Best Water Dispenser in Singapore
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The Best Water Dispenser in Singapore: A Buyer’s Guide (2022)


If you’re on the hunt for the best water dispenser in Singapore, it’s safe to say you know how many options are available. There’s no end of good water dispensers in the market right now.

Having too many choices can be confusing, though. It’s even worse when you consider that what you need from a dispenser may be different from what reviewers need… which makes it hard to take their advice on what to get.

To help you out, we’ve found the best water dispensers in Singapore for all types of spaces and users. We’ll also give you advice on how to identify what you need in a dispenser, as well as how to make the most of your selection.

Frigeria HC66L Bottled Water Dispenser$388BUY NOW1 YearTop Load, Freestanding BottledYes5.2LNone
Xiaomi Youpin Smart Instant Heating Water Dispenser$110BUY NOWNoneCountertopHeating only (6-stage water temp.)1.8 LNone
Novita Countertop Water Purifier NP313$599BUY NOW1 YearPoint of Use, CountertopNoTanklessAlkaline/Purified
Coway P-250N Countertop Water Purifier$688-S799BUY NOW1 YearPoint of Use, CountertopNoTanklessNanotrap filter
Hyundai Wacortec Elegance Kool Counter$900BUY NOW1 YearPoint of Use, CountertopYes4.5LUltrafiltration or NanoPH
Apure Titan™ Water Purifier$999BUY NOW1 YearTankless180mL, 220mL, and 1000mLAlkaline Filter Set, Non-Alkaline Filter Set
Pere Ocean Direct Piping Water Dispenser$870-$1300BUY NOW1 YearPoint of Use, FreestandingYes4.2L3-Stage Water Filtration System
Tong Yang Magic Water Dispenser Purifier$1388BUY NOW1 YearPoint of Use, CountertopYes5.5LSediment + Pre-Carbon + Post-Carbon
3M Filtered Water Dispenser HCD-2 (Countertop)$1588BUY NOW1 YearPoint of Use, CountertopYes8.2LUltraviolet Technology
Novita Hot & Cold Water Dispenser W8$1688BUY NOW1 YearPoint of Use, CountertopYes3.5L5-Step Ultra Filtration System
ELO Living D800 Dew Water Dispenser$1271-$1718BUY NOW1 YearPoint of Use, CountertopYes1.2LUltrafiltration (UF) + Activated Carbon
FreshDew Hot & Cool Dispenser$2199BUY NOW1 YearPoint of Use, Wall MountedYesTanklessSediment + Carbon filters
Swisspro Clima Mesa$1100BUY NOWPoint of Use, CountertopYes6.7LIntegrated Swiss-made filters


Before we go into the details of the best water dispensers in Singapore, let’s review the types of dispensers you can get.

First, it’s worthwhile to admit something about the terms we’re using.

Technically speaking, a “water dispenser” and “water cooler” are different. A water dispenser simply dispenses water at room temperature, while water coolers have cooling and heating mechanism.

However, people tend to use the terms interchangeably now. Thus, we’ll use water dispenser as a general term to include all of these things: water coolers, water dispensers, and water purifiers.

Now, as we said earlier, different people look for different things in a water dispenser. We’ll go into more detail later, but for now, suffice it to say that you should always match the dispenser type to your needs.

That having been stated, let’s talk about the 2 main types of water dispensers: Bottled and Plumbed-In.

A Bottled Water Dispenser is what you’re probably familiar with, as it’s often seen in offices and shops. It uses 5-10 gallons of waters propped up on top of or at the bottom of the dispenser.

Because of their portability and availability, this has been a popular choice of water dispenser for home in Singapore, as well as offices.

Meanwhile, a Point of Use (POU) Water Dispenser is plugged directly to the water line, so there’s no need to replace water bottles. It has a continuous supply of water.

Here’s a quick table of details for both types:

Bottled Water Dispenser Top Load, Freestanding No installation
Widely available
Not energy-efficient
Purchase and change/refill bottles when used up
Top Load, Countertop No installation
Widely available
Not energy-efficient
Purchase and change/refill bottles when used up
Bottom Load, Freestanding No installation
Widely available
Less effort in changing bottles
Not energy-efficient
Purchase and change/refill bottles when used up
Bottom Load, Countertop No installation
Widely available
Less effort in changing bottles
Not energy-efficient
Purchase and change/refill bottles when used up
Plumbed-In or Point of Use (POU) Countertop Continuous water supply
Requires installation
Freestanding Continuous water supply
Requires installation
Wall Mount Continuous water supply
Requires installation

Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Dispenser in Singapore

Now, before you part with your hard-earned money, remember to consider your specific preferences and needs to avoid buyer’s remorse.

A water dispenser that doesn’t match your requirements could end up relegated to a corner, gathering dust. That’s just a waste of money.

So before we finally get into the nitty-gritty of our top dispensers, here are some factors to consider when buying a water dispenser in Singapore:

1. Space

The water dispenser has to fit your space, obviously. For instance, if you’re living in a condo with limited space, it’s better to choose a countertop water dispenser rather than a freestanding one.

On the other hand, if you have a small, crowded countertop, a freestanding water dispenser could be more space-efficient. It can stand by the side of the sink or a corner of the room.

Consider your living space. Because most people live in a flat, many prefer to get a tabletop water dispenser in Singapore.

But it all boils down to preference.

2. Price

Remember, the most expensive product isn’t necessarily the best. It all depends on your requirements as well as preferences.

So if you prefer a hot and cold water dispenser in Singapore, you may have to prepare a higher budget for it

Nevertheless, if you have a tight budget, note that we’ve arranged the water dispensers in our list of the best dispensers from cheapest to most expensive.

3. Capacity

For large families, workplaces and shops, a large-capacity water dispenser is the natural choice.

If there are many people in the home, it may also be more cost-efficient to use a POU unit rather than a bottled water dispenser.

More drinkers means you would need to replace the bottles more often and even have to purchase them separately. They also take up added space. That’s why the preference for tankless water dispenser in Singapore have also risen.

Note that some POU units are tankless, but others come with large-capacity tanks that store hot and cold water sourced from your water line, for ease of use.

4. Features

The hot and cold dispensers are standard features of a typical water cooler. Some have an extra ambient or warm faucet.

There are also units that only have hot and warm, which is pretty much useless because it’s basically just a water heater. Plus, in Singapore, cold water is essential in quenching thirst, unless you’re suffering from a throat condition.

Hot water dispenser in Singapore however, can also be a necessity at home because this is used for tea, coffee, hot drinks and instant noodles.

Some freestanding water dispensers also come with a cooler at the bottom where you can store others drinks or food. It all depends on what you’re looking for in the product.

5. Filtration and purification system

Most bottled water dispensers don’t have filters or purification features. This is because it is expected that the bottles of water dispensed into the appliance would already be purified.

Meanwhile, POU units typically include filters, built-in or as add-ons, since the source will be tap water or raw water direct from the line.

6. Brand

Some people like to consider the brand when buying products. This is because some brands have a reputation for durability and excellent customer service than others.

It’s also important to know the brand so you can ask if there’s an authorised service centre nearby that can fix the unit quickly if it ever breaks down.

7. Design

Though this can seem frivolous, it also pays to consider this. After all, you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb, especially in a thoughtfully-designed space.

Anyway, now that we’ve gone over the factors to consider in your decision, let’s go over the options themselves! Here are the best water dispensers in Singapore at the moment:


Apure Titan™ Water Purifier

Apure Titan™ Water Purifier

BEST FOR Minimalist Tankless Water Purifier
WARRANTY 12 months
TYPE Tankless
CAPACITY 180mL, 220mL, and 1000mL
FILTERS Alkaline Filter Set, Non-Alkaline Filter Set
FEATURES Colors are Pearl White, Onyx Black

Power consumption: AC 220 -240V
Net weight: 9.2kg

Depth: 418mm

Apure Titan™ Water Purifier is not your typical tankless water purifier. We love how it has a 6-step filtration process that eliminates most of the unsafe water-based pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms, and heavy metals.

Most of the water purifiers out there need constant cleaning. However, this item will save you a bit more time as it has self-cleaning abilities.

From what you have read, this product is tankless. Perfect for those who only have a small space or for those who prefer something small.

Want to pay in installments? No worries because they offer 3 to 4 payments with either Grab, Atome, or Pace.

Pros & Cons

The interface is easy to understand and get used to.

Its design is simple yet elegant.

However, its price is not that appealing for those who’ve set a strict budget for themselves.

– Free home assessment

– Free installation

– Free next-day delivery (island-wide)

– Tankless, self-cleaning, and sleek design

– Has the ability to dispense hot and cold water

– Can be a bit pricy for others on a tight budget

Frigeria HC66L Bottled Water Dispenser

Frigeria HC66L Bottled Water Dispenser_2022_best in singapore

BEST FOR Best Large-Capacity Bottled Water Dispenser Under $500
TYPE Top Load, Freestanding Bottled
CAPACITY Hot Tank: 1.2L
Cold Tank: 4L
FEATURES -Hot & Cold Dispenser
-Stainless Steel Material
-No Installation Needed
SPECIFICATIONS Shell Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions (W x D x H): 31 x 31 x 96 cm
Power Consumption: 400W-800W (Hot); 85W (Cold)
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Heating Capacity: 5 Litres/hr.
Cooling Capacity: 2 litters/hr.
Temperature of Hot Water: 85°C ~ 95°
Temperature of Cold Water: 5°C ~ 10°C
Refrigerant: Cold – R-134a

The Frigeria HC66L Bottled Water Dispenser is a convenient, budget-friendly water dispenser fit for a small family, a shop, start-up office, or even a diner.

There’s no installation involved, and you have the choice of buying purified or alkaline water for this top-loading, freestanding bottled water dispenser.

Pros & Cons

Convenience and durability are two of the advantages of this product. There’s no downtime either since you can simply plug it in and start using it.

It is also one of the better options for alkaline water dispenser in Singapore.

It’s admittedly an inelegant solution compared to the other units in this list, but it does the job for a reasonable cost.

-No installation
-Large capacity
-Limited water source



BEST FOR Space Saving
WARRANTY Contact for more information
TYPE Countertop
FILTERS Real Uf Filtering System
FEATURES – Singapore’s First & Only Tankless Water Purifier With Precision Technology
– Precise Use Of Water
– Precise Use Of Electricity
– Smart Uv Sterilisation Feature
– Alkaline/Non-Alkaline Options Available
– Lowest Possible Water And Electricity Bill
– Singapore’s First & Only Tankless Zero Wastage Water Purifier
SPECIFICATIONS – Function Optional : Cold & Hot (Low/High) & Ambient Water (4 Type)
– Filtration Stage: 1 Stage – Compound -Sediment, Carbon Block (E.C Filter) 2 Stage – Block Carbon (E.C Filter) 3 Stage – Real UF (E.C Filter)
– Cooling Temperature : 4°C – 10°C
– Heating Temperature : 45°C (±3°C) , 90°C(±3°C)
– Power Consumption : Cold 0.6A, Hot 2500W
– Dimension (W X D X H) : 180(W) X 518(D) X 400(H)

If you are looking for a space-saving water dispenser, this may be perfect for you.

Unlike other products from his list, they offer this tankless dispenser in three colors– white, black, and pink. Even though it is only three colors, it can still fit into any type of aesthetic you have at your home.

In comparison to others, this product has an alkaline water filter system. This type of system can bring you numerous benefits in the long run such as maintaining the pH balance in your body, improving blood pressure, and preventing cancer.

Known for its small size, you will not have to worry about where to place this product in your kitchen!

What makes them stand out from their competitors is the production of NATURAL alkaline antioxidant water of their dispensers. With its four stages of filtration, your drinking water will be ideal for both detoxification and having the optimum pH of 7.365 in your body.

Pros & Cons

Even though it is a bit pricier compared to others, the number of benefits it has still makes it worth buying.

 – Available in three colors
– Space-saving
– Have both alkaline and non-alkaline options
– Eco-friendly
– Zero Wastage + Medical Grade Nano 4 Stages Filtration System
– 5 Stars Google & Facebook Reviews Thus Far
-There is only a little information about the product online

Xiaomi Youpin Smart Instant Heating Water Dispenser

BEST FOR Best Low-Cost Yet Functional Water Dispenser
TYPE Countertop
FEATURES -Double heating structure design
-6-stage water temperature
-Quick one-button start
-1.8L large tank capacity
-Multiple security protection
-Water shortage reminder and descaling reminder
-High outlet design to match more cups
-Space Saving unit
SPECIFICATIONS Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated power: 2200W
Rated voltage: 220V
Water tank capacity: 1800ml
Applicable water source: pure water
Power cord length: 1m
Material: food-grade quartz tube / 304 stainless steel electric heating tube / SMMA plastic

This water dispenser is ideal for solo dwellers needing a convenient water-dispensing unit for making hot beverages.

It’s simple, convenient and easy to use. The capacity is enough for one person to last for 2-3 days.

It only needs 3 seconds to prepare water too, so you won’t have to wait long to prepare your cup of noodles, coffee or tea. Plus, the 6 temperature options allow you to choose the heat level of your preference.

Finally, with up to 200mm of height under the beverage outlet, even larger mugs and tall water bottles can be accommodated.

Pros & Cons

This is a good buy, especially if you need a dispenser ASAP. Plus, you get a lot of features for the price.

It’s also quite sleek, so it can fit in seamlessly into any home.

Easy to use
Space Saving
6-temperature selection
No installation
No cool option
No filters
Not for heavy-duty use

Novita Countertop Water Purifier NP313

BEST FOR Best Budget-Friendly POU WD
TYPE Countertop
FILTERS Alkaline/Purified
FEATURES -HydroPlus® Filter
-HydroPure™ Filter
-Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane
-3-Stage Filtration System
-EzTwist® Filter Set
-Auto Pressure Reducer Valve
-No Electricity Required
-Tank-Less Design
-Magnetic Removal Drip Tray
-115 mm Compact and Sleek Design
SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (W x D x H): 115 mm x 436 mm x 341 mm
Net Weight: 4.0 kgpH Range
HydroPlus® Filter: pH 9.0 ± 0.5
HydroPure™ Filter: pH 7.5 ± 0.5ORP Reduction:
HydroPlus® Filter : Up to 100 mV to 200 mV
HydroPure™ Filter: Inherent from water sourceWater Supply: Direct connection to piping
Applicable Water Inflow Pressure Range: 0.7-7.0 kg/cm²

For the price, the Novita Countertop Water Purifier NP313 is a great deal. Most POUs are upwards of $1000, but this one is well below that.

At only 115mm wide, it’s slim and sleek, with an excellent filtration system to keep your water pure and healthy for the entire family.

Rather than just another unsightly and clunky home appliance, it can take up almost no space at all. In fact, it can even elevate the style of your space and make it look more modern.

For the filtration system, you can choose between the Hydroplus® filter (alkaline) or HydroPure™ filter (purified) depending on your preference. Fortunately, they’re easy to replace after installation.

This unit also includes a removable dispensing spout for good hygiene, plus a magnetic removal drip tray for easy clean-up and to accommodate different sizes of containers for the water.

Pros & Cons

Being plug-free, it saves energy, though it does have a downside — it’s a dispenser and purifier, but not a cooler. So, for heating and cooling, you’d have to use other appliances.

Ultimately, this is an elegant solution to purifying your water and can be used for cooking, drinking, and all-around cleaning.

-Continuous, direct feed water
-No electricity required
-Space Saving
-Easy filter replacement
-3-stage filtration system
-Eco-friendly system
-Budget-friendly-Hygienic design
-Installation required
-No hot & cold mechanism

Coway P-250N Countertop Water Purifier

Coway P-250N Countertop Water Purifier_2022_best in singapore

BEST FOR Functional and Stylish Tankless Dispenser for Young Professionals
TYPE Countertop
FILTERS Nanotrap filter
FEATURES -Carbon Block Filtration
-Tankless System
-Nanotrap Filter
-Easy Installation
-Safety System
-Plug free
STEP 1) `8 Neo-sense (Sediment + Pre-Carbon)
STEP 2) `8 Nanotrap
STEP 3) `8 Plus Inno-sense D (Post-Carbon + Fine)Flow rate/ Production Rate: 0.5 gpm (1.9 lpm)Filter Life
Neo-sense : 6 Months
Nanotrap : 12 Months
Inno-sense : 6 MonthsFiltration Capacity: 16,655ℓ (4,400gal) | 568ℓ (150gal) for VOCs
Feed Water Pressure: 20~120psi (138kPa~827kPa)
Feed Water Temperature: 40℉~100℉ (4.4℃~37.8℃)
Dimensions(W X D X H): 4.1 X 13.7 X 10.8 inch (105 X 350 X 275 mm)
Net Weight: 6.6 ℓb (3 kg)

This slim tankless water dispenser is easy to install and won’t take up much space on your countertop at just 4.1” wide, 13.7” deep, and 10.8” high.

This is a POU unit that is plug-free with carbon block and nanotrap filters. The price can go up to $800, but you can find it on sale in several online shops.

Wait for a great deal if you’re planning to buy this! Plus, if you like a pop of colour in your kitchen, the red unit has a retro quality that can give your space more character.

Pros & Cons

As with other plug-free, slim, and tankless POU units, the trade-off is the lack of heating and cooling capacities. Plus, it’s not a plug and use type of appliance.

On the bright side, once it’s installed, you won’t have to worry about additional work or maintenance.

-Space Saving
-No electricity required
-Retro chic
-Good filtration system
-Hygienic design
-Requires installation
-No heating or cooling capacity

Hyundai Wacortec Elegance Kool Counter

BEST FOR Best Overall Dispenser
TYPE Countertop
Hot: 1.5L
FILTERS Ultrafiltration or NanoPH
FEATURES -Hot & Cold Mechanism
-Point of Use System
-Ultrafiltration or NanoPH Filtration Made in Korea
-Child Safety Feature
-Power Saving
SPECIFICATIONS Cooling System by compressor (1/10 HP)
Tank Material: Stainless Steel
Power Consumption: 80W
Temperature: 4-7CHeating System: Sheath heater
Tank Material: Stainless Steel
Power Consumption: 450W
Temperature: 80-90CTemperature Control by 2 sensors (Bimetal)
Body Material: ABS & EGI Steel
Dimensions (mm): 310 (W) x 370 (D) x 520 (H)
Filtration options: UF / NanoPH

This gets our vote for best overall water dispenser because it ticks all the necessary boxes, including reasonable price point, energy-saving feature, safety feature, filtration, heating and cooling mechanisms.

Its large capacity tanks make this ideal for households as well as small offices. The best part is the child-safety feature, which prevents burns from the hot faucet.

Any space or pantry is immediately elevated in looks too with this modern and functional unit. You can choose white or black to go with a professional interior or minimalist household design.

Pros & Cons

While this isn’t the slimmest countertop in the list, the hot and cold dispensing outlets do make up for the heft.

Plus, the tanks make the hot and cold water readily available for thirsty members of the household or office employees.

-Hot and cold mechanism
-Energy saving
-Convenient POU
-Excellent filtration system
-Sleek and stylish design-Dynamic Pricing
-Requires installation

Pere Ocean Direct Piping Water Dispenser

Pere Ocean Direct Piping Water Dispenser_2022_best in singapore

BEST FOR Best for Office Use
TYPE Point of Use
Hot: 1.2 L
FILTERS 3-Stage Water Filtration System
FEATURES -Hot & Cold Water Mechanism
-Child Safety Latch
-Direct Piping
-3-Stage Filtration System
SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply: AC 220 V / 50 Hz
Cold Water Power: 90 W
Cold Capacity/ Hour: 3 L per hour (Less than 10ºC)
Hot Water Power: 550 W
Hot Capacity/ Hour: 5 L per hour (More than 80ºC)
Product Size: 31 (W) X 38 (D) X 110 (H) cm
Packing Size: 32 (W) X 39 (D) X 120 (H) cm

The Pere Ocean brand is a trusted brand in the corporate world. It’s not surprising to find it in our lineup of the best water dispensers in Singapore.

This low-maintenance, freestanding POU water dispenser can easily be placed in the pantry corner or by the sink without much fuss.

They also have a traditional bottled water dispenser, bottom-loading as well as top-loading, if you prefer your gallon water from a trusted provider.

This unit is priced at $1300, but you can usually find it discounted. Its 3-stage water filtration system ensures the purity and safety of the water it dispenses.

The first stage is the Polypropylene Filter, which filters out sediments, impurities, rust, and suspended solids.

In the second stage, the Ultra-Filtration Filter facilitates the absorption and removal of soluble-in-water colour, odour, chlorine, and organic matter.

Finally, the Post-Carbon Filter (T33) removes any residual chlorine and organic chemicals, bad tastes, and odours.

Pros & Cons

This is functionality over form, so if you’re looking for something sleeker, this one’s not for you.

However, for pure function and durability, this is a good investment, though this may be too bulky for smaller homes and spaces.

-Hot and cold mechanism
-Convenient POU
-Excellent filtration system
-Low maintenance
-Large capacity
-Requires installation
-A bit bulky

Tong Yang Magic Water Dispenser Purifier

Tong Yang Magic Water Dispenser Purifier_2022_best in singapore

BEST FOR Best Rental Water Dispenser
TYPE Point of Use, Countertop
Cold: 4L
FILTERS Sediment + Pre-Carbon + Post-Carbon
FEATURES -Hot and Cold Function
-Powered by LG Compressor
-Built in Water Purifier System
-Stainless Steel Tank
-Slim and Compact Design
-Advanced Technology
SPECIFICATIONS Hot Water Temperature: 85-94 C
Heater Wattage: 450-550W
Controller: Bi-metal (A: 87N, M: 105N)
Cold Type: Compressor (TS24LATG)
COMP Wattage: 80W
Controller: Thermostat (1.0-8.0)
Net Weight: 16kg
Gross Weight: 18kg

At just 225mm wide, this is an elegant solution for your drinking water. It fits in seamlessly on any countertop.

It’s a bit expensive, although you can get a lot of use from it. Tong Yang also offers rental services for their water dispensers, so this is best for workplaces and shops to include installation, maintenance, and other services.

For families with children who have particular sensitivities, this is a good investment. The filtration and purification system of this unit is excellent.

Plus, it has an overheat protector and child lock to keep your children safe.

Pros & Cons

This one’s for corporate as well as residential use. However, because of the price point, this would be more suitable for families with kids or if you’re already settled in your forever home.

-Hot and cold function
-Safety features
-Powerful LG compressor
-Excellent water purifier system
-Stainless steel tank
-Rental option
-Requires installation

3M Filtered Water Dispenser HCD-2 (Countertop)

BEST FOR Most Popular Water Dispenser
TYPE Point of Use, Countertop
CAPACITY Room Temperature Water – 4.6 L
Cold Water – 3.0 L
Hot Water – 0.6 L
FILTERS Ultraviolet Technology
-Ultraviolet Technology
-Easy-change cartridge
-Inhibits bacterial growth
-Instant boiling

Ask around for a good-quality, reliable water dispenser, and this one’s bound to be mentioned.

It’s a versatile unit with large capacity, which makes it suitable for any environment, commercial and residential. Its non-intrusive design is great for small spaces too, yet its power, build, and awesome features can handle heavy usage.

The 3M Filtered Water Dispenser HCD-2 has an instant boiling mechanism that can dispense freshly-boiled hot water in less than 90 seconds. The unit also reduces scale formation on the heating pan for consistent performance.

For cleaner, safer drinking water, it makes use of Ultraviolet Technology to kill off both viruses and bacteria, while a special blend inhibits bacterial growth. The whole filtration system reduces 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria & viruses.

Pros & Cons

If you have the budget for it, this one’s a solid choice. It’s a hygienic system for purifying your water with the benefit of quick heating and cooling.

There’s also an option for dispensing room-temperature water, if that’s your preference.

-NSF/ANSI Standard 42 & 53 Certified filtrations system
-Easy-change cartridge
-Space Saving
-Instant boiling
-Requires installation

Novita Hot & Cold-Water Dispenser W8

BEST FOR A Must-Have for Modern Homes
TYPE Point of Use, Countertop
Cold: 2.5 L
FILTERS 5-Step Ultra Filtration System
FEATURES -HydroPlus Filter + HydroPure Filter
-5-Step Ultra Filtration System
-Advanced Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp
-Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane
-EZTwist Filter Set
-Filter Replacement Indicator
-Flexible Temperature Setting
-Smart System Diagnosis
-Energy Saving System
-Swinging Dispensing Faucet
SPECIFICATIONS Dimension (WxDxH): 322mm x 385mm x 338mm
Net Weight: 15kg
Applicable Water Inflow Rate: 2.0± 0.25 Litres/min
Power Consumption: 800W (Heater) | 100W (Chiller) | 6W (UV Lamp)
Voltage/Frequency: 220-240 V/50 Hz
Water Supply: Direct connection to piping
Refrigerant: R134a
Heating Capacity: 10 Litres/hour
Usage Heating Capacity (90 C): 1 Litre/3 mins.
Cooling Capacity: 1.5 Litres/hour
Usage Cooling Capacity (5 C): 1 Litre/12 mins.
Water Temperature: 80 C – 90 C (Hot) | 2 C -8 C (Cold)
pH: 90 ± 0.5 (Hot) | 7.5 ± 0.5 (Cold)
ORP Reduction: 100 mV to 200 mV (Hot) | Inherent from water source (Cold)

A 5-step filtration process leaves clean, pure, and safe-to-drink water for the entire family. You can also have either alkaline antioxidant water (HydroPlus) or purified energy water (HydroPure), depending on your preference.

The great thing about this smart water dispenser is that it allows you to calibrate the temperature for your water, so even the fussiest drinker will be pacified. Plus, the swinging faucet accommodates all sizes of containers for water.

Possibly the greatest feature of this unit is the Smart System Diagnosis, so you can keep the equipment running at its optimal level. It has a Filter Replacement Indicator, so you keep your water clean and safe.

Finally, the Energy Saving System makes this the product that keeps on giving.

Pros & Cons

This fits in nicely in modern homes and spaces. It has all the features and conveniences of modernity with the sleek aesthetic of a high-end brand.

-Superior 5-step filtration system
-Choice of alkaline or purified water
-Advanced Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp
-Smart system diagnosis for filter replacement etc.
-Customisable temperature
-Energy -saving
-Space saving
-Swinging faucet
-Requires installation

ELO Living D800 Dew Water Dispenser

ELO Living D800 Dew Water Dispenser_2022_best in singapore

BEST FOR Best for Busy Workplaces and Households
TYPE Point of Use, Countertop
FILTERS Ultrafiltration (UF) + Activated Carbon
FEATURES -PUB Water Efficiency Labelling System (WELS) Certified Drinking Faucet
-Accredited Ball Valve in accordance to PUB stipulated standards
-Easy-to-use Water Dispenser that provides Cold, Hot and Room Temperature water at the touch of a button.
SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions of UF Drinking Water System HF1P+ Long Life (W x D x H mm): 295 x 241 x 400
Dimensions of DEW Water Dispenser D800 (W x D x H mm): 375 x 230 x 500
Feed water temperature: 5-38 Degree Celsius
Feed water pressure: 1.4 – 6.9bar (20 – 100psi)
Filtration cartridge lifespan: 9000L for UF Cartridge, 3000L for Carbon Cartridge
Tested in accordance to:
– APHA 9222D and APHA9222G using E.Coli Bacteria
– US ANSI/NSF Standard 42 for Reduction of Chlorine, Taste and Odour (For Carbon Filter)
– Safety Mark by Spring Singapore

This unit boasts clean-tasting water from Ultrafiltration (UF) and Activated Carbon. It gets rid of bacteria, viruses, sediments, contaminants, odour, and the taste of chlorine. It will pass the standard of even the most sensitive tongues.

Gone are the clunky buttons and knobs too on the facade. This sleek water dispenser is fully smart and modern, dispensing water at the touch of a finger.

Plus, this is perfect for busy offices and households because it requires little maintenance. Its self-cleaning feature keeps it in top condition while the long-lasting filters help save money.

Pros & Cons

The only downside that may annoy some users is the fixed height of the outlet, so that taller containers may be hard to refill.

-Money saving
-Space saving
-Long-lasting filter
-Clean-tasting water
-Smart and modern design
-Requires installation
-Water outlet not adjustable

FreshDew Hot & Cool Dispenser

FreshDew Hot & Cool Dispenser_2022_best in singapore

BEST FOR Best High-End POU Water Dispenser
TYPE Point of Use, Wall Mounted
FILTERS Sediment + Carbon filters
FEATURES -Hot and cool slim wall water dispenser
-Installed with TOMAL® Custom Bullet Filter Series
-Hot and cool side switches for energy saving
-Touch panel
-Elegant glass surface
-Safety Lock
-Drip tray cup holder
-No Maintenance
SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 32cm (L) 8cm (B) 43cm (H)
Weight: 4.9KG

Have zero space for a big dispenser? No problem! This wall-mounted water dispenser takes up virtually no space and also requires no maintenance.

It’s one of those hardworking machines you don’t give a second thought to because it works so efficiently and becomes almost invisible.

The FreshDew Hot & Cool Dispenser uses customised technology, the NSF-certified Bullet Filter Series, to dispense water fit for drinking and cooking.

The first line of defence is the sediment cartridge, which filters impurities in water pipes. Then, the carbon filter cartridge removes chlorine as well as other odours.

As for hot water, you won’t have to wait, as it dispenses hot water anytime you want. Simply pre-set the unit for 1 cup or 2 cups.

Pros & Cons

Aside from the price, another quibble for this unit is probably related to the preferences in filtration system. However, in terms of overall performance, the price is justified by its quality.

-No maintenance
-Energy saving
-Long-lasting filter
-Custom filtration system
-Smart and modern design
-Requires installation

Swisspro Clima Mesa

BEST FOR Affordable and Reliable High-End POU Water Dispenser
TYPE Point of Use, Countertop
Cold: 1.7 L
Direct Ambient: unlimited
FILTERS Integrated Swiss-made filters
FEATURES -Countertop with easy to use dispenser lever
-Integrated Swiss-made filters
-Hot & cold water on-demand
-Hot water safety button
SPECIFICATIONS Dimension : 28 (W) x 54 (L) x 55 (H) cm
Weight  : 25 kgElectrical Specifications
AC200 – 240V: 50 – 60HzHeating Power: 750W
Cooling Power: 170W
Recommended Serving PAX: Up to 15-20
Temperature: 75 oc ~ 100 oc

The Swisspro Clima Mesa looks like a cross between the traditional countertop water dispenser and the slim, modern point of use dispensers in the market. It’s edge from all others is the integrated Swiss-made filters to dispense thoroughly filtered and safe drinking or cooking water. It’s not readily available in retail stores, so you’d often deal with OEM for this.

Pros & Cons

This has the largest tank capacity in among the products in this list. Installation is done by OEM as well as servicing. If you’re the type who dislikes dealing with manufacturers when it comes to cursory servicing and fixes since they tend to charge more, then this may not be for you.

-Well-built & functional
-Excellent filter system
-Available for rent
-Safety features
-Requires installation
-Required semi-annual servicing

Living Care Water Purifier

Living Care Water Purifier_2022_best in singapore

BEST FOR Maximised energy efficiency
WARRANTY 2 years of filter change
TYPE Countertop
FILTERS All-in-One (Sediment, Carbon block, and UF Filter)
FEATURES 7 temperatures setting
Quantity control
Filter Change Indicator
The only dispenser in Singapore that comes with an auto filter cleaning function
1st dispenser in Singapore that possesses no motor – which means that standby mode power consumption is 0
Livingcare water dispensers are SGD$1,888 nett – comes with free 2 years of filter change.
Payment wise, we also have a 0% credit card instalment plan for 12/24/26 months option available.
SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: W123 x D393 x H343 mm
Weight 6.4 kg
Rated Power 220V/ 50/60Hz
Cooling Method by Thermoelectric semiconductor
Heating Method by Metal Heater
Cooling System 1.2 kW/ Heating System 2.6kW
Filter Life 9ms

Living Care Water Purifier is perfect for people who need a purifier that works well and fits anywhere you need to place it. It’s tankless and doesn’t need to be installed by professionals, so you can just order it and you’re ready to go.

It offers 7 temperatures for you to choose from, not just “hot”and “cold”– making it perfect for everybody, may it be for a family who needs a specific water temperature for their babies, or a college student trying to live off cups of ramen.

It’s definitely a great choice if you’re looking for a well-rounded water purifier that saves electricity, which in turn, will actually save you more money.

Pros & Cons

It is both convenient and easy to use. Definitely one of the best options to consider if you have more budget to spend.

Combined filters
Reduced Size
Fits in limited kitchen spaces

Floor Standing Water Dispenser

Floor Standing Water Dispenser_2022_best in singapore

BEST FOR 3 Stage Filtration
WARRANTY 18 months
TYPE Floor Standing
CAPACITY Hot: 3L per hour
Cold 4L per hour
FILTERS 3 stage filtration, Sediment, carbon, ultra filtration
FEATURES LG compressor
Child lock
Price includes delivery and installation
SPECIFICATIONS Colour: off white
Dimensions: 255 (wide) x 482 (depth) x 1150mm (height)
Hot and Cold dispenser

The Floor Standing Water Dispenser is a sleek and stylish water dispenser perfect for a spacious home. Reception areas will benefit greatly from this item, as guests wait to be accommodated.

It has a large capacity for both hot and cold water. With its large size, it can be noticed and used easily by your guests. Get it from Ardor Marketing now!

Pros & Cons

The floor-standing water dispenser is preferred by many due to its ease of use and large capacity. It’s well worth its price, so buy it if you can.

3 stage filtration
Big capacity
Easily accessible
Takes up a lot of space

Tami Symphony Dispenser

Tami Symphony Dispenser_2022_best in singapore

BEST FOR Top notch filtration system
WARRANTY Contact for more information
TYPE Floor Standing
CAPACITY Cold Water – 120 litres/hour @ 2 – 10 degrees Hot Water – 120 litres/hour @ 90 – 95 degrees
FILTERS Triple filtration system (Polypropylene Pre filter – Granular Activated Carbon Filter – Activated Carbon Filter)
FEATURES Water lock

Drip tray water detection

Interior leak detector

SPECIFICATIONS Colour: sleek black
Dimensions: 35cm(D) x 33cm(W) x 120cm(H)
Hot and Cold dispenser

The Tami Symphony dispenser is the latest product to come out of the Tami Water Purifier range. It takes the conventional concept of water dispensers and modernizes it in a way that is as functional as it is pleasant to look at.

One dispenser features a triple filtration system, beginning with Polypropylene Pre filter, followed by Granular Activated Carbon Filter, and completed with Activated Carbon Filter. It also dispenses both hot and cold water, perfect for quenching the thirst regardless of the environment.

The final feature is perhaps one of the most unique: the sizable cup holder. As water cups, mugs, and tumblers get bigger and bigger, this feature becomes a highly sought out, convenient mechanism for users.

3 stage filtration
Large cup holder
Limited color options

Requires filter replacements

Compac O2+


BEST FOR Healthier Drinking Water
TYPE Alkaline dispenser
FILTERS Micron Sediment Carbon Block Filter

AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Minerals Filter

Dual Dynamic Microbiological Interception Filter

FEATURES Incorporates antioxidants in the water

Removes bacteria and other harmful elements in the water

Has sterilizing and sanitizing capabilities

SPECIFICATIONS Dimension: W24.4 x D24 x H39 cm

Net Weight: 5.5 kg

Voltage: 220 – 240V

Total Rated Power: 13W

Compac O2+ is a water dispenser that was voted as one of the top of its kind due to its advanced technology of delivering antioxidant-infused hot and cold alkaline water which is currently being used by 6 Cancer societies and hospitals. It makes use of an Active Oxygen Sterilizer or AOX which is efficient in removing unwanted bacteria, pesticides, and heavy metals among many other harmful elements in drinking water.

We find the product to be highly ideal for clients who are looking for water that promotes a healthier lifestyle and especially for baby and food product usage.

It features a patented and highly advanced filter that is not only safe for drinking but also for sanitizing and can be used to improve conditions such as skin and dental issues that clients may have.

We think that the design is both compact and portable when it comes to the design so that clients will not have a hard time when trying to situate the said dispenser in their homes since it requires minimal space.

Overall, with its comprehensive and extensive filtration system and online ordering and viewing feature readily at their website, we highly recommend this dispenser for clients especially those with special nutritional needs.

Innovative filtration systems

Produces safe and healthier water

Portable design

Built-in ActiveOxygen Technology to sanitize your meat, fruits, and vegetables

Quite expensive

Limited water capacity

All right, so you probably have an idea now of which dispenser to get. That said, you should also give some thought to the maintenance of your chosen water dispenser.

Though some units are marketed as self-cleaning or as requiring zero maintenance, it doesn’t mean you can completely neglect them. Wiping away spills and dirt as well as handling the unit properly can help extend the usability of your water dispenser.

Since bottled water dispensers are more prone to accumulating dirt and sediments just from changing gallon bottles, it’s also advised that you do a quarterly cleanse of the built-in tank.

Here’s a quick outline of how to do that for a bottled unit:

  1. First, unplug the unit.
  2. Then, remove the bottle and drain the remaining water in the unit.
  3. Open the reservoir and wipe this area with a clean cloth.
  4. Remove any deposits that could contaminate your water.
  5. Rinse, then reassemble.
  6. You can also fill the reservoir with water, then drain.

For POUs, check the tubes connecting the unit to your water line once in a while and look for leaks or issues with the connection. Also, remember to replace filters as recommended by the manufacturer to retain the quality of water.

In any case, all of the units we’ve listed here as the best water dispensers in Singapore are fairly sturdy. That means with responsible use and care, any one of them should last for years.

If you need more tools or appliances to ensure your family or office’s water is safe for use, you can also read our article on the best water filters in Singapore. These, taken with the water dispensers in this list, should be more than enough to ensure your water’s soundness.