Planning a Home Date in Singapore
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Planning a Home Date in Singapore

Have an anniversary or special day coming up but you can’t go out? We got your back!

We already wrote about the best date ideas in Singapore but circumstances might prevent you from going to the places we recommended. So, today’s listicle is about how to plan a home date in Singapore that’s high on fun and romance and easy on the pocket. 

We hope you get some great ideas from this handy guide!

Make a Special Home-Cooked Meal

Booking a fine dining restaurant with several courses is great, but nothing beats a home-cooked meal that’s lovingly prepared by you or your significant other. It can be as casual or as formal as you’d like it to be, too.

You can have lunch or dinner in your backyard and fire up the BBQ grill with your choice of meat (or vegan/vegetarian) ingredients. Or you can attempt a recipe that you’ve never done before and critique the results together.

But if you don’t have time (or cooking skills) to accomplish this, go ahead and contact the best food delivery services in Singapore instead. Sometimes, the most unforgettable dates are ones where you don’t have to do the dishes afterwards!

Learn Something New Together

If you like looking at art but your favourite museum in Singapore is closed, why not create your own art instead? Art jamming is a creative bonding experience that you can do at home via private sessions (make sure to frame the results after!).

Still don’t have cooking skills but want to give it a try? Why not take some cooking classes together so you can bond over your love of food and drinks (and doing chores)?

You can turn to musical inspiration to make your date memorable, as well. If one of you knows how to play the keyboard, why not give your date a free piano lesson with a song that’s special to both of you?

We also recommend taking some dance classes to learn those dance styles you’ve always wanted to accomplish. Dancing is also a great way to stay fit together while having fun. 

Have A Picnic On Your Porch

It doesn’t matter if you have a small home with a tiny porch. You can still make it conducive for romantic dinners and dates at home with just a few special touches. 

You can start by decorating tables or a picnic blanket with preserved flowers so you can keep them on as semi-permanent ornaments. For fresh flowers, have the best flower delivery services in Singapore whip up a custom-made bouquet to make your date extra-special.

Switch off harsh lights and create a romantic atmosphere by switching on bedside lamps or dimmable lights, instead. 

You can also get a special picnic hamper delivered for convenience and fill it up with your favourite sweets, drinks, and other treats. You can request particular goodies for a customized basket such as dark chocolates or your preferred craft beers.

Wrap up your dinner with some romantic ditties that you learned during your guitar lessons and you’ll have a date that’s going to be unforgettable.