Top Chinese New Year Festivals and Events in Singapore
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Top Chinese New Year Festivals and Events in Singapore 

The Chinese New Year celebration is one of Singapore’s most prestigious annual events. In addition to that, it’s typically celebrated not just in one day but for multiple days, so you can expect to witness a range of festivities. 

If you need a quick guide, here are some of the things you should do to see the top Chinese New Year festivals and events in Singapore. 

Witness the official light-up and opening ceremony in Chinatown. 

As CNY approaches, you will see red, big, and fancy lanterns and other colorful decorations all over the streets of Chinatown. The official light-up and opening ceremony take place on January 7, 2022, but the displays will stay until March 2, 2022. 

Since it’s the epicenter of festivities during the Chinese New Year in Singapore, we suggest you visit some of the best museums, Chinese restaurants, steamboat buffet spots, and bazaars around the area. 

Watch the live webcast of Chingay Parade. 

Chingay Parade is one of the most awaited events during the CNY. It’s a two-day parade usually held in Marina Bay, but due to the pandemic, they changed the program a little bit and focused more on inclusive online showcases of events. 

In 2022, for instance, its commemorative programs featured the stories of some volunteers, performers, and crew members of the parade. Make sure that you have reliable broadband or an efficient router to ensure that you can watch and enjoy online streaming with ease. 

Take a stroll at Flower Dome. 

Another event that many Singaporeans look forward to is the famous CNY floral display in Flower Dome – Dahlia Dreams. Aside from being the largest glass greenhouse in the world, it’s also a good spot to visit during CNY because it features different exhibitions every year. 

If you have plans to visit during CNY, it would be better to ready your digital cameras or camera phones and power banks so you can conveniently take snaps of the beautiful dahlias, chrysanthemums, tiger cub sculptures, and other fancy decorations in the place. 

Attend the River Hongbao Festival. 

The River Hongbao Festival is another iconic event that you may not want to miss during CNY. This event features life-size lantern displays and stage performances, including martial arts, music performances, and dance. 

If you want to witness this festival, you can book a time slot at River Hongbao’s official website for free. 

Experience Wan Qing Festival. 

If you’re looking for a CNY event that features festive line-ups that all ages can enjoy, you can consider attending the Wan Qing Festival. For reference, some of their CNY offerings include drum workshops, lion dances, heritage walking trails, and even arts and crafts activities for the kiddos. 

On the other hand, if you just want to watch their online programs in the comfort of your sofa bed while munching on the CNY hampers you received, you can also opt to catch the live streams on their official Facebook page.