How much does it cost to see an ENT specialist in SG

How much does it cost to see an ENT specialist in SG?

Whether it’s a mild snore or an itchy throat, it’s best to get it checked right away to avoid further complications. The same goes for neck and mouth problems that you have to deal with daily. 

If this is the case, you should see an ENT specialist. And to help you with that, we provided the cost of seeing ENT specialists here in Singapore. 

What is an ENT specialist?

An ENT specialist is a medical doctor who focuses on treating the ear, nose, and throat. They’re also known as otolaryngologists. 

In addition, they deal with the adenoids, sinuses, larynx, and mouth. Overall, they provide the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of conditions surrounding those areas.

Keep in mind that the overall costs of consultation and services will vary depending on your chosen healthcare institution. It can usually cost from $35 to $600. 

Why should you see an ENT specialist?

Ideally, it’s advisable to see an ENT specialist when you start having recurring throat, ear, or sinus problems. 

In fact, the most common reasons why parents take their kids to see the doctor are ear infections, followed by tonsillitis or the inflammation of the tonsils.

Often, doctors treat these conditions by prescribing antibiotics. In some severe cases, they may recommend surgery to lessen the infection. 

Tinnitus or the buzzing sound in the ear is also one of the conditions that ENT specialists can effectively treat. This is mostly caused by age-related hearing loss and prolonged exposure to loud noises.

On one hand, ENT specialists can also help resolve allergies and sleeping problems like snoring and sleep apnea.

They can also treat thyroid diseases and remove thyroid nodules, which are considered cancerous, through surgery as well. 

Can you use MediSave to see an ENT specialist?

When it comes to insurance, most health centres and hospitals allow MediSave. In fact, it can also be used for the patients themselves or for their immediate family members. 

Some clinics accept several corporate and personal insurance plans as well. They also accept the Child Development Account (CDA) Baby Bonus scheme.

All Singaporean citizens and residents can also purchase Integrated Shield Plans to cover medical bills. Some of those plans include AIA, Aviva, AXA, and Prudential

Estimated Costs of ENT Specialists Services in Singapore

When it comes to the price, the services of ENT specialists vary considerably. This is also due to the equipment used and complexity of the procedure. 

To give you some idea, the table below shows the estimated costs of these services:

Type of ServiceEstimated Costs of ENT Specialists Services
Consultation$35 - $350
Ear endoscopy$100 - $250
Ear microsuction clearance$100 - $300
Nasal endoscopy$50 - $500
Laryngeal Videostroboscopy$400 - $600
Follow-up consultation$30 - $150

Generally, seeing an ENT specialist doesn’t require a referral, especially if it will be an out of pocket expense. However, if you’ll be using a corporate insurance card, some of those plans may require you to consult a physician first.

Depending on your concern, it’s still advisable to seek a specialist so your condition can be investigated in its early stage. 

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