Best Dehumidifiers Singapore

Breathe Pure Air With The 8 Best Dehumidifiers In Singapore

Singapore’s hot and humid climate can be difficult to take at times. Luckily, the best dehumidifiers in Singapore can do a lot to improve your comfort.

The best dehumidifiers in Singapore cool and dehumidify air to eliminate cloying heat and oppressive denseness. The best ones can even do it while removing odour and taking up a minimum of space in the room.

Today, we’ll go over the best dehumidifiers in Singapore for your money. The products we’ve found are the most budget-friendly, most powerful, and most effective ones on currently on the market.

1. Europace EDH 6601S Dehumidifier


Europace's EDH 6601S Dehumidifier
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Price: $699 

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Fresh air is power with the Europace EDH 6601S Dehumidifier. You get a neat and breezy feeling in your room as the device optimises moisture levels up to 60%.

Allergies and respiratory issues will be taken care of because the dehumidifier prevents mould build-up and eradicates dust. You can even select the LaundryPURE mode to freshen air after laundry day so that your clothes stay fragrant.


  • Activate the AirPure feature to fully clean the atmosphere while removing unwanted odour
  • With sleep mode for energy-efficiency

Customer Reviews

Owners of the Europace EDH 6601S Dehumidifier confirm its powerful capacity to purify air. They note its efficiency too when absorbing massive amounts of moisture.

Michael Y. via Lazada says, “Very powerful, sucks a huge amount of water from the environment quickly.”


2. Golden Rooster Charcoal Dehumidifier

Golden Rooster's Charcoal Dehumidifier
*Photo from Lazada

Price: $7.00

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The Golden Rooster Charcoal Dehumidifier is pretty straightforward. A small container has charcoal inside, and when activated, stops mould and fights moisture damage.

Its size is ideal for purifying air inside cabinets and tight corners in the home or office. Lasting for 2 months, the dehumidifier keeps the environment clean and odour free.


  • With activated charcoal that eliminates unpleasant smells
  • Absorbs dryness in the atmosphere for cooler temperature

Customer Reviews

Already a proven air-cleaner, the Golden Rooster Charcoal Dehumidifier gets rave reviews for its quality. Customers state that it is a sturdy appliance, worthy of being one of the best dehumidifiers in Singapore. They also describe it as a durable product.


3. OleeRod Dehumidifier

OleeRod's Dehumidifier
*Photo from Lazada

Price: $59.90

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Calming silence purifies the air as the OleeRod Dehumidifier functions with an energy-saving mechanism for quiet efficiency. A thin rod-like device, the purifier removes overwhelming moisture.

Because of its space-saving design, the dehumidifier can be placed in wardrobes to remove mould and dust from clothes. It is superbly portable as well, meant for trips to hotels or town houses.


  • Consumes minimal energy for eco-friendly air-cleaning
  • With safety mesh cover for protection and durability

Customer Reviews

The OleeRod Dehumidifier is sturdy. For example, customers state that even after about 1 year of regular use, it still cleans the atmosphere perfectly.

“It’s been 10 months since I purchased this dehumidifier. It’s been placed at the foot within our house’s piano. A week ago I had just checked by feeling the heat. It’s warm which means it’s been working fine,” states Y.Y. via Lazada


4. Novita ND838 Dehumidifier

Novita's ND838 Dehumidifier
*Photo from Lazada

Price: $850 (On Sale)

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Save energy with the dehumidifying solution offered by the Novita ND838 Dehumidifier. Through its energy-efficient prowess, the machine regulates moisture for a balanced atmosphere.

This dehumidifier can also help you dry clothes after washing. It has a drying function that maintains air dryness to help your wet clothes and shoes shed moisture quickly.


  • Has 4 modes including Air Purifying and Focus Drying for concentrated air purification
  • Eradicates foul smell from the room

Customer Reviews

Aside from drying laundry, the Novita ND838 Dehumidifier diminishes bacteria. It removes moisture, plus the silent operation ensures customers breathe in serenity.

 Mark H. via Lazada explains that the product is “efficient in removing excess moisture, easy to use, and reasonably quiet operation.” 


5.  MYAIR Dehumidifier MYA20/40/80LDE

MYAIR Dehumidifier
*Photo from AOM

Price: $520

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The MYAIR Dehumidifier can gather up to 20 to 80 litres per day, depending on its model. You can program this dehumidifier to maintain the humidity within 30-90% humidity to avoid the growth of moulds.

The dehumidifier also has a powerful suction fan, heavy-duty cooling coils, and a spacious water tank all within its compact and energy-efficient unit. It even has a low noise level, which is well within the 44-52 dB range.

Its water tank can carry up to 7.2L per day. Additionally, the MYAIR Dehumidifier MYA20/40/80LDE has a water level indicator and an auto shut-off feature to avoid overloading the tank.


  • Has 3 daily capacities, with 7.2L of water tank capacity
  • Water level indicators and auto shut-off feautre
  • Energy-efficient and compact

Customer Reviews

Although its price may make it seem more expensive, this dehumidifier is compact yet voluminous. These features can make the MYAIR Dehumidifier a great-valued purchase.

Terrence T. wrote this review about MYAIR Dehumidifier MYA20/40/80LDE on AOM’s page:

“I thought it would be more expensive than other brands but it turns out to be affordable considering the large capacity options customer support is also commendable.”

6.  Delonghi DEX14 Dehumidifier


Delonghi's DEX14 Dehumidifier
*Photo from Lazada

Price: $398 (On Sale)

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The Delonghi DEX14 Dehumidifier is a great appliance for smaller homes. It is built for cleaning the atmosphere of tinier spaces while using an anti-dust filter to remove dirt.

Modestly powered, the dehumidifier coolly manages moisture levels. Its price also means this may be the best dehumidifier in Singapore budget-wise.


  • Amazingly silent operation for a peaceful air cleaning
  • With an anti-dust filter designed for easy washing

Customer Reviews

With a stylish build, the Delonghi DEX14 Dehumidifier has become a crowd favourite. Customers especially commend the low energy consumption of the device, solidifying its standing as the best dehumidifier in Singapore that is also eco-friendly.

Matthew C. via Lazada says the appliance js a, “good dehumidifier and nice ergonomic design. [Also] low energy usage?”


7. Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier

Olee's Premier Aqua Dehumidifier
*Photo from Lazada

Price: $229 (On Sale)

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Have more space for clean air with the Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier, a space-saving product that purifies the environment in a non-intrusive, efficient way. It works by condensing water vapour so the operation remains silent throughout.

This dehumidifier eradicates dampness and dust. As such, it may be a great choice for those suffering from air-pollution-related eye discomfort or skin irritation.


  • Purifies air in an area of up to 20 square metres
  • Removes unpleasant odours due to air dryness

Customer Reviews

Operating for six months and counting, customers say the Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier works perfectly fine. It cools the temperature while maintaining fresh surroundings.


8. Novita ND298 Dehumidifier

Novita's ND298 Dehumidifier
*Photo from Lazada

Price: $395

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You can make bedtime extra-fresh through the cleaning capability of the Novita ND298 Dehumidifier. Customisable humidity settings tailor the atmosphere into clean coolness that users will sleep soundly to.

It also has a standby mode for economically cleaning the air. What’s more, the dehumidifier obliterates allergens plus microscopic dust.


  • With a built-in ioniser for maintaining a healthy atmosphere
  • Energy-saving – consumes minimal power

Customer Reviews

The Novita ND298 Dehumidifier’s quiet functionality produces better sleep in a healthy environment. Sleep quality has been improved thanks to the dehumidifier, owners of the product state.


In any case, all of the choices we’ve listed here for the best dehumidifier in Singapore can help you sleep better. It just boils down to which one of them is best suited to your needs.

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