Do the Side Hustle 14 Best Weekend Part-Time Jobs in SG
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Do the Side Hustle: 14 Best Weekend Part-Time Jobs in SG

If you’re on the hunt for part-time gigs in Singapore, the key is to find something that aligns with your skills, interests, and schedule. It’s all about striking that perfect balance that lets you rock a fulfilling career while still enjoying your free time.

I’ve done some digging and found some awesome weekend part-time jobs and other income-boosting opportunities that you might want to check out.

What job is best for weekends in Singapore?

1. Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Expected pay: S$10 to S$30 an hour (higher for specialised services)

Experience/skills/tools needed: Personal pet ownership, previous pet-sitting experience/volunteer work, testimonials or references from past clients

Where to find jobs: Pawshake, PetBacker, PetSitter, social media communities, bulletin boards of pet stores and vet clinics

I got this idea from my favourite cousin who’s both a single human mom and a fur mom. Weekend pet sitting allows her to have a flexible schedule that aligns with her responsibilities as a mom (to both human toddler and feline baby).

Pet sitting assignments also introduce her to different types of animals with unique needs and personalities. In turn, this expands her knowledge about different breeds and their care while enhancing her problem-solving and adaptability skills. 

So if you’re curious about joining the elite league of pet sitters in Singapore, know that it’s a rewarding experience to provide care, affection, and attention to pets while their owners are away.

Part-timer tip: Always communicate your experience, skills, and passion for pet care when applying for pet-sitting opportunities.

2. Weekend Receptionist

Weekend Receptionist

Expected pay: S$7 to S$10 an hour

Experience/skills/tools needed: Some customer service experience, good communication skills, organisational and interpersonal skills

Where to find jobs: Company websites, job portals, local classified and job boards, referrals, recruitment agencies

Now here’s something I’d personally recommend because I went through it myself. I believe that being a weekend receptionist is one of the best ways to earn extra money in Singapore while having the flexibility to enjoy your weekends. 

Many clinics and businesses require weekend coverage, making it a sought-after role. It’s especially true for clinics or services that operate on weekends, as they often need dedicated receptionists to handle client interactions. 

It’s a job that helped enhance my customer service and communication skills. I also got to sharpen my multitasking skills as I handled various tasks simultaneously, like managing appointments and maintaining a smooth flow of clients.

Part-timer tip: A bit of a sunny disposition and people skills go a long way!

3. Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Expected pay: S$20 to S$40 an hour (depending on specialisations, languages spoken, translation skills, etc.)

Experience/skills/tools needed: Street smarts, knowledge of local culture and hidden gems, and depending on your location, you may need to obtain a certificate to work as a tourist guide

Where to find jobs: Local tour companies and travel agencies, online platforms and communities, networking with other tour guides

Love your community and want to show off its interesting spots to others? You can be an ambassador and demonstrate how Singaporeans are friendly to tourists while making some money on the side.

Being a weekend tour guide allows you to showcase your town, interact with tourists, and share your knowledge about the local attractions. It’s a great chance to take people on leisurely walks, engage in conversations, and even practice foreign languages. 

The beauty of this job is that the whole of Singapore is practically a tourist town. Working as a tourist guide here can be a fantastic option for weekend employment, as that’s the time when people are looking to explore and have fun.

Part-timer tip: If you work as an independent tour guide, you can explore platforms like Showaround for weekend job opportunities.  

4. Caregiving


Expected pay: Up to $19 an hour with added incentives (depending on the company)

Experience/skills/tools needed: Some caregiving background (bonus if you took a specific training or course)

Where to find jobs: Local job portals, caregiver agencies, bulletin boards of community centres and social organisations, elderly care homes, trusted referrals

One of my friends told me about her part-time caregiver job and all the benefits and rewarding experiences she gets from it. It allows her to have meaningful work, for one.

She gets to provide assistance, support, and companionship to individuals who may be elderly, disabled, or in need of special care. Caregiving also provides an opportunity to gain practical experience in healthcare, gerontology, or related healthcare fields.

But remember to tailor your resume or caregiver profile to emphasise your relevant skills, experience, and any certifications or training you have obtained. 

Also, be prepared to undergo background checks and provide references to prospective employers.

Part-timer tip: A caregiving experience isn’t strictly required, but it’s good to remember that lots of patience and caring are expected of you.

5. Sales Assistant

Sales Assistant

Expected pay: S$6.50 to S$8 an hour

Experience/skills/tools needed: Product/service knowledge, adaptability and flexibility, knowing how to handle cash and POS systems, customer service skills

Where to find jobs: Online job portals, online classified and social media groups, job fairs and career events, physical stores and malls

The demand for sales assistants is high, especially during the weekends This alone makes it a great opportunity to earn some extra income on your off days.

You’ll need to have some familiarity with the products or services being offered. This includes understanding product features and benefits and being able to answer customer inquiries or provide recommendations. 

As a retail sales assistant, you can expect to earn around $7 to $8 per hour. By dedicating a few days of work on the weekends, you’ll be well on your way to reaching that cushy nest egg you’re aiming for.

So the next time you’re in your favourite shopping mall in Singapore, keep your eyes peeled for help-wanted ads in your preferred stores and boutiques. Who knows: working at your dream shop may just be a resumé away.

Part-timer tip: You can visit the websites of major retail companies in Singapore and see if they advertise job openings. 

6. Cleaning


Expected pay: S$18 to S$20 an hour

Experience/skills/tools needed: Safety and hygiene awareness, knowledge of cleaning products and tools, certification for certain institutions that require sanitation (like hospitals and hotels)

Where to find jobs: Helpling, Rooma, maid agencies, cleaning service providers, hospitality industry

A lot of families in Singapore are too tired from the work week that they don’t have time to clean up during the weekend. That’s when you can step in and earn a second source of income while keeping other people’s homes neat and spotless.

While prior cleaning experience is preferred, many employers are willing to provide training and guidance to part-time cleaners. When applying, emphasise your willingness to learn, attention to detail, reliability, and strong work ethic.

It’s also important to have good physical stamina and the ability to perform cleaning tasks comfortably. So before embarking on a part-time career as a cleaner, first make sure you’re in great shape.

Part-timer tip: Cleaning jobs often involve physical labour, including standing, bending, lifting, and moving objects, so make sure you’re in good health.

7. Food Delivery Driver

Food Delivery Driver

Expected pay: S$7.50 to S$10 an hour

Experience/skills/tools needed: Familiarity with traffic rules and regulations, a valid driver’s license, experience in food delivery or courier services, street smarts

Where to find jobs: Find current food delivery driver openings here.

My brother stumbled upon the gig economy by accident, but he ended up loving the experience so much. That’s because he can cruise around the city, delivering delicious meals to hungry customers, and earning some extra cash along the way!

Taking on a few deliveries as part-time jobs on Saturdays and Sundays can be a great option in Singapore, especially since these are the days when people are more likely to order food for delivery.

If you’re a mom or student, it offers flexibility to choose when you work and for how long. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that being a food delivery driver can be physically demanding and may require you to spend a lot of time on the road. 

Part-timer tip: Emphasise your responsible driving record, ability to handle different types of orders, and commitment to providing a positive customer experience.

8. Barista


Expected pay: From S$8 an hour

Experience/skills/tools needed: Basic barista skills, customer service experience, cash handling and POS system knowledge, patience for odd beverage customisations

Where to find jobs: Local coffee shops, online job portals, networking

Love coffee and everything that has to do with it? Then a barista position might just be the perfect weekend part-time job for you.

Singapore has a growing speciality coffee scene, with many coffee shops focusing on high-quality and artisanal coffee. These establishments may be more likely to offer weekend barista positions, so don’t be shy about asking for job openings.

While prior experience as a barista is advantageous, some employers may provide on-the-job training for entry-level positions. Usually, a passion for coffee can already make you a strong candidate for a weekend barista position.

But it’s also worth noting that some speciality coffee shops or cafés may have their specific requirements or preferences for weekend baristas. Make sure to ask about additional qualifications they require.

Part-timer tip: Check if your local coffee shop operates by shift hours so you won’t have schedule clashes.

9. Sports Instructor or Coach

Sports Instructor or Coach

Expected pay: S$30 to S$60 an hour

Experience/skills/tools needed: Certifications, diplomas, or accreditations in your chosen niche, testimonies from past clients, updated resumé

Where to find jobs: Online job portals, social media groups and communities, online coaching platforms, sports clubs/coaching organisations, direct referrals, company HR departments

Schools, colleges, and enrichment centres in Singapore sometimes require part-time coaches for various subjects or extracurricular activities. If you’re thinking of becoming one, check their career pages or contact their HR departments for available positions.

You can also look up coaching associations and organisations in Singapore, such as the Singapore Association of Coaches (SAC), the International Coach Federation (ICF) Singapore Chapter, or specific industry-related coaching associations. 

Pro-tip: these associations often have job boards or resources where coaching opportunities are advertised. But that’s not the only place where you can find a coaching job.

For instance, a friend stumbled upon her part-time swimming coach gig at her neighbourhood community centre. So if you’re near a sports club, see if it offers part-time coaching positions, particularly for popular sports among kids.

Part-timer tip: Tailor your resumé and cover letter to highlight your coaching expertise and any specialized skills or knowledge you possess.

Weekend Part-Time Jobs – Work from Home

10. Data Entry

Data Entry

Expected pay: S$7 to S$10 an hour

Experience/skills/tools needed: Typing speed/accuracy, good communication skills, troubleshooting abilities, attention to detail, basic knowledge of data management and client confidentiality  

Where to find jobs: Find current data entry job openings here.

Are you a fast typist with a knack for handling data? If so, consider a part-time career in data entry.

It’s all about converting large amounts of information into spreadsheets and databases. The job can be fast-paced with tight deadlines and multiple tasks, but if you’re up for the challenge, give it a shot.

While data entry often involves independent work, good communication with team members and supervisors is important. You’ll need to clarify instructions, seek guidance when needed, and provide updates on progress or any issues faced. 

The best part? You’ll have the advantage of working from home, allowing introverts to feel more relaxed and free from the watchful eye of an employer.

Part-timer tip: Highlight your relevant skills and any previous experience you have, even if it’s from non-data entry roles.

11. Online Sales/Telemarketer

Online SalesTelemarketer

Expected pay: S$10 an hour + commission

Experience/skills/tools needed: Negotiation/persuasion skills, customer focus, product and industry knowledge, persistence, active listening skills, flexibility and adaptability 

Where to find jobs: Job portals, company websites, job fairs and career events, recruitment agencies, direct application

Selling products online through e-commerce platforms is a lucrative opportunity that doesn’t require you to produce the items yourself. Plus, you can tap into telemarketing or online sales if you have excellent communication skills and a persuasive demeanour.

To excel in this field, it’s crucial to understand the product or service you’re promoting. This knowledge empowers you to effectively highlight its features, benefits, and value to potential customers.

The online marketplace offers a multitude of options, whether you choose to sell existing products or create your own. You can leverage popular platforms like Amazon and eBay, or take your time to set up your very own online store. 

The possibilities are endless!

Part-timer tip: Practising good phone etiquette and the ability to adapt your communication style to different individuals are also important skills.

12. Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Expected pay: S$15 to S$40 an hour (depending on the level of experience and scope of responsibilities)

Experience/skills/tools needed: Social media platform knowledge, content creation know-how, knowledge of social media analytics, good communication skills, adaptability and flexibility

Where to find jobs: Social media platforms (of course!), company websites, online job portals, digital marketing agencies, freelance job portals

Who doesn’t have some form of social media in this day and age? If you’re an avid user of most (or all) of the popular platforms, then you might just be able to make some money while you’re sitting at home.

When my aunt applied for a part-time social media management role, she emphasized her relevant projects, campaigns, and achievements to showcase her expertise in the field.

If you’re eyeing a part-time social media specialist position, it’s essential to gather information about the job requirements and industry norms, including the offered rates.

Stay up-to-date with market trends, browse job listings, and factor in your skills, experience, and the role’s specific demands when setting your compensation expectations.

Part-timer tip: Freelancers typically set their rates and negotiate project-based or hourly fees. Employed part-time social media specialists may receive a fixed monthly salary or an hourly rate determined by the employer.

13. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

Expected pay: S$20 to S$50 an hour (depending on qualification, level of expertise, subject area, and frequency of tutorial sessions)

Experience/skills/tools needed: Subject knowledge, adaptability to different learning platforms, patience, effective communication skills, enthusiasm for continuous learning 

Where to find jobs: School notice boards and websites, online job portals and classified ads, tutoring agencies, online tutorial platforms, libraries and community centres, trustworthy referrals

If you have expertise in a particular subject or skill, you can consider offering online services during weekends. Luckily, Singapore has a high demand for tutors, especially for subjects like math, science, and languages. 

I tried becoming a part-time tutor some years back when I needed extra dough. It was a tough but fulfilling experience, especially since I had to plan and organise my lessons, set realistic goals, and allocate appropriate time for different topics.

As a tutor, you have two options: join an agency or offer your services independently. Keep in mind that tutoring platforms or agencies often deduct a commission or service fee, which can lower your actual earnings.

If you choose to tutor independently, having experience, advanced degrees, or teaching certifications may enable you to charge higher rates.

Part-timer tip: Some tutors offer group tutoring sessions, which allow them to teach multiple students simultaneously.

14. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Expected pay: S$9 to S$10 an hour

Experience/skills/tools needed: Proficiency in computer and Internet usage, a reliable Internet connection and a dedicated workspace, flexibility and adaptability, willingness to do non-disclosure agreements

Where to find jobs: Virtual assistant agencies, online platforms and forums, directly contacting local businesses

A virtual assistant job is a perfect fit for anyone with spare time on weekends. I should know because my sister has been a part-time one for several years now.

Her responsibilities vary depending on the client or employer she works with. Some of her tasks include answering emails, scheduling appointments, conducting research, or even helping with personal errands. 

It’s a dynamic and diverse role that keeps things interesting and allows you to use your organizational and multitasking skills. But it’s important to remember that you’ll be required to keep some things confidential, so being a secret keeper is a must.

As a virtual assistant, you can wave goodbye to the daily commute and embrace the convenience of working remotely. Imagine having the freedom to work in your pyjamas or take breaks whenever you need them!

Part-timer tip: Highlight any relevant experience you have, showcase your organisational and communication skills, and emphasise your ability to work independently and manage tasks efficiently.

FAQs about Weekend Part-Time Jobs in Singapore