the city—you can cut out a huge chunk of your expenses for rent and utilities when you opt for coliving spaces. And for those who work in the CBD, coliving spaces allow them to save money and also spend less time on the commute.

Cons of Coliving Spaces in Singapore

1. Shared living space

“Coliving”—it’s in the name. When you opt for a coliving space, be prepared to sacrifice a part of your personal space. 

It really depends on the room type. If you want full privacy, you can get a private bedroom. But if you opt for a dormitory-style room, you can expect to have your privacy invaded every now and then—whether intentional or unintentional.

This also applies to other facilities such as dining spaces, working spaces, and living spaces. If you’re an introvert, you may want to think twice.

2. Clash of personalities

While it’s true that you can make new friends in coliving spaces, it’s also true that you can meet people that you just can’t get along with.

Most coliving spaces are designed to match roommates with similar tastes or lifestyles. But even so, it’s no guarantee that two or more strangers will get along with each other. 

3. Limited to CBD

If you’re trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you may want to reconsider a coliving space. Aside from the location, coliving spaces can get quite noisy, depending on the tenants you’ll share your space with.

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Summary of Coliving Spaces in Singapore

Before we proceed with our list, here’s the summary of room types, rental terms and prices for our top picks of coliving spaces in Singapore.

Summary of room types, rental terms and prices in Singapore

The Best Coliving Spaces in Singapore

1.  Figment

Figment's Homepage
BEST FORLuxury living spaces
OFFICE ADDRESS36 Petain Rd, Singapore 208102
CONTACT INFORMATION[email protected]
+65 8726 2162
PRICINGFigment Suite with Shared Bathroom: starts at S$1,500/month

Figment Suite with Private Bathroom: starts at S$1,900/month
RENTAL TERMS3 months minimum, month-to-month lease after
AMENITIESWiFi, weekly housekeeping and maintenance, shared living room, shared kitchen, shared dining area, shared laundry room, shared rooftop, communal events

If you want to bask in Singapore’s heritage and culture, take a look at the beautifully-curated coliving spaces that Figment has to offer. Figment is the best coliving space in Singapore for artsy individuals and expats who want to live in style.

Figment takes old Singapore shophouses and turns them into gorgeous, Insta-worthy living spaces. These shophouses are also located in Singapore’s trendiest neighbourhoods, where you’ll be able to sample all the sights and sounds of the island.

Figment also puts an emphasis on fuss-free living, as their suites come fully furnished with everything you’ll need and more. Their friendly staff will also take care of the weekly cleaning and maintenance so you can focus on your daily tasks. 

You can choose from a selection of shophouses, each with different aesthetics. Each shophouse can contain 4 to 6 private studios or suites, with the first floor acting as the common area.

Locations: Geyland, Jalan Besar, Orchard, Tanjong Pagar, Joo Chiat, Balestier


  • Weekly housekeeping and maintenance provided
  • Private bathrooms available
  • Flexible contracts


  • Pricey monthly rent
  • Cleaning limited to common areas; additional S$100 for private rooms
  • No flatmate matching service
  • No pets allowed

Tenant Reviews

Figment Suites attract all sorts of young Singaporeans and travellers because of their trendy suites and premium facilities. But more than that, they have a dedicated and friendly management team that caters to all of the needs of their tenants.

Here are some reviews from those who’ve stayed in a Figment Suite:

“Figment has some of the most beautiful properties/rooms in Singapore. I really enjoyed the well appointed rooms and the design of the co-living space that allowed for communal interaction with other residents. This is a fantastic, fuss free option for anyone looking for short-term accom in Singapore. They also have a great community management team that helps with quick service questions. Would 10/10 recommend!”

“Great place for both a short or long stay. Really enjoyed the shared common area. I was surprise to see friendly staff available 24/7. Super-fast wifi. Tea and coffee program is nice.”

2.  Hmlet Singapore

Hmlet Singapore's Homepage
BEST FORMultiple choice locations
OFFICE ADDRESS25A Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088333
PRICINGPocket Room (shared bathroom): starts from S$950/month

Regular Room (shared bathroom): starts from S$1,300/month

Master Room (private bathroom): starts from S$1,600/month

Studio: starts from S$2,090/month

Full 1-bedroom Apartment: starts from S$3,300/month

Full 2-bedroom Apartment: starts from S$3,500/month

For Hmlet Cantonment rooms, please enquire here.

Note: Rates may vary depending on location and duration of stay
RENTAL TERMS6 nights minimum (Cantonment only)
3 months minimum (for other locations), month-to-month lease after
AMENITIESWiFi, weekly housekeeping and maintenance, shared living room, shared kitchen, shared dining area, shared laundry room, communal events, swimming pool, parking

Hmlet is a popular name in the world of coliving. In fact, they have multiple coliving spaces in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and of course, Singapore. If you want to have a wide variety of options, Hmlet is the best coliving space in Singapore for you.

They have custom-designed coliving spaces scattered all over the island, each as stylish as the other. Aside from that, each space also comes with a variety of communal spaces, such as working spaces, utility rooms, recreational facilities, and more.

Hmlet also lets you choose from a range of bedroom sizes, from the compact Pocket Rooms to spacious Master Bedrooms. No need to worry about housekeeping as you can avail of their cleaning and maintenance services.

Renting a coliving space also entitles you to a Hmlet move-in membership, which gives you access to WiFi, special membership deals, passes to community events, and more. 

Plus, you can use the official Hmlet app for everything you need during your stay, including housekeeping requests, alerts for communal events, chatting with roommates, and others.

Hmlet also offers full-service corporate housing for professionals on business trips.

Locations: CBD, West, East, North East, Little India, Tiong Bahru, River Valley


  • Private bathrooms available
  • Hmlet app available
  • Weekly housekeeping and maintenance provided
  • Flexible contracts
  • Pet-friendly


  • Private bathrooms limited to more expensive options
  • No flatmate matching service

Tenant Reviews

Hmlet Singapore has received countless praises from tenants and travellers alike for their staff’s hospitality, high-quality amenities, and overall convenient services. Here are some of the reviews left by satisfied Hmlet guests:

“My stay at Hmlet Cantonment was nothing short of amazing. I stayed there for 10 days. The amenities provided were good and the staff were extremely hospitable and ensured our stay as comfortable. It is situated near all the main attractions which made it easier to commute and save time.Overall a great stay and would definitely recommend it!”

“Great place for a short or a long stay. Great shared lounger area. Friendly and helpful staff available 24/7 in person. Great rooms. Nice small pool open 24/7. Good wifi. Tea and hot water is nice.”

3.  CP Residences

CP Residences' Homepage
BEST FORCBD-located coliving spaces
OFFICE ADDRESS176A Orchard Rd, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238844
CONTACT INFORMATION[email protected]
+65 6219 0111
PRICING1-Bedroom: starts from S$2,400/month

2-Bedroom: starts from S$1,800/month

3-Bedroom: starts from S$5,000/month

Executive Room: starts from S$1,800/month

Lite Room: starts from S$1,400/month

Master Room: starts from S$2,500/month

Studio: starts from S$2,500/month

Note: Rates vary depending on location
RENTAL TERMS3 months minimum
AMENITIESWiFi, shared/private bathroom, shared/private kitchen, housekeeping and maintenance, parking, swimming pool, communal events

If you’re looking for an urban coliving space that’s conveniently located in the heart of the CBD, check out the flats offered by CP Residences. They offer the best coliving spaces in Singapore for working professionals and business travellers. 

While they primarily offer private housing, they also have a wide range of coliving spaces that can cater to different needs and budgets. All of their rooms are specially-designed and come fully furnished with all the essentials.

CP Residences also recently launched Hovoh, a more sustainable coliving option for those looking to transition into cleaner and greener homes. Hovoh is located on Bugis Street, one of Singapore’s most vibrant and popular shopping districts.

Accessibility will never be an issue when you choose coliving spaces from CP Residences. From the party scene to towering business centres, everything’s within reach.


  • Private bathrooms available
  • Sustainable coliving spaces available
  • Pet-friendly (depends on location)
  • Located in CBD


  • Pricey monthly rent
  • No pets allowed (depends on location)

Tenant Reviews

As expected, tenants of CP Residences spaces greatly enjoy the convenience of being close to everything you’ll ever need in the city. However, despite being located in the middle of a busy city, guests say that they were able to relax and enjoy their stay.

Check out these reviews from guests who stayed at CP Residences flats:

“Loved my stay here! Located in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore, so it was very convenient to get to places. Feels like home away from home. Highly recommend CP Residences to anyone looking at long-term stay in Singapore.”

“Amazing location! The building is linked to a shopping mall which links you to one of the most central subway stations in Singapore – SOMERSET MRT! Five-stars too for the service! We had an amazing COMMUNITY MANAGER (her name is Melody) who is like tour guide, concierge and young butler all in one – she celebrated one of the tenants’ birthday and we all attended! (cos free cake) The rooms are spacious and clean and neat. LOVE IT!!!”

4.  Cove

Cove's Homepage
BEST FORFlexible rental terms
OFFICE ADDRESS195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #02-16, Singapore 168976
CONTACT INFORMATION[email protected]
+65 3163 1597 (phone)
+65 3138 4860 (Whatsapp)
PRICINGStandard Bedroom with Shared Bathroom: starts from S$1,000/month

Junior Master Bedroom with Private Bathroom: starts from S$1,450/month

Master Bedroom with Private Bathroom: starts from S$1,550/month

Studio with Private Bathroom & Kitchen: starts from S$2,100/month

Note: Rates vary depending on location
RENTAL TERMS3 months minimum, month-to-month lease after
AMENITIESWiFi, shared/private bathroom, shared/private kitchen, shared working space, shared laundry, weekly, housekeeping and maintenance, communal events

Cove is a popular coliving choice in Singapore for the young and young-at-heart. Because of their flexible monthly contracts and hassle-free moving in process, many consider them to be one of the best coliving spaces in Singapore.

They have hundreds of locations scattered around the island, giving you the luxury of many options to choose from. You can choose from a multitude of landed properties, condo units, and apartment blocks depending on your preferences, needs, and budget.

All of Cove’s rooms are well-appointed, ready for moving in within 24 hours. Part of the reason why Cove is also popular with the younger crowd is that everything—from check-in to moving out—can be done online.

Cove also helps in matching you with flatmates that you’re compatible with through their flatmate matching service. Cove also promotes community involvement through frequent community events for everyone to enjoy.

Locations: CBD, Marina Bay, Tanjong Pagar, Orchard Road, River Valley, Tiong Bahru, Geyland, Joo Chiat, Mount Emily, Dhoby Ghaut, Novena, Newton, Redhill, Alexandra, Lavender, Farrer Park, One North, Buona Vista, Serangoon, Kovan, Pasir Panjang, Kent Ridge, Changi, Tampines


  • Private bathrooms & kitchens available
  • Flexible terms
  • Flatmate matching service
  • Quick online processing


  • No pets allowed
  • Limited redecorating options

Tenant Reviews

Tenants who’ve stayed with Cove appreciated the attentive and accommodating customer service team who guided them from enquiry to check-in. They also noted that Cove flats are fully equipped with everything they need.

Here are some of the reviews that Cove has received:

“The COVE apartment I’ve been living in for the past 18 months had my heart the moment I walked into it. It’s been a great experience – from the ease of moving in, to the COVE team being super hands-on in dealing with any issues in the house, and the convenience of not having to juggle multiple utility bills or worrying about maintenance. Most of all, being in a co-living environment has given me housemates who have now become close friends, which really has been the best part of the experience!”

“I have stayed with COVE for 6 months and I have really enjoyed my experience in the co-living space they provided. The accommodation was very comfortable, my housemates became good friends, and the COVE company was very quick in following up on any requests we had. I would highly recommend other people new to Singapore to stay with COVE!”

5.  Lyf by Ascott Properties

Lyf by Ascott Properties' Homepage
BEST FORStaycations and short term stays
OFFICE ADDRESS67 Hill St, Level 4 Funan Mall, Singapore 179370
CONTACT INFORMATION[email protected]
+65 6970 2288
PRICINGStudio: starts from S$150/night

Bunk Studio: starts from S$170/night

2-Bedroom: starts from S$230/night

4-Bedroom: starts from S$350/night

6-Bedroom Duplex: starts from S$410/night
RENTAL TERMS1 night minimum
AMENITIESWiFi, shared/private bathrooms, shared/private kitchen, shared/private laundry, shared working spaces, shared gym, mobile key access, communal events, parking

Lyf by Ascott Properties is perfect for travellers or staycationers looking for an exciting place to stay at. Unlike other coliving spaces, their rates are per night, perfect for those who only plan to stay for less than a month.

Whether you’re alone, with your partner, or with a couple of friends, you’re sure to find the perfect space from Lyf’s wide selection of rooms. Some rooms even come with interactive touch screen whiteboards that you and your friends can use.

Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Lyf’s 24//7 security surveillance system and mobile key access will keep you and your personal belongings safe. Rooms also come with complementary safes to keep your valuables secure.

Furthermore, Lyf is located near transportation, restaurants, shopping malls, iconic landmarks, and more. Because of its ideal location and amenities, many consider Lyf to be one of the best coliving spaces in Singapore.


  • Private bathrooms & kitchens available
  • Mobile key access and 24/7 security
  • Short term accommodations


  • Not suited for long-term stays
  • No housekeeping/maintenance services

Tenant Reviews

Lyf is sort of like a hotel-coliving space hybrid. Because of this unique setting, it has attracted travellers and locals alike. 

Check out what guests have to say about their stay at Lyf:

“I highly recommend this hotel. The rooms are clean and the shared space is great. The location is excellent and so close to various amenities and fantastic food. The location was amazing! I would definitely stay here again. Perfect for families as there’s a small kitchen too!”

“This is the 2nd visit. The hotel never fails to impress me. The concept is still strong and I like how they welcome their guests with a heart warming smile all the time. If given a choice, I will definitely return for another stay.”

6.  Easyliving

BEST FORLuxury living spaces
OFFICE ADDRESS10 Anson Road #27-15 International Plaza, Singapore
PRICINGCheck their website for full pricing
RENTAL TERMS3 months minimum, month-to-month lease after
AMENITIESWiFi, weekly housekeeping and maintenance, shared living room, shared kitchen, shared dining area, shared laundry room, shared rooftop, communal events

Our experience with Easyliving, a coliving company, was marked by the excellence of their services. From the seamless onboarding process to the ongoing support, Easyliving demonstrated a commitment to ensuring our comfort and satisfaction in our shared living space.

Efficiency was a standout feature of Easyliving’s operations. Maintenance requests were addressed promptly, and common areas were well-maintained. The streamlined communication channels and user-friendly app contributed to a hassle-free experience, allowing us to focus on the benefits of coliving.

The quality of Easyliving’s accommodations exceeded our expectations. The furnished spaces were not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed with practicality in mind. Shared spaces were thoughtfully arranged, fostering a sense of community, while private areas provided the solitude needed for individual pursuits.

Considering the quality of services, the cost-effectiveness of Easyliving was noteworthy. The transparent pricing structure, which encompassed utilities and other amenities, made budgeting straightforward. The value we received in terms of a well-maintained living environment and the convenience of shared amenities made Easyliving a financially sensible choice.


  • Private bathrooms & kitchens available
  • Mobile key access and 24/7 security
  • Short term accommodations


  • No promos yet

7. Casa Mia

BEST FORLuxury living spaces
CONTACT INFORMATION[email protected]
PRICINGCheck their website for full pricing
RENTAL TERMS3 months minimum, month-to-month lease after
AMENITIESWiFi, weekly housekeeping and maintenance, shared living room, shared kitchen, shared dining area, shared laundry room, shared rooftop, communal events

Our experience with Casa Mia, a coliving spaces provider, has been exceptionally positive. The range of services they offer, from fully furnished accommodations to shared common areas, caters to our needs for a convenient and community-focused living arrangement.

Casa Mia’s efficiency in managing their coliving spaces is noteworthy. The seamless move-in process and prompt resolution of any concerns reflect a well-organized system. Their commitment to maintaining a hassle-free environment contributes to a smooth and enjoyable living experience for us.

The quality of living at Casa Mia is a standout feature. The attention to detail in furnishing our space and the upkeep of common areas reflect a commitment to creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living environment. The inclusion of amenities like high-speed internet and regular cleaning services enhances the overall quality of our coliving experience.

Affordability is a key advantage when residing at Casa Mia. Despite offering well-designed and fully equipped living spaces, their pricing is competitive. The transparency in their cost structure ensures that there are no surprises, making it easier for us to budget and enjoy the benefits of coliving without breaking the bank.

Our interactions with the Casa Mia team underscore their commitment to resident satisfaction. They are responsive to our needs and concerns, fostering a sense of community through organized events and activities. The friendly and accommodating nature of the staff contributes to a positive living atmosphere, creating a sense of belonging within the Casa Mia coliving community.


  • Private bathrooms & kitchens available
  • Mobile key access and 24/7 security
  • Short term accommodations


  • No promos yet

8. Adobha

Adobha Homepage
BEST FORColiving spaces of various types
OFFICE ADDRESSContact company for more information
PRICINGPrivate + Shared Bath – starts at $800/month
Private Room + Ensuite – starts at $1,100/month
RENTAL TERMS3 months minimum
AMENITIESDepends on the location and room, may or may not include the following: WiFi, Shared/Private Bathrooms, Parking, Entertainment Facilities

Adobha provides co-living spaces for individuals with various budgets and residential needs. They primarily cater to expats of diverse age groups and multinational backgrounds.

While co-living spaces are their primary offered space, their platform also has private rooms listed online, depending on availability. Interested users can browse their website to see their available rooms across Singapore.

The prices of the spaces can vary, but they will do their best to keep it at affordable and reasonable rates. No matter what you choose, you can expect it to be clean, safe, and maintained regularly.

If you’re looking to stay in Singapore for many years, you should consider the places Adobha has to offer. Given their decent prices, diverse options, and attentive staff, they’re a company that will provide you with the place most suited to your needs.


  • Around-the-clock property maintenance
  • Varied facilities available
  • Wide range of spaces
  • No agency fee


  • Not suited for short term stays

And that wraps up our list of the best coliving spaces! The coliving scene in Singapore is thriving and with the help of our list, you’re sure to find the perfect match for you.

Did we miss anything in our list? Leave us a message and we’ll update our list ASAP!

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