Best POS Systems in Singapore

The 11 Best POS System in Singapore

Throughout a stressful day of dealing with countless customers, have you ever experienced some calculation errors in your transaction accounts? If you have, then it’s time for you to get the best POS system in Singapore that can help you manage all payments and other operations with an automated system.

Taking orders as well as monitoring inventory are complicated tasks that can be especially susceptible to calculation or documentation errors. An excellent automated management system can reduce the chances of such errors occurring, besides also reducing your work.

Take a look at our list of the best POS systems in Singapore to find out how they work and which features cater to your business needs.

1. Reach POS Asia

Reach POS Asia

BEST FOR Devices that are designed to exceed the needs of industry demands

Tel: +65 6224 8283

Fax:+65 6224 8284

Email address: [email protected]

Reach POS Asia is meticulously designed for Restaurants, Fast food, Retail, and more. It is a smart, powerful, fully integrated, android, and all-in-one cloud-based POS system with great features. Customers can easily manage real-time reporting and inventory.

Although they do not have the PSG Grant approval yet, they still give their customers an after PSG Grant subscription price. A great deal and value to their customers.

Their objective is to assist and maximize their client’s benefits and resolve their daily operations. They want to help their customer’s productivity to move closer between owner and customer.

They are a customer-focused company. They want to give the best deal to their clients for as low as SGD 1.30/day. The best part is that they offer a 30-Day Free Trial, Free Demo, and Free Consultation.


  • Simple and intuitive interface design
  • Multi-language support
  • Flexible layout




BEST FOR Retail, Food & Beverage, Minimarts
PRICING $1k+ after grants

[email protected]

T: 6871 8833
M: 8482 1888

EPOS has been in business since 2009 and is Singapore’s largest Point-of-Sale (POS) vendor. In comparison to other POS vendors, EPOS is used by over 4,000 SMEs.

We recommend EPOS because EPOS is pre-approved for grants and has already won multiple accolades. Plus, EPOS is recognized as Singapore’s top POS vendor at IMDA’s Partner Appreciation event.

With EPOS, we believe that your business will definitely increase its sales, improve its efficiency, and increase its customers. EPOS can help you to manage your inventory, accounting, customers’ data and ecommerce platforms seamlessly.

Unlike the other vendors on this list, EPOS is pre-approved for various government grants and can help SMEs adopt the most powerful and effective technology at an affordable price!


  • Government grants they support are Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) and Skills Future Enterprise Credit (SFEC). Up to 80% grants.
  • Fantastic customer reviews with a staggering 5.0 star average across 500+ reviews.

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their satisfied clients:

“By far, EPOS is one of the most delightful vendors we’ve worked with. Not only are they professional and accommodating, but they also always go the extra mile to ensure that our changing needs are met.” – Sharon Yong (LTA)

“Yiling has been very patient and attentive with us during the training conducted. He ensured that we understood and he standby to guide us during the initial period. Fenny is friendly & responsive to our concerns, she also explained to us on the government grants that are applicable to us. Thank you!” – Eunice Tan (Umart)

“Thank you EPOS Team for today’s deployment. Thank you Geraldine and Grace for the training. Ops Team from Select Group really appreciates their excellence service during the deployment and training session.” – Veery Souw (Select Group)

3. Sapaad

Sapaad's Homepage

BEST FOR Restaurants

Sapaad is a Cloud-based Restaurant POS and Delivery Management System. They are recommendable because of the number of features it has that can help you effectively run and grow your restaurant.

In comparison to other systems, this has everything you need to run your restaurant smoothly. From a Cloud-based Restaurant POS, Online Ordering System, Inventory Management to Kitchen Display Systems, Delivery Managers, and QR Code Ordering, they got it all.

What’s unique about them is that they are partnered with leading food ordering and delivering platforms such as Deliveroo, UberEats, Talabat, Lalamove, and more!

We think they are great because they offer to try Sapaad for free for 14 days. This has instant access and no credit cards required.


  • Works on all devices
  • Has an offline mode
  • Can support multiple locations

Customer Reviews

Here are some testimonials from their previous clients:

“Sapaad has all the solutions that we need – inventory, CRM, call center, loyalty, dine-in & takeaway. It is very easy to use and works on all devices.” – Jerome Mortel (Chief Information Officer, Sumo Sushi & Bento)

“Sapaad is a very user-friendly, easy and modern cloud-based POS system. It has saved me a lot of money on hardware and software.” – Faisal Abdullah Ali (Managing Director, Dose Cafe)

4.  Revel Systems

BEST FOR  Cloud-Based POS System
PRICING Starts at $99 per month
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6432 8279 

Revel Systems offers the best POS systems for quick service and food-oriented businesses. Their iPad POS system is designed to provide fast transactions, data security, and comprehensive operational management.

Many leading businesses use Revel Systems for a good reason– its intuitive design makes customers transactions and employee training a breeze. It can also aid your business decisions by collecting real-time data and detailed analytics.

Revel Systems’ POS system is a platform that will help your business grow immensely and will adapt to it too. This innovative technology has many more features you can use and tailor to your own business. Contact them now and avail of their free demo.


  • Free demo available
  • Real-time insights
  • Customisable technology

5.  OpenPOS Square

OpenPOS Square's Homepage

BEST FOR  Overall value
PRICING Request a Quote

POS Square is one of the most-mentioned management systems when it comes to handling major client-customer transactions.

It features a user-friendly platform where you can manage back-office operations, product and sales inventory, audit reports, and more — all on a single platform.

It also comes with a reporting package, staff and member management, and supported hardware and installation. All of the operations done on the system are fully secured with top security protection.


  • Customisable settings
  • Direct database for printing

6.  Shopify

Shopify's Homepage

BEST FOR  Online retail stores
PRICING Starting at $13 per month

For online retail shop owners, Shopify can be the best POS system in Singapore for you! This versatile system provides unified reports of both offline and online sales and manages inventory as well.

It also provides faster transactions for major operations so you can save time and effort and focus on your business. It’s also accessible on all devices, so you can be updated on all business transactions even when you’re on the go.

To provide an efficient customer experience, you can let them create their profiles with this system. You can also include a loyalty programme, refund and exchange policies, and even flexible checkouts.


  • Customise discount codes
  • Inventory and transfer management
  • Compatible with existing hardware

Customer Reviews

Many shop owners have found Shopify to be one of the best POS systems in Singapore that they’ve ever used. They said that this is because of its organised and well-managed database.

Here’s feedback from one of its users:

“Shopify POS and the back-end reporting has helped us analyze our business in a way that we couldn’t before. To have one POS system where every aspect of the store is put together has been helpful.”

7.  TouchBistro

TouchBistro's Homepage

BEST FOR  Restaurant owners
PRICING Starting at $69 per month

TouchBistro is the best POS system in Singapore for all restaurant owners due to its features such as menu and table management. With this platform, you can have hassle-free operations and convenient management of all transactions.

It’s designed for entrepreneurs, staff, and customers. This award-winning solution can help you set up your menu within the system, take orders, present the current best-selling menu items, and let your customers change their chosen meals through a smart self-ordering Kiosk.


  • Menu and table management
  • Self-ordering Kiosk
  • iPad POS system


8.  ShopKeep

ShopKeep's Homepage

BEST FOR  Small businesses
PRICING Get Free Quote

ShopKeep is another iPad POS system that’s built with a simple yet powerful interface where you can easily manage real-time sales inventory, stock management, reporting, and many more!

It’s one of the best POS system in Singapore for those who have a small business. It features competent point of sale and payment solutions that’ll help grow your business and take it to greater heights.

The best thing about this platform is that you can have a customised bundle to enhance the time-efficiency of your business.


  • Bookkeeping
  • Employee time tracking
  • Customer data management
  • built-in payment solutions

Customer Reviews

Many users loved the overall features of ShopKeep and praised its easy-to-use system. A business owner posted this feedback:

“I’ve used ShopKeep for a little over 3 years. I love how easy it is to use the system and train new employees. My workload is so much lighter.”

9.  Lightspeed

Lightspeed's Homepage

BEST FOR  Multi-store management
PRICING Starting at $69 per month

Lightspeed offers a powerful cloud-based business solution designed with a minimalist interface where you can keep track of your in-store and online sales. Whether it’s for retail or restaurant businesses, this best POS system in Singapore consists of features tailored to your business needs.

It’s also the perfect choice for those who own several outlets across the island, for it can manage multiple stores and even menus with a highly organised platform.


  • Full-featured offline mode
  • Integrated marketing tools

Customer Reviews

Due to its advanced features and impressive capability to manage multiple sales records, Lightspeed has earned the trust of many business owners.

A client wrote this review:

“Le Trunkshop is boosting loyalty, streamlining workflows and making better business decisions with Lightspeed POS systems.”


BEST FOR  POS Solution and Design
PRICING Depends on the Item Purchased

After encountering problems with POS vendors in the past, iCHEF has decided to create a smarter and more flexible POS system that can assist the workflow of a restaurant. They created it to be user friendly, something that will improve a restaurant’s operations greatly. Because of this, they are recognised by critics as The Most Awarded POS Design.

iCHEF is a pre-approved vendor under Enterprise Singapore’s PSG (Productivity Solutions Grant) so customers can save up to 80% on packages and IMDA’s Digital Resilience Bonus (customers can get $2500 bonus under Category 1 – Digital Ordering if they meet the qualifying criteria).

Being frustrated with the present POS systems ignited their passion to help others with their respective POS Systems. Their mission is to make running a restaurant easier, so that you can better focus on thinking of new ideas to grow your business. By acquiring their services, they hope that you will be able to work towards creating your ideal restaurant.


  • Planning and Installation
  • Free Monthly Training
  • On-site Support


BEST FOR Real-time Retail Store, Inventory Management, CRM & POS Systems
PRICING One-time license fee – quote available after requirement gathering
CONTACT DETAILS +65 62728700 or [email protected]

At IRMCS, we understand your business needs. Our user-friendly multi-channel retail software systems from Aralco enables you to tackle business challenges quickly, accurately with real-time data. 

Aralco Retail Systems accommodate a broad range of business requirements making it ideally suited to a large variety of POS applications – it delivers extraordinary powerful features retailers and their employees need to streamline every work process to improve productivity and efficiency so that they have more time to engage customers deeper.

Retailers and their customers will also benefit from seamless processing at the POS enabled by Aralco’s rich features that give cashiers the agility and flexibility to complete every transaction quickly.

Let us partner with you in creating a feature-rich and integrated management software solution for your precise business needs.


  • Robust, powerful and feature-rich software
  • Scalable and fail-safe systems
  • Unlimited database size
  • Multi-channel capability
  • Real-time data query, processing and analytics
  • Secure data communication architecture
  • Centralized database server and controls
  • Monthly software update and enhancements

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from satisfied clients:

“With over 20 stores and counting, having Aralco retail software system with the functionality for multi-store and multi-location is an asset to streamline our business”

“We had lots of limitations with our previous POS on features, file sizes, and reports – it was not real-time and we had to do batching every day which was very cumbersome.

Ever since we changed to Aralco in 2015, our team has seen lots of improvements allowing us to stay on top of everything, from the back office to our retail space. I would strongly recommend Aralco Retail Systems because it is always evolving to meet our new challenges.”

“Finally, a system that does what it says it is going to do! Aralco Retail System is very easy to use, but some parts require a certain competency.”

And that’s our list of the best POS systems in Singapore! Have you already tried one from our selected platforms? If so, then tell us about your experience as we’d like to know more about its features.

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