Best DNA Testing in Singapore

A Guide to Best DNA Testing in Singapore

Whether for medical purposes or legal reasons, a DNA test can answer some of the most crucial questions surrounding your life. If you need one, consider yourself lucky – today’s guide can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

We scouted the entire island in search of laboratories that offer the best DNA testing in Singapore. We made a review for each lab, including the range of their services and what makes them a perfect option.

Aside from that, we’re going to share the average cost of having a DNA test in Singapore. We answered some questions about DNA tests as well, which you’ll find in the latter part of this article.

The Cost of DNA Testing in Singapore

In terms of the cost DNA testing in Singapore, it’s worth noting that the price often varies based on the type and purpose of the test. DNA tests can be done for confirming ancestry, obtaining health-related information, or even forensic purposes.

That said, the average cost of DNA testing in Singapore typically ranges from S$300 to S$2150. DNA tests for confirming relations are more expensive than other DNA tests too.

Of course, prices may also differ from one company to another, so we recommend checking multiple clinics first to see which ones offer the most budget-friendly rates.

Other areas that a DNA test is used for including the following:

  • Fitness and performance
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Allergies
  • Skin and beauty
  • Children’s talent health
  • Personality
  • Healthy aging

Anyway, here’s a comparison of the cost of different DNA tests in Singapore:

Grandparent testing (with mother)S$700 to S$800
Grandparent testing (without mother)S$830 to S$900
Family reconstructions (up to five individuals)S$1,110 to S$1,200
Twin zygosity testS$400 to S$500
PATERNITY TEST (for legal purposes) 
Paternity/Maternity legal testing (up to three individuals)S$630
Home paternity testS$580
Blood detectionS$400 to S$450
Semen detectionS$400
DNA typing of urine samplesS$400 to S$500
DNA Typing of a single forensic sampleS$390 to S450
Criminal relationship testingS$500
Family planningS$500 to S$600
Weight lossS$820
Test for certain types of cancer, inherited and lifestyle-related diseases and other hereditary diseasesS$200 to S$300
Test for identifying potential nutritional deficienciesS$820

Other factors that may influence the cost of a DNA test are date of release of  the results and number of individuals tested. Some companies may accommodate requests for same-day and next-day results, but expect the cost to increase significantly.

If you want to receive the results as fast as within the day, then expect the price to shoot up all the way to a thousand dollars.

The Options for the Best DNA Testing in Singapore

After detailing the expected cost of DNA testing in Singapore, it’s time to look into which companies can offer their p services at a reasonable cost.

Continue reading to know the range of their services and how their sample collection process works.

1.   CircleDNA

CircleDNA's Homepage
BEST FOR   Quick turnaround time
SERVICESAncestry tracing, cancer reports, skin reports, drug response reports, stress and sleep reports, family planning reports, skin reports, traits and talent reports, and brain health reports
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

CircleDNA is capable of providing comprehensive DNA tests across 20 categories, including but not limited to ancestry, cancer, skin health, brain health, traits and talent, drug response, family planning, and health risks and disease.

Thanks to its cutting-edge DNA equipment, it has processed more than 300,000 DNA samples, with an almost perfect analytical accurate rate of 99.9% since it started in 2014.

Circle DNA uses a state-of-the-art technology called Whole Exome Sequencing, which is considered the most advanced DNA technology in the entire world. It guarantees that all results are authentic, as a result.

In terms of convenience, CircleDNA doesn’t fall short in any way. Every customer will receive an FDA-approved home testing kit that they will use to collect samples from themselves. There’s no charge for delivery and pick-up of DNA samples either.

Results of the tests can be viewed through its mobile application. It should take about one to two working days before the results get posted.


  • Uses the most advanced DNA technology
  • Free delivery and pick-up of samples
  • Can detect all types of cancers


  • Expensive

2.   GeneTrack

GeneTrack's Homepage
BEST FOR   Family DNA testing
SERVICESPaternity test, maternity test, sibling test, grandparent test, cousin test, aunt and uncle test, twin test, and ancestry testing
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

No other DNA-testing company in Singapore offers family DNA test services as extensive as GeneTrack. It’s among the few ones here that specialize in all types of family DNA tests.

Some of the DNA tests provided by GeneTrack are paternity test, maternity test, grandparent test, sibling rest, aunt and uncle test, twin test, cousin test, and ancestry testing, among others.

In fact, it’s known for being one of the top sources of DNA ancestry testing in Singapore. It has the capacity to identify where your ancestors came from and how unique your genetic profile is.

GeneTrack uses home DNA testing kits, just like most DNA companies in Singapore. Its DNA testing kits are delivered to an address within two to three working days using an express courier.

If a client opts for a standard courier, the testing is expected to arrive within seven to ten days. All testing kits use the buccal swab technique, so there shouldn’t be any trouble collecting your own samples.


  • Clients may opt for either an express or standard courier
  • Accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks


  • Processing takes about three to five business days

3.   Paternity Testing Corporation

Paternity Testing Corporation's Homepage
BEST FOR   Family and forensic DNA testing
SERVICESPaternity test, maternity test, prenatal paternity test, semen detection, erase differential extraction, grandparent DNA testing, and immigration DNA testing
ADDRESS22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76 Midview City Singapore 573969
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9187 2658

The Paternity Testing Corporation is a DNA-testing company accredited by different programs, including the American Association of Blood Banks, the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors, and the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment.

Its multiple international accreditations only prove that it can offer the best DNA testing in Singapore for personal, legal and forensic purposes.

Some of the DNA tests provided by Paternity Testing Corporation are the paternity test, maternity test, prenatal paternity test, grandparent test, and even forensic DNA test.

Since its testing site is all the way in the US, additional postage fees will be added to transport the samples from Singapore to the United States. No worries about the distances, though, because it can accommodate overnight shipping.

There may be a thousand miles between these countries, but  Paternity Testing Corporation doesn’t let it affect its task of providing fast and accurate DNA results. That’s how it made our list.


  • Offers forensic DNA tests
  • Express shipping of samples offered
  • Accredited by multiple international programs


  • Testing site is based in the US

4.   GeneLife

GeneLife's Homepage
BEST FOR   DNA tests for cancer and lifestyle-related diseases
SERVICESCancer test, test for inherited and lifestyle-related diseases personality test, ancestry test, skin test, diet test, and muscle type test
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

Are you trying to find out if you inherited a disease from your parents? If so, you might want to check out the DNA test kits provided by GeneLife, considered one of the top DNA-testing companies not only in Singapore, but in Japan as well.

It has a total of 360 test items that can identify your predisposition for inherited and lifestyle-related conditions such as shingles, hypertension, celiac disease, stroke, asthma, gout, type 2 diabetes, and hyperthyroidism, among others.

Other DNA tests offered by GeneLIfe are diet tests, skin tests, and sport tests. These tests are perfect if you’re trying to learn your obesity type, skin type, and muscle type in order to enhance your physical appearance.

GeneLife is equipped with a state-of-the-art DNA laboratory to examine genetic data. It also operates under Japan’s Ministry for Economy, Trade, and Industry’s guideless, so both generic and personal information will be stored with top-level security.

It usually takes about four to six weeks to process genetic data before the results get posted on its mobile application. It’s far longer compared to other DNA-testing companies, but those who aren’t in a rush don’t mind the waiting time given the accuracy.


  • Affordable DNA testing kits
  • For detecting cancer, inherited, and other lifestyle-related medical conditions


  • Four to six weeks of waiting time, so the slowest one among our picks

5.   Ori

Ori's Homepage
BEST FOR   Tests for beauty and fitness
SERVICESFitness test, skin and beauty test, nutrition and diet test, allergy test, and children’s health and talent test
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6817 2155
ADDRESS115 Eunos Avenue 3, #05-01 Singapore 409839

Ori carries out DNA tests for fitness, performance, allergies, talent, skin and beauty, nutrition and diet, personality, longevity, and even children’s health.

If other DNA-testing companies focus on ancestry and forensic testing, Ori promises personalised lifestyle and wellness solutions. If you want to know which skincare products match your skin, then you want to get a hold of its DNA skin tests.

Through its DNA tests, you will be able to know the right diet for you, the best beauty methods for your skin, and the best exercise to do according to your body. All of its DNA tests are painless, so no blood, ache, or needles.

Its delivery and pick-up service doesn’t come with an extra charge either, so there’s no need to drop the sample into the local mailbox and risk it getting lost.

Clients will be notified through email when their DNA test results are ready for viewing within 14 days of the sample reaching its lab.


  • Has DNA tests for improving lifestyles
  • Free delivery and pick-up of kits and samples


  • 14-day processing
  • Mostly limited to DNA tests for nutrition and beauty purposes

FAQs about DNA Testing in Singapore

Anyway, that’s it for our list of companies that offer the best DNA testing in Singapore. If you’ve been in touch with any of these DNA testing companies in the past, we’d love to hear about your experience with them.

If cancer is something that runs in your family’s DNA, by the way, then we suggest consulting with the best oncologists in Singapore as well. We feature different cancer doctors with different specialties in that list.