10 Hidden Spots in Singapore That Will Take Your Breath Away
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10 Hidden Spots in Singapore That Will Take Your Breath Away

There’s no shortage of stunning architecture, world-class restaurants, renowned hotels, award-winning cocktail bars, and unique tourist destinations in sunny Singapore.

Believe it or not, there are still some lesser known places in the country that are hidden from the limelight. So if you want to see something new, we’ll gladly point you towards some hidden spots in Singapore!

Johor Strait Lighthouse

Raffles Marina overlooks gorgeous sunsets, and Johor Strait Lighthouse is one of the best spots to view it. This 12-metre lighthouse is an incredible sight to behold, especially during dusk.

Fun fact: it’s also a functioning lighthouse that helps navigate yachts in and out of the marina. Also, you can enjoy the sea breeze at the pier as it overlooks the Tuas Second Link bridge. 

Location: 10 Tuas West Dr, Singapore 638404

Coney Island

Coney Island can be found in Singapore’s northeastern area. This one is known to have rustic green spaces, remarkable white sand beaches, and nice trails for hiking

Due to its isolated location, you should spend at least half a day at the island to make the most of your trip. To give you some ideas, you can embark on a picturesque walk, explore the casuarina woodlands, or simply have a picnic by the beachside. 

Location: Town of Punggol (beside Punggol Promenade Nature Walk)

Smith Marine Floating Restaurant

It only takes a 15-minute boat ride to get to the Smith Marine Floating Restaurant from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal. If you want a seafood fest at a modern kelong (off-shore platform), then this place should be on top of your list!

In fact, this floating restaurant is quite popular among locals and tourists. To make it even better, you can catch your own food here too. 

Location: 9XW6+VJP Singapore, Singapore 000000

Parkview Museum

Parkview Museum is located at the ‘Gotham City’ building in Singapore. This museum is the epitome of contemporary art as it houses the largest collection of Italian artworks in Asia.

This gallery also hosts exclusive exhibitions and tours for art fanatics, making it extra memorable for all visitors as well. So if you’re the artsy type, this is worth a visit!

Location: 600 North Bridge Rd, Level 3 Parkview Square, Singapore 188778

Seletar Fishing Village

Now this one is the ultimate off-the-grid location. Seletar Fishing Village isn’t only a hidden spot in Singapore, it’s also the last fishing village of the country.

Here, you’ll find huts and a wooden jetty that most fishermen still use today. However, the village part of the area is off-limits to the public and can only be accessed by private tours. 

Location: Yishun Ave 1, Singapore 769130

The Mill

The Mill showcases gothic architecture and Art Deco style. It has a prominent black facade and ultramodern interior design, grabbing the attention of those who pass by.   

Notably, this building is a designated creative hub. At the same time, you can visit a minimalist-themed rooftop cafe called Alchemist within the premises as well. 

Location: 5 Jln Kilang, Singapore 159405

Wessex Estate

Once you’ve entered the lush property of the Wessex Estate, you’ll see black-and-white colonial buildings that you can also rent per month! Fun fact: this place was actually a British Army base before it became a quaint neighbourhood.  

Some of the buildings here were also converted into art studios where workshops often take place. There’s also the vintage Colbar Cafe where you can indulge in authentic Western cuisine. 

Location: 4 Woking Rd, Singapore 138703

Bollywood Veggies

If you’re into organic food, Bollywood Veggies will be a haven for you! Nested in the peaceful Kranji countryside, this organic farm hosts horticultural programmes and culinary classes for all. 

You can also dine in their farm-to-table bistro called Poison Ivy. Afterwards, you can check their small mart area where you can buy assorted vegetables, bananas, and more. 

Location: 100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026

Istana Woodneuk

If you’re a fan of horror and abandoned places, you should certainly give Istana Woodneuk a visit. This vast property was once owned by the Sultan of Johor, but it’s now covered in mould, wild vegetation, and graffiti. 

In fact, it was even deemed as the most famous and expensive haunted house in Singapore!

On one hand, the entrance fee here is free for both Singapore citizens and permanent residents. On the other hand, other visitors or tourists have to pay $2 dollars per person. 

Location: 766 Tyersall Ave, Singapore 257699

Japanese Cemetery Park

It may seem unusual but the Japanese Cemetery Park is one of Singapore’s best spots for a relaxing and quiet stroll. Aside from the arcs covered in pink bougainvillaea flowers, the park itself is monumental. 

Located in Hougang, it was built in 1891 and is known to be the largest Japanese cemetery in Southeast Asia. It served as a burial ground for Japanese soldiers and civilians, giving respect to those who passed away during the war. 

Location: 22 Chuan Hoe Ave, Singapore 549854

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