Unique Gender Reveal Ideas
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Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

We’ve already posted the ultimate pregnancy guide for mums-to-be in Singapore. However, it doesn’t cover the unique and often polarizing phenomenon that is called the gender reveal.

A lot of parents have embraced this new tradition while others refuse to touch it with a ten-foot pole. Personally, we think a gender reveal is a practical and fun solution for getting only the best baby gifts for your new bundle of joy!

So if you’re thinking of going the gender reveal route, we have some unique ideas you might want to try out.

Say It With Food

A lot of gender reveal gatherings rely on food cues, so it’s not as extraordinary as other ideas. Still, you can get extra creative in how you want to announce your baby’s gender using flavour, texture, colour, scent, food styling, and other means.

You can ask for help from the best catering services in Singapore to bring your menu pegs to life. They could also accommodate particular plating requests, food styling, and decorations to help with the gender reveal.

If you want the gender reveal to happen at the end of a meal, you can focus on desserts. Request a custom-made confection from your favourite cake or cupcake delivery services in Singapore and let the gender be revealed once your guests bite into their desserts!

Wear It and Share It

Not big on food-related gender reveal parties? Then just wear it on your sleeve (or other parts of your shirt).

You can get special parents, grandparents, older siblings, or even pet garments custom-made by skilled T-shirt printing services in Singapore. Statement shirts like “Grandpa to a little boy”, “Daddy’s new girl”, and other revelatory phrases can announce it plainly to anyone who sees it.

You can also opt for giveaways (wearable and otherwise) that has your future baby’s name on them. Your favourite printing service can make custom stationery, cards, picture frames, bookmarks, hand fans, and other mementoes that announces not just your baby’s gender, but also how you’d want friends and family to address him or her.

Capture the Moment

If you’re the type of parent who doesn’t want to make a big fuss with parties and organizing, you can opt for this practical idea. Simply take a photo of the moment and share it with your closest family members and friends.

Did you just get your baby’s gender revealed via ultrasound? Then make the moment a gender reveal announcement so you can share the news as soon as you hear it from your doctor!

You can take a simple snapshot from your handy digital camera and send the picture to people you want to know first. Or if you’re big on announcing things on social media, consider creating a vlog of the moment and posting it on your page.

But if you have the patience for a more formal announcement, you can schedule a visit with your favourite photo studio in Singapore. Professional photographers can come up with a beautiful family photography concept that you can frame and share with visitors.