Curtain Cleaning Why is it part of your lease in SG
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Curtain Cleaning: Why is it part of your lease in SG?

Moving out might seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you’re living in Singapore. Aside from the usual packing, you’re also required to clean the curtains right before you leave.

For those who are new to this, you may be wondering why this is the case. We dove deep to find out why curtain cleaning is part of your lease in Singapore.

Why should you clean the curtains before moving out?

In Singapore, there’s a policy called “End of Tenancy Cleaning” where tenants are required to deep clean their rented unit before the end of the Tenancy Agreement. 

This is a way to ensure that the property has been properly taken care of and is in its best shape. It also preserves the integrity of the property.

As part of the policy, the curtains (which are naturally part of the property) should look and smell fresh. Additionally, you should clean the windows and grills too. 

It’s therefore a must to wash your curtains before moving out. You can choose between washing it in your washing machine or to get professional laundry service instead. 

What other things do you need to clean aside from curtains?

Because the cleanliness of the property is a tenant’s responsibility, this may be a hard task for those who have a busy schedule. So if you’re nearing the moving out date, it’s best to hire home cleaning services instead.

For those who have more free time or on a budget, it’s also a good option to conduct the cleaning themselves. Just make sure to thoroughly go over the spaces that are prone to mould, dirt, and dust.

To ensure that the property stays clean at all times, it’s best to clean it regularly and to avoid any bad cleaning habits throughout your lease.

Cabinets and Wardrobe

For basic cleaning, you can easily start by dusting off your wardrobe and shoe racks. For your kitchen cabinets, they may require more cleaning due to the space they occupy. 

By doing this daily or every other day, there will be less dust accumulation on those areas. At the same time, you can also wipe down the door handles and frames with a damp cloth and disinfectant spray. 

Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioner

In cases where you have a ceiling fan, it’s advisable to clean the edges of the fan blades and wipe it dry immediately. This is because a damp fan can gather more dust particles easily. 

Your aircon should also function well when your landlord assesses the unit. To make sure that it’s in good condition, you should get aircon servicing at least once a year.


When it comes to the floor, start by vacuuming the whole place first before mopping it. In this way, there will be less debris once you start scrubbing the floor.

The floor is the thing to do after the movers help you get your things out of your place. This will allow you to easily clean hard-to-reach areas that were once covered by your furniture

Why else should you follow the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

One of the main reasons why you should comply with the End of Tenancy Cleaning is for you to get your deposit back. Based on the common Tenancy Agreement in Singapore, tenants should return the house to its original state. 

That means if you’ve moved in with a perfectly clean curtain, you should leave with one too. 

If you’ve asked your landlord to clean the whole unit before, then you should do the same for your landlord when you move out as well. 

If you’ve used professional cleaning services, be sure to keep the receipt so you can give it to your landlord when you move out. 

Failure to accomplish the End of Tenancy Cleaning is an indication of a breach of contract, causing you to lose your chance of receiving your security deposit.

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