Best Art Jamming in Singapore
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The Top 8 Studios for the Best Art Jamming in Singapore

Searching for that perfect place where you can have fun and be productive at the same time? Well, going to a studio with the best art jamming in Singapore can be a nice thing to do with your family and friends!

If you enjoy practicing your creativity or releasing your stress through art, then you should definitely visit some of the well-known art jamming studios on the island. These places are equipped with a complete set of art tools and a pleasant environment to work in.

So to help you find the best art jamming in Singapore, we’ve listed the top studios that offer great facilities, initiate fun social activities, and great ambience! See our list below to find out more about their services, prices, and locations!

1.  Arthaus

Arthaus' Art Jamming
Image Source: Arthaus
BEST FOR  Portfolio preparation for adults, Personalised course for kids
ADDRESS 901A Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 589619
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9023 0458

Arthaus engages all art enthusiasts with their cosy and stress-free environment where you can indulge yourself in a variety of art courses and workshops.

Their offered activities are categorised into ones for adults and kids, so you can also bring your children or younger relatives. In this way, you can have a good time with your whole family while enjoying the best art jamming in Singapore.

Their courses include fundamental lessons, portfolio preparation, residential and corporate murals, and more. They also have a personalised course for kids & private sessions, and can even organize a birthday party event at the studio!


  • Holiday programs
  • Commissioned works
  • Birthday party events


2.  Boulevart

Boulevart's Art Jamming
Image Source: TallyPress
BEST FOR  Seasonal workshops
ADDRESS Locations

For the professional artists who just want to relax and unwind, Boulevart offers a flexible time for walk-ins so you can do some art jamming any time of the day. You just need to check the availability of seats.

For those who haven’t done any art jamming before, they provide guided painting sessions too. They have set time slots, so make sure to book in advance and reserve a slot.

Most of their workshops are scheduled on a monthly or a quarterly basis. Still, if you prefer a private session, then you can also make a request by messaging them.

They’ve also organized countless art activities for team buildings or other corporate events — giving you the best art jamming in Singapore for big groups.


  • Corporate art activity events
  • Private sessions
  • Online shop
  • Special promotions


3.  Heartroom Gallery

Heartroom Gallery's Art Jamming
Image Source: Heartroom Gallery
BEST FOR  Beginners and advanced classes
ADDRESS Blk 41 Cambridge Road #01-17 Singapore 210041 Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS +65-6816-1190

Heartroom Gallery features a variety of classes for beginners and advanced lessons for those who already have an art background or art jamming experience. For their best art jamming in Singapore, they have options for team building, party events, and even for couples!

When it comes to art classes, they offer manga drawing classes, Chinese brush painting classes, acrylic art classes, and special classes for kids. All of their sessions come with a fixed schedule, so make sure to plan ahead.


  • Art jamming for couples
  • Off-site art jamming events


4.  Art Jam Studio

Art Jam Studio's Art Jamming
Image Source: Art Jam Studio
BEST FOR  Group art jams
ADDRESS 8 Burn Road #05-10 Trivex Singapore 369977
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6655 2811

Art Jam Studio offers sessions for both individuals and groups. For their individual art jam, you can choose between guided and non-guided sessions: both have specific time slots, so advanced booking is highly advised.

You can also rent the studio for group art jams and their rooms come in different sizes, so whether you plan to bring your close family and friends or do a team building, you can use their space. You can also opt for guided sessions and other additional services.

There are workshops for adults and kids and all are offered with packages that feature 4 sessions in a month. With this range of services, they truly have some of the best art jamming in Singapore.


  • Off-site art jamming
  • Membership perks


5.  Arteastiq

Arteastiq's Art Jamming
Image Source: Arteastiq
BEST FOR  Artwork analysis, Team building sessions
ADDRESS Locations

Arteastiq introduces a new, informative, and unique concept of art jamming as your freely expressed paintings are analysed by professional trainers. They’ll interpret the personalities of each individual or a team through artwork.

Their art jamming sessions are very good for team building events, so if you’re currently looking for the ideal group activity to do during your company outing, then you should try their best art jamming in Singapore.


  • Events and catering
  • Special promotions


6. Team Bonding

BEST FOR Team Building Activities
PRICING Contact for more information
ADDRESS 14 Greenmead Ave, Singapore 289406
CONTACT DETAILS (+65) 9178 1234 | [email protected]

Art jamming, improv performances and more. This is what Team Bonding by Singexperience offers; a wide array of team building activities that all serves the purpose of bringing a group of people closer and work together.

Team bonding offers a full range of group activities from puzzles, amazing races, music, performance, escape rooms, baking and even technology-centric activities. The best part is that you can participate in all these team building activities even at the comfort of your home, because Team Bonding also offers online and virtual team buildings!

Connect, communicate, solve, explore and experience one of the best team building programs with Team Bonding.


  • Online and virtual team building
  • International Team Buildings
  • Various activities of different genres


7. Spin Paint House

BEST FOR Funky, spacious studio with custom-built Spin Art tables
PRICING  2 pax package – $119, 4 pax package – $220, 1 Adult 1 Child Package – $95
ADDRESS 61 Kaki Bukit Place, #04-00, S416233
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]

Popularised by famous artists such as Damien Hirst and Callen Schaub, Spin Art is as mesmerizing as it is complex, requiring the use of a fast-spinning device to attach your canvas on.

Spin Paint House has designed and built their own spin tables, making it easy for anyone to engage in this viral art jamming trend – with just paint and a little trust in the process!

Learn to create amazing pieces of art, with instruction from their friendly staff, all the tools you might need and even private booths for safe-distancing. Each booth is equipped with ring lights and tripods to capture the making of your masterpiece!


  • Custom-built spin tables and wheels make it suitable for all ages
  • Everything is provided – just show up!
  • Play with pendulums and swinging trapezes
  • Private booths with safe distancing measures & ring lights to capture the process


8. Visual Arts Centre – Art Workshops

BEST FOR Group Art Jams
*Additional top up of $55 for subsequent sessions

Dhoby Ghaut Studio:
10 Penang Road,
#01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green,
Singapore 238469

MacPherson Studio: 
140 Paya Lebar Road, #03-04 [email protected] Lebar, Singapore 409105


Tel: 6255 0711 / 6733 2155

Email: [email protected]

Visual Arts Centre provides a Guided Art Jamming Workshop that allows you to be creative and adventurous, yet be guided under a professional art instructor. Suitable for beginners, this workshop is great for friends and families to come together for a painting session.

Join us and experience the Best Art Jamming experience in Visual Arts Centre’s cosy art studio! Choose between two studios – Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Studio / Visual Arts Centre MacPherson Studio – located conveniently within one minute walking distance from the MRT.

The Guided Art Jamming Workshop is a friendly experience for a complete beginner, and is also suitable for those with prior experience in art! For those who’ll enjoy painting but aren’t sure of your abilities or what to paint – fret not!

Visual Arts Centre’s art instructors will be able to guide you and provide tips and suggestions on picture references or themes that you can paint!

Be it a scenic image of a seaside, an abstract piece reflective of your current mood, or an artwork featuring your favourite pet – they’ll be able to help you and provide suggestions to compose your work and to tailor the art jamming session, so the subject may not intimidate you as well!

A simple composition takes only 1 session to complete! Beginners will be recommended to paint Landscapes and Scenic landscapes Scenes, or more creative compositions! For those who may want to choose a more challenging subject, you may also add on for another one or few more sessions to be guided to complete your artwork.


  • Convenient Location
  • Complimentary beverages 
  • Relaxing environment
  • Affordable rates
  • Guidance by professional art teachers
  • All art materials provided


That’s it for our list of the best art jamming in Singapore! Have you already had an art jamming experience before? If so, then share with us your story as we’d love to hear about it!

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