Giving Birth in Singapore How much does it cost
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Giving Birth in Singapore: How much does it cost?

Giving birth can be both a magical and daunting moment for a mother. Apart from the expected changes in your body from pregnancy, the cost of maintaining your health and your unborn child matters too. 

So if you’re a Singaporean resident with a due date coming up, then this guide will certainly help you. Read on to find out how much it costs to give birth in Singapore!

Pre-pregnancy Genetic Tests and Health Screening

When you’re pregnant, it’s advisable to have several tests to make sure that the baby in your womb is healthy and doesn’t have any complications. 

That said, genetic tests can help detect the state of your foetus and any genetic defects as well. Keep in mind that this procedure can cost from $650 to $1,500. 

In addition, there are also other pre-pregnancy health screenings for you to undergo including the following: 

An ultrasound can cost $150 for each visit. Blood tests can cost up to $180 while a pap smear has an average price of $80. 

Visits to your Gynaecologist

Frequent visits to the gynaecologist is a costly matter. Not only are you required to visit on a monthly basis, but you’ll also need to have a sufficient budget. 

On average, you may need around $150 to $400 for each visit. The good thing is, some clinics accept credit cards, as well as cheques and cash. 

There’s also a big difference between choosing public or private healthcare for your gynaecologist visits. In public hospitals, the costs are way cheaper but you’ll be seeing different doctors on every visit. 

For this reason, you can consider choosing a private hospital or clinic to have assurance that you’ll be having the same gynaecologist throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal Classes

In Singapore, most hospitals offer prenatal classes for soon-to-be parents. This program allows parents to know the basics about pregnancy and giving birth. 

Classes may tackle mobility, posture, lactation, and even nutritional diet. Parents are also guided and instructed on what to do when contractions happen. 

Additionally, prenatal workouts or exercise classes can help increase your strength, flexibility, and muscle endurance during childbirth. Depending on your chosen set of classes, the prices can range from $50 to $250 per class. 

Prenatal and Postnatal Massages

For many expecting mothers, prenatal massages are definitely a life saver. This is because it helps their body relax, ease the pain, and have the ultimate relief. 

In this way, you’re able to ease swollen calves, tired feet, and backaches. Meanwhile, postnatal massages help in terms of reworking and revitalising the mother’s body. 

Also, postnatal massages may include tummy wrapping, essential oils, and herbal medicines for additional healing. Typically, both of these massages can cost $100 for 60 minutes. 

The Cost of Hospital Birth in Singapore

It’s true that the largest portion of pregnancy cost will come from your delivery day. Normally, hospitals in Singapore have different ward types for patients to choose from.

A normal vaginal birth may cost the least, ranging from $681 to $4,993 in a government hospital. In private hospitals, this could cost from $4,874 to $13,000, depending on your room/ward type, doctor’s fees, to name a few.

Meanwhile, caesarean births or C-section delivery costs more due to the complexity of the procedure and the risks that come with it. Based on a Singaporean maternity guide, the cost of a C-section ranges from $11,686 to $20,438.

In some cases, your doctor may require you to have a C-section if they notice a health issue that can compromise the mother and/or baby. This emergency intervention can drastically affect your bill.  

Vitamins and Supplements Intake 

Before and after giving birth, your doctor will prescribe you with vitamins and supplements that are safe for pregnant and lactating mothers. Usually, these health products are recommended during the routine of your pregnancy check-up. 

Vitamins and supplements can cost from $100 to $300 every month. For a year, the overall cost can range from $1,200 to $3,600, so that’s something to consider too.

Maternity Insurance

One of the most important things to consider during pregnancy is maternity insurance. This is a type of health insurance plan that’s specifically designed to protect mothers from heavy costs involved with maternity treatment and childbirth. 

In fact, maternity insurance is meant to work alongside your Medishield or Integrated Shield Plan coverage, starting from $300 to $2,000 onwards. 

Further, it also provides a sum of benefits in rare cases where a mother or their child suffers from a disability or death resulting from the pregnancy. 

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