Is Singaporean food healthy
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Is Singaporean food healthy?

With plenty of festivals like the Chinese New Year where food becomes front and centre, you might wonder if there’s anything in Singapore’s cuisine that could be considered good for your health.

Is Singaporean food healthy? And being a food destination, do healthy foods actually exist in Singapore?

A meal could be healthy or unhealthy depending on the way it’s cooked

A meal could be healthy or unhealthy depending on the way it’s cooked

With staples that are high in carbohydrates like rice and noodles, Singaporean cuisine generally tips the scale of being generally unhealthy. Still, its diverse and multicultural food offerings allow healthier variations in flavour and in the way they’re prepared.

For instance, most Mediterranean food is widely considered to be the healthiest kind of cuisine on the planet. So if you want hefty amounts of protein and greens with lots of tasty dips, consider going to a Greek restaurant in Singapore.

And instead of deep-frying your meat and other ingredients, consider a less oily alternative to it. Air fryers are fast becoming a favourite kitchen appliance among health-conscious foodies because it cooks food with less grease.

A lot of Singaporean dishes are described as “sinfully delicious”

A lot of Singaporean dishes are described as “sinfully delicious”

If there’s one thing you can’t accuse Singaporean food of, it’s being bland. Spices, dips, and sauces add flavour, texture, and heat to seemingly ordinary dishes and elevate them to a true gustatory experience.

That’s why many people describe their food journey here as either “too rich” or “sinfully delicious”. Indian restaurants in Singapore serve up delicious, aromatic curries with either flatbread or basmati rice on the side which ups the carb factor.

And the uniquely Singaporean contribution to international cuisine comes in the form of Peranakan food

It offers the best of Malaysian, Chinese, and Indonesian flavours in a rich and satisfying fusion that might make you forget thoughts of dieting and caloric restrictions.

Vegan and vegetarian meals are quickly becoming popular in SG

But fret not because should you decide to go plant-based or consume less meat, you can still do so in Singapore.

It’s not too hard to locate vegan and vegetarian restaurants here with menus that promise tasty dishes minus the high cholesterol that typically comes with meat-based dishes. 

And thanks to Singapore’s flavour fusions, even vegetables can take on different flavours and textures.

There are also great vegetarian and vegan protein sources that you can find in any grocery store or speciality health shops. Quinoa, tofu, beans, and all manner of veggies and fruit are just waiting to be transformed into tasty, healthy meals for you.

Some ingredients can be swapped with healthier alternatives

Some ingredients can be swapped with healthier alternatives

Of course, if you have time to prepare your own meals, you can always swap certain ingredients with healthier alternatives. Your breakfast eggs can have just the right kind of seasoning instead of being over-salted, for one.

Milkshakes and rich smoothies can be prepared without sweeteners. Add protein powders instead of ice cream for a post-workout treat.

And if you get invited to one of the best buffets in Singapore, take some time to “study” the spread first before piling your plate with everything in sight. Get something with less grease and fat like seafood, and make sure to add fibre-rich food to your plate, too.