Best Workshops in Singapore

The 41 Best Workshops in Singapore

Are you looking for something to do during your free time? Why not try the best workshops in Singapore during weekends?

Singapore might be a relatively tiny island, but there are lots of activities to do to keep yourself productive even on weekends. After eating out with friends, you might want to drop by the best workshops in Singapore as a way of destressing after a week of work.

Check them out below to see where to find the best workshops in Singapore:

1. Singapore Visual Arts Centre

Singapore Visual Arts Centre's Classes

BEST FOR  Art Immersions, Online Art Class
PRICE Contact for more information
ADDRESS 10 Penang Road,, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469
CONTACT DETAILS 6255 0711 / 6733 2155 | [email protected]

The first of its kind to be an interactive art venue in the heart of Singapore, which offers classes to enrich and integrate art into the lives of the people, Singapore Visual Arts Centre is one of the most popular and well-loved arts center in the country.

They have an array of workshops to choose from that can be done both in person or online, if ever a student is not available to go in the center but still want to learn in the comforts of their home.

There are different mediums to choose from: Oil, acrylic, water colour, or the traditional sketching. Singapore Visual Arts Centre aims to hone the skills of their students by letting them be well-acquainted with the medium of their choice. Or if by chance they want to learn using all of them, an art immersion is presented that gives flexibility to switch between these mediums (excluding oil painting).

Materials are provided with the art course you’ve paid for, so worry not about bringing things to the studio. They also have one-on-one classes and team building activities on the table if you want to receive the maximum guidance or just a fun day with people you want to get close to.

No matter how old you are, it isn’t too late to start with art; all you need to have is the passion and drive to learn. A really good workshop to help you in your adventure would also do you good, so let that be Singapore Visual Arts Centre.


  • Exhibition gallery
  • Quality materials
  • Experienced teachers

2.  Basic Photography

Basic Photography's Homepage

BEST FOR  Professional Photographers
PRICE $420.00
ADDRESS 155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977
CONTACT DETAILS 65 6336 2957 | [email protected]

People who have always wanted to explore photography will finally get to do so through Objectifs’s Basic Photography workshop. It’s among the few workshops offered by Objectifs, on top of film workshops, corporate workshops, community workshops, and many more.

For over 6 sessions, you will be able to sharpen your photography skills through classroom sessions, guided shoots, and group critiques. Of course, each session is taught by an experienced and professional photographer working in Singapore.

After the workshop, participants are expected to know how to shoot in available light, be familiar with techniques of composition, and the basics of flash photography. What’s more, it’s offered at an affordable price despite being one of the best workshops in Singapore.

All you need to bring to the Basic Photography workshop is your own digital camera or DSLR — everything else will be provided by Objectifs.


  • Affordable fees
  • 6 sessions
  • Experienced photographers

3.  Buttercream Floral Cake Workshop

Buttercream Floral Cake Workshop's Class
Source: Nanatang Workshops
BEST FOR  Cake Enthusiasts
PRICE $158.00
ADDRESS 41 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169358
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9199 8928

Have you always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes? If so, then Nanatang’s Buttercream Floral Cake Workshop is the ideal workshop for you!

This particular workshop is for those curious about baking, as a result. Participants will be taught basic flower piping and cake decorating by Serena, the bakeshop’s head.

One of the reasons we consider it one of the best workshops in Singapore is that it can be joined by everyone — even if you have no experience with decorating cakes. What’s more, it only costs a fraction of the prices of other cake workshops in the island.

Serena is a genius at inspiring participants. If you join one of her workshops, you’ll learn there’s more to cake than just mixing ingredients and putting them in the oven — that the art of decorating is just as important a process.

Among the key learning points of the workshop are cake recipes, meringue ingredients, piping methods, making frosting, and many more.


  • Affordable rates
  • Small class
  • Professional baker facilitates the class

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews posted by past participants:

“Excellent experience. I already recommended Nanatang to a friend who loves baking. Hope to join another class soon. Serena is really patient and explains every step of the process. We are also allowed to take photos and take videos for our own reference which is so valuable for our learning. Beautiful and great tasting piece of work! Convenient location and very appropriate class size in a comfortable working environment.”

“The class was small and cosy and Serena taught us four types of buttercream flowers. Serena guided us individually and was very patient with all of us. Will sign up again if there are new designs to learn. Thanks Serena!”

4.  Acrylic Pour Discovery Workshop

Acrylic Pour Discovery Workshop's Outputs
Source: Room to Imagine
BEST FOR  Art Enthusiasts
PRICE $110.00
ADDRESS 395  Jalan Besar, #04-01, Singapore 209006
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]

Room to Imagine’s Acrylic Pour Workshop gives people a chance to explore the other side of traditional painting. While we highly recommend it to those with prior experience with painting, it can also be a fun workshop for people seeking to develop a new hobby.

If you have a kid whom you want to be artistically-inclined, the Acrylic Pour Workshop might be the ideal activity for them. Participants will learn the history of acrylic painting, golden ratio in painting, and learn the three essential pour techniques.

We name it one of the best workshops in Singapore as it’s been proven to be an awakening experience for some people who want to explore painting as a hobby. What’s more, art enthusiasts get to learn about other media used in painting.


  • No age limit
  • Complete materials provided

5.  One Day Pottery Class

One Day Pottery Class' Outputs
Source: Studio Asobi
BEST FOR  Small Class Size
PRICE $80.00
ADDRESS Hougang Ave 2, Block 705, Singapore 530705
CONTACT DETAILS 92488882 | [email protected]

If you’re looking for a workshop that won’t be too much of a commitment, then consider checking out Studio Asobi’s One Day Pottery Class.

Each class will take no more than 3 hours to finish. At the end of the session, you will have taken in the basics of pottery and applied them yourself.

Participants don’t need prior experience in pottery as this workshop is tailored for beginners. Among the key learning points of the workshop are an overview of pottery making, handbuilding, and coiling techniques.


  • One-day workshop
  • Cozy art studio

6.  Anmon Teepee Yoga & Sound Retreat

Anmon Teepee Yoga & Sound Retreat's Homepage

BEST FOR  Immersive soundscape experience
ADDRESS 2B Stanley Street
Singapore 068721
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]

Wanting a mind, spirit, and life revitalization and transformation? Space 2B will definitely fulfill that need of yours through the power of meditation. With their dedicated collective of mindfulness mentors, you will surely won’t be disappointed and will just get the satisfaction and fulfillment you are longing.

You’ll reconnect with nature while nourishing your soul with ancient sound medicine. Immerse your body and mind along with the sounds of your surroundings. This workshop will make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.


  • Deluxe Tipi Tent accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Welcome and Thank you Dinner.

7.  Bath Bombs Making

Bath Bombs Making's Products

BEST FOR  Bath and Soap enthusiasts
ADDRESS Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road #03-04
Singapore 238858
CONTACT DETAILS 96695953 | [email protected]

Interested in fun and easy way of producing your own bath bombs? Bath bombs you may sell, give as a gift to your family and friends, or just for personal body use. Other than being known as a trusted seller of soaps and skin care products, Soap Ministry offers a unique ‘do it yourself’ sbath bomb workshop that everyone will surely enjoy.

Melt and pour soap, cold process soap, bath bomb, skin care, candle, and more- experience to create all of this in the most fun way possible. The Soap Ministry DIY workshop is available for birthday parties, hen parties, private parties, corporate workshops, schools and team bonding, individuals, events, client appreciation, and more.


  • Eco friendly, child friendly, halal safe, animal friendly, and biodegradable products.
  • Wide selection of designs, oils, and natural herbs for customer to use.
  • Provides ‘do it yourself’ workshops suitable for all kinds and ages of people

8.  Zoetryandletters

Zoetryandletters' Homepage

BEST FOR  Art and Calligraphy
PRICE Contact for more information
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]

Other than branding and illustration services for brands commercial products, and custom calligraphy for companies and events, Zoetry and Letter provides workshops for individuals and small groups. The workshop includes beginner/intermediate lettering workshop, creative journaling basics, corporate workshops, and more.

Suited for everyone, with kids, friends, family, and even company, Zoetry and Letters surely provides creative workshops that everyone will definitely enjoy. For honing one’s creativity skill and talent, Zoetry and Letters is the best place.


  • Great place for creativity development
  • Provides best quality artistic services
  • Unique connection with audiences

9.  KGC Workshops

KGC Workshops' Homepage

BEST FOR  Car service
PRICE Contact for more information
ADDRESS 14 Ang Mo Kio Street 63, Block B, Singapore 569116

Considered a revolutionary in automotive industry, Koh Guan Chua or KGC Workshop is considered to be one of most trusted and best automotive care service provider. From spray painting workshop, KGC has really evolved into something bigger.

KGC Workshop provides services from interior car maintenance and servicing, gearbox repair, car aircon servicing and computer diagnosis. To exterior car bodyworks spray painting, bodykit, upholstery cleaning, car wrapping, car grooming and detailing to car paint protection. Even car accessories like in-car camera and aftermarket parts. After sales services including car inspection, car insurance and road tax renewal and insurance claim as well.


  • Excellent customer service
  • One stop workshop for all your automotive needs
  • Tested and trusted quality since 1967

10.  Commune Kitchen

Commune Kitchen's Homepage

BEST FOR  Cooking for one & all…
PRICE Contact for more information
ADDRESS OUE Social Kitchen
Level 3, Downtown Gallery
6A Shenton Way, Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS 65 88214805 | [email protected]

Commune Kitchen is a Singapore-based cooking school that offers affordable, hands-on cooking classes across a broad spectrum of cuisines – Chinese, Southeast Asian, Middle-eastern, along with Gluten-free and Vegetarian cooking. Popular cooking classes include traditional Chinese dumplings, Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), gluten-free dumplings, and middle-eastern, and are sought after by both locals and tourists alike.

All courses are taught by professional chefs in a state-of-the-art kitchen in Downtown Gallery. Participants are split into small groups on individual stations with plenty of room for hands-on cooking and practicing. Apart from weekly cooking classes, Commune Kitchen also accepts bookings for kids parties, corporate team building sessions and private cooking sessions for up to 60 people.


  • Affordable, hands-on cooking class for all ages
  • State-of-the-art kitchen
  • Conveniently located near Tanjong Pagar MRT

11.  3 Small Accessories Workshop

3 Small Accessories Workshop's Outputs

BEST FOR  Leather products and leather craft
ADDRESS 2 Haji Lane, #02-01
CONTACT DETAILS 65 8218 4223 or 65 9107 5168

Known for producing quality leather goods, Crafune also provides a workshops to share the beauty of the art of leathercraft. People get the chance through Crafune to expand their creativity skills by learning and practicing their leathercraft skills.

Learning the unique art of leathercraft is open to everyone, even with kids. Crafune offers private and corporate workshops for groups who are looking for team building or just a simple bonding. Basic knowledge of leather, leather crafting techniques, and how to care for your leather products are the basic topics to be covered during the session. At the end, everyone is expected to learn and get to create their own personalized leather goods.


  • Environmental friendly materials and products
  • Provides new, unique, and interesting skill to learn
  • Suitable for everyone

12.  Teardrop Terrarium Workshop

Teardrop Terrarium Workshop's Outputs

BEST FOR  Plant-related crafts
PRICE $45 nett/pax for corporate workshops above 30 pax
$68 nett/pax for 2-6 pax
ADDRESS #05-01 41 Jalan Pemimpin Kong Beng Industrial Building S577186
CONTACT DETAILS 65 91778587 | [email protected]

Looking for a unique bonding experience among friends, family, couples or colleagues? Crafts for Green has an answer to that with their plant-related crafts workshop that is open for everyone.

Crafts for Green which is known for the specialty in customisation of plant crafts for gifts and events, has also already evolved to a good platform in further sharing the beauty of the plant and art fusion. The workshops offered by Crafts for Green can be for team buildings, kids, and couples.


  • Fun and easily arrangeable workshops
  • Bundle offers with reasonable prices
  • Best quality of artistry

13.  DF Academy

DF Academy's Class

BEST FOR  Online Hip Hop and K-Pop Performing Dance School
PRICE Contact for more information
CONTACT DETAILS 6587178869 | [email protected]

DF Academy is the best place for those who are interested to learn hip-hop and k-pop performing dance. It is an established institution with almost thousand students who are honing their skills in the art of performing and dancing. DF Academy welcomes all willing learners regardless of the age.

Everyone and anyone can become a dancer, this is the vision DF Academy is upholding. About a hundred classes are conducted weekly in their various studios and schools, with the diverse students who comes from different places and ages. They also offer regular corporate classes, DnD training and periodic dance workshops for government and private entities.


  • Locally and internationally acclaimed instructors
  • Dance, learn, and bond like a family
  • Conducive learning environment

14.  Fashion Makerspace

Fashion Makerspaces' Class

BEST FOR  Clothing and fashion products
PRICE Contact for more information
ADDRESS 258A South Bridge Road Singapore 058807
CONTACT DETAILS 81397787 | [email protected].com

A trusted clothing, sewing, and fashion company, Fashion Makerspace also provides classes, workshops, and events for anyone interested. From kids to adults, bridesmaids to corporate executives, Fashion Makerspace have all that kind of classes. Anyone who will enroll in the class will definitely learn about sewing, pattern making, digital design, bags and accessories, customised projects and more.

Fashion Makerspace’s workshops with complete workspace, tables, sewing machines, tools, computer, projectors and more. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you are invited here. You can learn, share knowledge, buy, and be retail partner all at once.


  • Quality fashion and clothing products
  • Convenient and fun classes and workshops
  • Be a customer, learner, and retailer

15.  Ecoponics

Ecoponic's Output

BEST FOR  Terrariums and aquaponics
PRICE Contact for more information
37 Jalan Pemimpin 577177
CONTACT DETAILS 6553 5663 / 9421 8886 | [email protected]

With the aim to enrich and educate future communities on living an eco-friendly lifestyle, EcoPonics conducts fun and engaging workshops. These include Do It Yourself Terrarium workshop, Candle Making workshop, art jamming workshop, leather making workshop, and more.

EcoPonics is known for their specialty in Terrariums and Aquaponics Systems in Singapore, also offers interactive Aquaponics Science Programmes that provides hands-on learning for kids and adults. They also conduct Corporate Terrarium Team Building Workshops for small and large companies, with the promise of lots of fun, laughter and interaction for all.


  • Eco-friendly programs and advocacies
  • Enhanced science programmes and workshops
  • Fun and educational for all

16.  Scented Candle Making

Scented Candle Making

BEST FOR  Candle Making
PRICE Contact for more information
ADDRESS 37 Jalan Pemimpin,
Mapex Building,
Singapore 577177
CONTACT DETAILS Call Us: (+65) 6355 0329

Finding a wide-range, fun, engaging, and team-building workshops? Well Epic Workshops Singapore is just the best provider for that. Offering a lot and diverse events, activities, and workshops, for you, your family and friends to enjoy, Epic Workshop guarantees a fun and unforgettable experience for everyone.

You can create your own candles without having to spend so much. You can utilizes natural ingredients such as plants and fruits.


  • Wide-range of workshops and activities
  • Excellent service quality
  • Beyond satisfaction experiences

17.  Perfume Workshop SG

Perfume Workshop SGs Final Product

PRICE Contact for more information
ADDRESS 51 Imbiah Road, Singapore 099702
CONTACT DETAILS Phone : +65 9732 8004
Email: [email protected]

Want to smell and feel good? Perfume Workshop is the right place for you. More than selling best and aromatic perfume with different scent variety that you can choose from, Perfume Workshop also provides and opportunity for anyone and everyone to create their own perfume.

Perfume Workshop offers services such as Couple and Bridal Shower perfume workshop, Scentosa workshop, Aromatherapy Team Bonding, and many more. Activities provided are open for everyone and will definitely be interesting and enjoyable.


  • Excellent perfume and scent products
  • Fun perfumery activities
  • Well-researched perfumery ingredients

18.  Polymer Clay Jewelry Workshop

Polymer Clay Jewelry Workshop's Product

BEST FOR  Jewelry making
ADDRESS Tinkle Arts Pte Ltd

c/o SIA-Minds Employment Development Centre,

800 Margaret Drive, Level 4,

Singapore (149310)

CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
+65 8688 5970

Specializing in creating miniature clay art, Tinkle Arts Pte Ltd is a social enterprise that holds arts workshops and events that are open for everyone interested. What makes Tinkle Arts Pte Ltd more special is that employs person with special needs to co-facilitate the art workshops.

Get to have fun in creating miniature clay art and other arts workshops while gaining awareness and helping those who are in underprivileged communities. Tinkle Arts makes and sells handmade accessories, magnets, clay craft products, miniature dollhouse supplies, and more. Other services includes birthday parties, individual workshops, community events, handmade merchandise, team bonding workshops, and many more.


  • Diverse and inclusive environment
  • Charitable events and activities
  • Different fun arts and crafts workshops

19.  LessonsGoWhere

LessonsGoWhere's Homepage

BEST FOR  E-commerce platform
PRICE Contact for more information
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]

LessonsGoWhere is Singapore’s first online marketplace for all the self-improvement and career enhancing lessons you’ll ever need. LessonsGoWhere provides a practical and convenient platform for those who are offering different kinds of classes, lessons, and workshops, and those who are interested to learn, to connect.

Get to explore and enroll in different classes you might be interested in without the hassle of physically having transaction. In LessonGoWhere, it will be a lot easier through their organized database that will help you to easily discover different type of lesson, classes, and workshops ranging from arts, cooking, dance, language, music, technology, and many more categories.


  • Wide-range database of lessons, classes, and workshops
  • Convenient processes
  • E-commerce platform aggregating all lessons offered in Singapore and overseas

20. Maketh Project

Maketh Project's Homepage

BEST FOR  Arts and Crafts
PRICE $20 to $175
ADDRESS 68B Race Course Rd, Singapore, 218571
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | +65 6610 3934

Created in 2014, Maketh Project spreads the passion for creativity through their eminent workshops in the art of leathercrafting. By engaging creators from different backgrounds—whether experienced or not—they are able to inculcate a vibrant culture of mentorship and community in their crafting sessions. The enjoyable workshops are held at their crafting studio, which allows 35 pax, but they are still able to cater to bigger groups by bringing the workshops to their customers.

Maketh Project has different workshops available, but they are renowned for having organized over 200 corporate workshops. Catering to many corporations, they are able to design workshops that are both inviting and innovative – which is always invigorating for the corporations’ staff and crew!

Offering a comprehensive corporate workshop, this company integrates the following skills and techniques in their program: cutting of leather, punching of holes, stitching, and personalized de-bossing of name or initials. If you or your company is interested in what was mentioned, consider booking a session with Maketh Project!


  • Friendly and professional service
  • Engages both avid and novice crafters

21. Singapore Freediving Academy

Singapore Freediving Academy's Homepage

BEST FOR  Beginner to Advanced Freediving
PRICE $80 – $750
ADDRESS 3 Jln Binchang, Singapore 578580
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | +65 9622 4393

As a key organization in developing the potential and skill of individuals in the Freediving scene, Singapore Freediving Academy offers a distinctively professional quailty to its available courses, while maintaining safety standards for its instructors and its students. Moreover, their programs are 100% backed by leading training agencies, and their certified instructors are highly experienced and trained, thereby producing great results in their own freediving career and in helping students learn more.

Singapore Freediving Academy offers a “Training Techniques” workshop which is a one-day course for those who are intent on improving their freediving skills and are confident to learn different training options. During the program, skills and lessons to be practiced are the “static apnea tables, dynamic apnea tables, and apnea walking tables.” If you dream of being a confident and relaxed freediver, enroll in this workshop!

*A prerequisite of this workshop is a Basic Freediving Certification.


  • Highly trained, experienced, and enthusiastic certified instructors
  • Consistent 100% track of podium standings and notable achievements
  • Certification is given once program is completed

22. Amy Lim Healing

Amy Lim Healing's Homepage

BEST FOR  Spirituality courses
PRICE $500
ADDRESS Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | +65-90013828

Amy Lim is a respected energy healer and animal communicator, with excellent and intrinsic skills that often amazes people during her sessions. The Weekend Animal Communication and Healing Workshop is a 2-day program which equips attendees with necessary knowledge on how to properly heal and communicate with a pet – even the departed ones. Akin to a retreat, it also empowers individuals to expand their spirituality and connect with their inner child.

This workshop also features a lovely walk in the Botanic Garden, which people have testified to be helpful in “regaining positive energy” and “connecting with nature.” To those who feel called and believe that they possess a strong healing energy, visit Amy Lim Healing to learn more about the fulfilling journey you may embark on through the Weekend Animal Communication and Healing Workshop!


  • Workshop content is inspiring and encouraging
  • Warm and patient instructor

23. Souldeelight

Souldeelight's Logo

BEST FOR  Arts and Crafts
PRICE Individual class rate: SGD 180
ADDRESS 19B Hillview Avenue #05 -04, 669555 Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | +65 9102 5012

Whether or not you are experienced in calligraphy, engaging in the workshops provided by Souldeelight is most definitely a great experience! Souldeelight, which is led by Dee, a Certified Art Therapist and freelance creative artist promotes creativity by teaching others needed art skills through her workshops. For only SGD 180, the modern calligraphy 2-session workshop allows beginners to understand the intricacies of calligraphy.

If you are worried about not having enough materials, these will be provided in Dee’s classes, and attendees will be able to take these home, too. To those who have always been drawn to creative pursuits, consider joining one of Dee’s classes for an incredible journey with art!


  • Friendly and excellent instructor
  • Understandable and clear content for beginners
  • Provided materials during the workshop

24. Artz Grainè Art Studio

Artz Grainè Art Studio's Homepage

BEST FOR  Arts and Crafts
PRICE $500
ADDRESS Queen’s Studio, Blk 4 Queen’s Road, #02-107 S(260004), Farrer Road MRT, Exit B
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | [email protected] | +65 6475 7688]

For the purpose of art cultivation, Artz Graine prides itself in the belief that each individual has the artistic potential to unleash a hidden talent, especially when guided and inspired to appreciate art in its genuine beauty.

If you are looking for a workshop to equip your children with techniques and skills that allow self-expression, then this is for you!

For parents who value their children’s artistic capabilities, consider enrolling them in Rye Portfolio. This is a program by Artz Graine for 8-12 year old who are intent on building their portfolio as part of their Direct School Admission (DSA) application to art schools, secondary schools and others. Those who enroll in this class are able to tap into their artistic potentialities because of the learning environment provided by Artz Graine.

Sessions are done once a week for 1 hour and 30 minutes, but this course encourages proper training with needed commitment and perseverance, therefore allowing some students to attend more than once a week.


  • Cohesive learning environment
  • Encouraging instructors for children
  • Relaxing atmosphere

25. Art Jamming

Art Jamming's Room
Source: Artefakts
BEST FOR  Arts and Crafts
ADDRESS 90 Goodman Road Goodman Arts Centre Block O, #02-64 Singapore 439053
CONTACT DETAILS 81894281 | [email protected]

If you want a workshop that will unleash your creative side, then Art Jamming is the perfect match for you! Every art session includes painting, drawing, making crafts, and anything related to arts — which are some of the most effective ways of detoxing after a stressful week at work.

Even people who don’t have experience in art are encouraged to join the session — and most of those who do say it’s one of the best workshops in Singapore. Participants will be serenaded with feel-good music for two hours and a half through the duration of the workshop.

Complimentary drinks and sodas will also be served to keep participants chill during the entire workshop.

What’s more, Art Jamming can also be seen as a form of art therapy, where participants get to release bad energies and express themselves through drawing and painting.


  • Air-conditioned art studio
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Friendly facilitators

26. My Fishing Frenzy Academy

My Fishing Frenzy Academy's Class

BEST FOR  Private Yacht Fishing
PRICE $100 – $1,450
ADDRESS 11 Cove Dr, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497
CONTACT DETAILS + 65 9003 7485 | [email protected]

If you’re looking in venturing into a new hobby, maybe try something out in the sea? My Fishing Frenzy Academy offers a once in a lifetime experience of having to fish in a ferry with the experts for a solid price. You can start as a beginner, learning all the basic know-hows as a fisher, or if perhaps you’re feeling a little bit of a professional, try out their Advanced or Captain Angler. There are so many possibilities, and the thrill of being able to catch big fishes is surely something worth your time.

They also offer an activity made for team buildings or just a old casual family bonding. This induces an innovative way of having fun while fishing, learning the basic techniques while learning the values of this particular hobby. A private yacht fishing is also on the menu if you’d want to have the peace of fishing on your own or with just a group of friends.

To top it all of, you’ll be able to cook what you catch! So get your gears on and let’s get on with the fishing.


  • Several difficulty levels
  • 12 months validation of each courses
  • MFFA certificate upon completion of course
  • Discount vouchers for multiple courses

27. Street Photography

Street Photography's Homepage

BEST FOR  Photography workshops
PRICE $80 (max 12 participants, and min 5 participants)
ADDRESS 1 Kallang Junction, level 6
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | +65 8133 5134

School of Photography Singapore is committed to working with any person who is interested in manning a camera. It doesn’t matter what skill level a person has, because they have various courses and workshops that cater to users depending on their level of skill.

A great example of which is their Street Photography workshop, where participants are introduced to the hybrid form of documentary and art. Joining means you’ll be given a chance to work with a professional photographer while capturing photos that feature candid situations from public spaces, like parks, streets, beaches, and malls.


  • Session lasts around 2 hrs
  • Best images taken may be submitted for publication
  • After workshop training program available

28. The Improv Company

The Improv Company's Team
Source: YWL Photography
BEST FOR  Improvisation workshops
PRICE Starting from $20/pax, price varies depending on workshop
ADDRESS 62b South Bridge Rd
Singapore 058692
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]

Kim (Artistic Director): +65 8518-4738
Hazel (Producer): +65 9277-8033
Miguel (Production Manager): +65 9107-3091

The Improv Company was founded in 2013 upon the goal of making improv accessible to the population of Singapore.

As the name implies, ‘improv’ (short for ‘improvisational theatre & comedy’) is a unique theatre form wherein performers have no scripts. Instead, performers create their narratives live in front of their audience. This often leads to fun and entertaining stories for viewers of all stripes.

Workshops with The Improv Company are mostly short but specialised. Their recurring flagship workshop – ‘Improv for Everyone’ – is a 2-hour session that explains how improv works. Through simple yet fun exercises, participants get to practice applying improv rules and see how improv can also be applied in daily circumstances. The Company also offers a variety of other short-term workshops that dig deep into specific topics about the wondrous world of improv.

Check out The Improv Company’s website to gain further details on any future workshops they may hold. You surely won’t regret it!


  • Workshops are about specific topics
  • Features renowned performers as mentors
  • Various skill levels welcomed

29. Heart Room Gallery

Heart Room Gallery's Students

BEST FOR  Freestyle painting
PRICE Contact Heart Room Gallery for more details
ADDRESS Heartroom Gallery
Blk 41 Cambridge Road, #01-17 Singapore 210041
CONTACT DETAILS +65-6816-1190 | [email protected]

Stationed in the heartland of Singapore, far away from the bustling life of the towns nearby, Heart Room Gallery offers an experience that you’ll certainly be wanting to come back for.

Their art workshops are catered for anyone who’s interested in art, which means almost all the classes are not leveled and can be both for beginner and pros. Being in the field of art since 1996, rest assured that their teachers are very much experienced and can make your time enriching and worth the while.

Aside from individual classes, Heart Room Gallery also offers Art Jamming made for families and/or groups of people who would want to use art to bond and have fun together. Take a look for their other services in their website and don’t be afraid to ask them inquiries!  Have art change how you view life, take classes with Heart Room Gallery.


  • Touching lives through art
  • Meet new people
  • Paint what you want

30. Global Art Sengkang

Global Art Sengkang's Classes

BEST FOR  Arts and Crafts
PRICE Contact Global Art Sekang for more details
ADDRESS 11 Rivervale Crescent, #02-01E , Rivervale Mall Singapore 545082
CONTACT DETAILS 63840933 / 92250313 | [email protected]

Global Art Sengkang aspires to nurture young minds to be imaginative while also unlocking creative potentials through workshops. Aside from these, the company also aims to spread awareness — that learning art can be used to improve upon the intellectual potential of students.

With this, you can rest assured that kids will be guided accordingly regardless of the workshop chosen. They will be taught by teachers who are experienced in various fields of art and are up to date with proper teaching methods.

Currently, they are offering Live Learning via Zoom for Acrylic Painting and G-Clay Projects. Old and new students alike can improve upon their skills and explore their passion for arts and crafts without leaving the safety and comfort of their homes!

In Global Art Sengkang, the main priority are the students. They make sure they learn, make friends and at the same time have fun making art without difficulty. Enrolling your kids will be surely fun and exciting! See you there!


  • Junior Programme
  • Visual Art Programme
  • G-Clay / Handicrafts
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Culture Programme
  • Cartoon and Comic

31. Make Your Own

Make Your Own Class

BEST FOR  Corporate Workshops
ADDRESS Blk 4 Upper Aljunied Ln, #01-06, Singapore 360004
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]

Make Your Own was created to help people find their love for art and hone their skills with fun and exciting activities. The shop was established in 2013 and until now, continues to bring smiles and satisfaction to each and every client they have serviced.

Whether it’s for a corporate event or just a family get together, Make Your Own ensures that they have workshops catered for everyone. They offer classic activities like Art Jam or Calligraphy, and even more the more unusual ones like Floralscape and Wiregraphy.

There’s more activities to see on their site, so do check out their services and book now!


  • Free Local Delivery

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what a satisfied client had to say about Make Your Own’s amazing workshops and services:

“You’d be surprised to find a really chill, fun couple activity place in this area. Really nice music and atmosphere, fun and relaxing thing to do on your own or with your partner” – Martin Kadiev

32. The Potter’s  Guilt

The Potter's  Guilt's Class

BEST FOR  Pottery Session
$55.00- $480.00
CONTACT DETAILS  [email protected]

With its cozy and well-equipped ceramics studio located in the heart of the city, The Potter’s Guilt is the best place to learn from some of the most experienced artists– these practitioners mainly work in the realm of three-dimensional art and enjoy sharing the satisfaction of creating something handmade.

They conduct sessions in small classes and varied times, so you can even try their courses after you work. Learn how to create matching cups with your date, or host your next team building activity there. With their teaching artists, you can make art of your own– or even learn a new thing or two!


  • Pottery Classes
  • Well-Trained Artists

Customer Reviews

“Been to two other studios but found The Potter’s Guilt lessons the most thoughtfully planned. Instructions were clear and attentive too! Thanks so much for the lovely experience ?”

“Very fun experience! Got to try pinching method and the spinning wheel method. Instructors were really friendly and welcoming. The lesson was well paced and well structured and the small class size was really helpful (especially on the wheel when one tiny wrong move can entirely mess up your clay haha!) highly recommended!”

33. Artisan8

Artisan8's Homepage

BEST FOR  Handcrafted Silver Rings and Earrings
PRICE $98 – $148
ADDRESS 150 Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza #03-06 S238841
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | +65 94747 252

If you’re looking for a fun, unique, and personal workshop experience, why not try Artisan8? They offer many workshops for different handicrafts, such as enameling, silver smithing, and glass fusing. You’re bound to have a holistic art experience under their care.

Artisan8’s goal is to provide unique workshops, ones that utilise uncommon techniques, for everybody. With this in mind, they also have mobile locations in various areas, making it easier for you to access their workshops. If you’re interested, give it a try– it’s something you certainly won’t regret.


  • Enameling, Silver Smithing, and Glass Fusing Workshops
  • Workshop Artisans with Different Specialisations

Customer Reviews

“Shan was really patient and made sure everyone knows what they’re doing. She took the time to explain all the different materials and tools. She also made sure everyone has something to do even if they’re faster or slower than the others. Really friendly host!”
“This was a great experience my boyfriend and I participated in. Even my boyfriend said he enjoyed it! Shan was very patient in helping us create our own special rings for each other. And now, we have completely unique souvenirs from Singapore!”

34. Artlette Art Studio

Artlette Art Studio's Art

BEST FOR  Kid-friendly workshop
PRICE Starts at $70/pax
ADDRESS 301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza, #03-18, Singapore 574408

61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Jubilee Square, #02-05, Singapore 569814

CONTACT DETAILS +65 8128 5430 | +65 8128 5643

Artlette Art Studio is a safe space, both for aspiring artists who dream to better themselves in the things they love to do, and for simple people who just want to relax and find a way to release their emotions. They firmly believe in providing people a place where they can simply have fun and enjoy with their family and friends– all while learning a thing or two.

Their team understands that not everyone has the same preferred medium, so they always make sure to have classes suited for everyone– may it be for traditional water colour painting, digital art, or art jams.

To add on to it, they have different art services to choose from. Each vary in specialty and difficulty, but also promises to bring out the best in every student. You may opt for a longer program with 6 to 12 sessions, a sit-in workshop for a day, or even an online class you can do in the comforts of your home. With Artlette, you’ll surely find something in their studio that will keep you busy and very much satisfied.


  • Curated workshops for different skill levels
  • Highly skilled teachers
  • Flexible sessions

35. Tiny Rabbit Hole

BEST FOR  Crochet Classes
PRICE Contact for more information
62A Smith Street, #02-00
Singapore 058964
Terrix / +65 9630 1238
Angie / +65 9230 4874

Tiny Rabbit Hole offers crochet workshops for those interested in bringing their cutest characters to life.

What sets Tiny Rabbit Hole apart from other crochet workshops is their approach in teaching. The team at Tiny Rabbit Hole understands that every student has a unique way of learning new crafts, which is why they put this into consideration when mentoring newbies.

Tiny Rabbit Hole offers video tutorials, crocheting kits, and even drop-in 1-on-1 classes for those who need it. Contact them today to learn more about their services.


  • Craft supplies
  • Online crochet classes
  • Patterns and kits

36. Sew Fun

BEST FOR  Sewing Classes
24 Sin Ming Ln, #08-108 Midview City, Singapore 573970
Sew Fun enquiries: [email protected]
Other enquiries: [email protected]

Sew Fun is a sewing studio that not only offers fabric products, but also sewing classes. These structured classes vary in pace, each suited to a certain individual’s skill level.

Their instructors have many years of experience in the fabric industry, which guarantees that you’ll learn something from their classes. Catch one of their classes and check their schedule on their website now.


  • Structured and well-paced classes
  • Accommodates students of various skill levels
  • Experienced instructors
  • Guides each individual student

37. Sewing Classes SG

BEST FOR  Sewing Classes
PRICE $250 for 12 hours lessons (4 x 3 hours lessons)
ADDRESS Blk 156, Tampines Street 12, Singapore 521156 (About 5 minutes walk from Tampines MRT station exit C)

With Sewing Classes Singapore, you will learn all the basics there is to know when it comes to sewing. Taking measurements, drafting, pattern making, cutting the fabric, and even using the sewing machine — all of these you can master within the 12-hour lessons. The teacher will do personal coaching to cater to each individual’s specific interest.

Deposit $60 to POSB saving account 104-64895-9 or PayLah or PayNow to 90931378. Then, WhatsApp us your deposit screenshot and let us know when would you like to start your first class and your objective to achieve or specific interest, if there is any. Please give 2 alternative timing just in case.

Balance of $190 to be paid on the first class. After the 12 hours lessons, if you would like to further your learning, the subsequent fee of $20 per hour is to be paid directly to the teacher.


  • A max of 8 students per class for better learning 
  • Flexible schedule, as long as time slot is available, you may join the class
  • Options to learn alteration, dressmaking, doll dressmaking, pets clothes, corset, lingeries, cheongsam, pants, skirts, jacket etc. 

38. Atelier Lodge Leathercraft Academy

BEST FOR Leather Crafting
PRICE Contact for more information
ADDRESS 46 Lorong 17 Geylang, #05-03, Singapore 388568
CONTACT DETAILS (+65) 6396 4568

Atelier Lodge allows you to work your way from the basics of leather to cutting and stitching! Apart from private workshop classes, they can also accommodate a large number of participants such as in team building events. When it comes to mastering the craft of making leather, Atelier Lodge is the workshop to attend. They offer different kinds of workshops ranging from beginners to experts all with a perfectly curated syllabus.

Finally, the credibility of Atelier Lodge can be seen through the products and supplies that can be bought from their store. This workshop can give you a full scope of leathercraft from start, to finish, and even to profit!


  • Progressive Leathercraft courses
  • Tools and Supplies available
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Corporate Gifts

39. Stone for Gold

BEST FOR Leathercrafting, Leather Products, Customization
PRICE Contact for more information
ADDRESS Stone For Gold Pte Ltd 141 Jalan Besar #02-01 Singapore 208859
CONTACT DETAILS (+65) 9023 5219 – Jeffrey, (+65) 9021 8287 – Jacob (Workshops) | [email protected]

Stone for Gold mission is to keep alive the dying art of leather crafting. With this mission in mind, they tackle their intermediate workshops by specialization instead of covering all aspects in one syllabus.

They offer workshops in leather stitching for specific items, leather customization as well as other accessories. Of course, the basic workshop will always be offered.

The best part is its affordable pricing for 2-3 hours worth of one workshop. They also offer both private and corporate sessions.
Finally, as a testament to their craft, Stone for Gold also offers customization services and other leather crafting supplies.


  • Various leather works for sale
  • Affordable pricing
  • Customisation services

40. Artify Studio

BEST FOR Art Workshops for all ages and sizes
PRICE Kids, Adults, Communities
ADDRESS Textile Centre, Jln Sultan, #12-07 200, Singapore 199018
CONTACT DETAILS (+65) 9011 1431 | [email protected]

Artify Studio can be considered a community-based art workshop center. It offers many kinds of art workshops for kids to adults, to larger communities.

Private workshops are done with a small group of people where the basic essence of the community is still present. This concept extends even to the adult set of workshops where art jamming and team-building events are encouraged.

The workshops under Artify Studio develop a holistic and communal understanding of art and because of this, you get the best value for the workshops you pay for.


  • Various art activities
  • Holistic and communal
  • Caters to big and small art events
  • Trial class for kids

41. HiArt

BEST FOR Art Education for kids to adults
PRICE Contact for more details
ADDRESS 1 Marine Parade Centrale, #04-03/04 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408
CONTACT DETAILS (+65) 9731 0431 | [email protected]

HiArt is one of Singapore’s leading art education schools. Their team is dedicated to honing the potential in everyone to be an artist no matter their age. They believe in the saying that “joy comes first and skills will follow soon,” when teaching the school of art.

They offer classes for kids, adults as well as online classes and even holiday programs. Apart from this, they also offer a DSA Portfolio Preparation Course to help in curating a portfolio that can be submitted to college-level courses such as Fine Art and Design.

HiArt truly believes that there is an artist within everyone, just waiting to be honed. And all the programs under HiArt were founded to further your love, knowledge, and education in art.


  • Accommodates beginners and pros
  • Online classes available
  • DSA Prep Course
  • Intimate learning set up

And that’s it for our list of the best workshops in Singapore. If you’ve tried any of these workshops in the past, don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

By the way, if you’re looking for options that involve more cooking, you might be interested in our list of the best cooking classes in Singapore. All these cooking classes are all for people of all ages, so you can definitely bring your friends and kids, too!