5 Chinese New Year Traditions and Customs in Singapore
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5 Chinese New Year Traditions and Customs in Singapore

As one of Singapore’s grandest and most celebrated occasions, this annual festivity is more than just parties and gifts. It’s also focused on the deep layer of Chinese customs and traditions. 

If you want a more profound understanding of this occasion, look into the top Chinese New Year traditions and customs in Singapore we have listed below. 

Clear out the clutter and splurge on new things. 

Ensuring that your house is in spick and span condition before the Chinese New Year is believed to be a key step in getting rid of all the traces of bad luck of the past year. 

Just note that sweeping or cleaning during the Lunar New Year is a total no-no because you’ll be driving away from the fortune and blessings of the new year. 

If you think you need professional help in cleaning your property because you don’t have enough time, here are some services that might be of help to you:

 Clear off any debts before the new year arrives. 

Another common custom followed by the Chinese people is paying off all debts before celebrating the Lunar New Year. Through this, they can enjoy the long holidays without worry and avoid bringing debts into the upcoming year. 

Of course, if you’re the one who’s owed money, you can let a debt collector service handle the repayment process for you. 

Just bear in mind that since this occasion is a time for peace, love, and understanding, it’s advised that you don’t demand too much and offer different repayment solutions to settle the matters. 

Spend time with family and enjoy reunion dinners.

CNY is mostly about family gatherings, so a reunion dinner is a symbolic way to ensure that family members come back home to remain bonded and strong for the upcoming year. 

Aside from enjoying tons of food that are believed to bring wealth, some people also prefer to dine out with their close friends and family in Chinese restaurants or steamboat buffet spots

Share wealth and blessings with loved ones. 

This annual festivity is also believed to be the best time to express affection and respect to loved ones, so gift-giving is quite normal during Chinese New Year. 

The most common gift choice is Hongbao. It’s a monetary gift that is given to children and unmarried individuals. 

It is traditionally given personally, but due to the pandemic, many people opt to send e-Hongbao using PayLah and PayNow. Anyone with a savings account or debit card from major banks in Singapore can send and receive e-Hongbao. 

In addition to that, other popular gift choices include cigarettes, alcohol, CNY hampers, CNY flowers, fruit baskets, and clothes. 

Use red clothes, packets, lanterns, banners, and decorations.

Even if you’re not Chinese, you’ll know when Chinese New Year is coming because you’ll probably see a sea of red wherever you go in the city. Since the color is associated with good luck and fortune, you’ll see red decorations, clothes, lanterns, and banners everywhere.