How to Prevent Black Mold
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How to Prevent Black Mold

Discovering that you have mold at home is already bad news. But having black mold makes the problem a dozen times worse due to the serious health hazards it poses. 

It also spreads quite fast so you’ll need to either spot and treat it while still manageable, or call a professional to address the problem wholesale.

But since it’s not readily visible and could take some time to detect, we’ll focus mostly on preventive measures for this post. 

Look for problem areas in your home.

Look for problem areas in your home

Black mold can flourish in areas that are typically damp or humid all the time. Like other kinds of mold, it has a distinctive musty smell and can prove harmful to your respiratory system if left unchecked. 

So if you have particularly musty areas that don’t get enough sunlight like your bathroom, closets, attic, basement, and behind furniture, check for the beginnings of mold growth. You can then hire professional mattress and sofa cleaning services to prevent airborne spores.

Another practical solution would be to get a dehumidifier specifically for these locations. It can keep mold and dust build-up at bay while making the space smell fresher and cleaner.

Immediately dry and clean damp or moist areas.

Immediately dry and clean damp or moist areas

As previously mentioned, mold thrives in areas that are always wet like your kitchen sink, countertops, bathroom floor, and parts of the house that are damp with neglect. 

You can starve the mold by immediately disinfecting and drying these areas so it doesn’t have a chance to feed and grow. You can also hire cleaning services for a more thorough clean of these areas. 

And if the dampness has spread onto your carpets or upholstery, it’s better to get them professionally serviced by carpet cleaning and dry cleaning services in Singapore.

The good news is that mold doesn’t grow on plastic, metal, and glass surfaces (assuming they don’t have a film of grease on them), so you can skip those in your hunt for black mold.

Get leaks and seepage fixed ASAP.

Get leaks and seepage fixed ASAP

Got a leaky roof or water seeping from your floorboards? Then you need to get them addressed and cleaned ASAP before black mold takes over your entire home.

Persistent leaks have to be fixed not just for the stains and warping they can cause. So get a roof cleaning and repair service that can address the problem at its root and prevent things from worsening.

The same applies to leaky faucets and faulty plumbing that are culprits for perpetually damp areas of your home. 

Don’t forget to check your curtains for signs of mold, as well. It could be exposed to cracks in the windows when it rains, so it might be practical to have professional window contractors take a look at them, too.

Hire professional mold removal services.

Hire professional mold removal services

Photo by Michelangelo Buonarroti from Pexels

You can control your home’s humidity levels, keep all surfaces dry, and fix all leaks in your house. Unfortunately, black mold can be prevented but no house can be fully mold-proof. 

To give you peace of mind, you can hire the best mold removal services in Singapore. They’re properly equipped with the right tools, experience, and skills to address black mold where it starts and spreads.

And they’re sufficiently trained to disinfect areas thoroughly to ensure that most parts of your house can be mold-free for longer periods.