Best Things to Do Alone in Singapore
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Best Things to Do Alone in Singapore

Is Singapore good for solo travellers? I’m inclined to think so!

Being a cultural melting pot and one of the countries with the lowest crime rate makes Singapore a solo traveller-friendly destination. There are plenty of activities that solo travellers can indulge in, making their Singapore experience memorable.

I myself enjoy exploring places on my own, and after years of living here, I’ve found so many fun activities for those who like to go solo. 

If you’re looking for suggestions on the best things to do alone in Singapore, I’ve created a list for you! 

Where to Eat Solo in Singapore

Where to Eat Solo in Singapore

As I said earlier, Singapore is a melting pot of various cultures, so it only makes sense that you can find countless restaurants, eateries, and hawker centres serving dishes from cuisines all over the world. 

If you’re a massive foodie like I am, here are some restaurants that I’ve loved and would always recommend to everyone. 

Amoy Street Food Centre

Location: 7 Maxwell Rd, Singapore 069111

How to get there: Take the Tanjong Pagar MRT or the 10, 100, 131, 174, 196, or 57 Bus

Estimated cost: S$5 for a bowl of hot beef kway tyeow, S$1.80 for one crispy curry chicken puff

There are at least half a dozen stalls in the Amoy Street Food Centre listed in the 2019 Michelin guide, so don’t let its humble looks fool you. You can get the most authentic Singaporean dishes here without breaking the bank.

But on most days, it does get crowded with office-goers from buildings in the vicinity. This could mean long queues during the lunch hour, as I’ve found out to my chagrin. 

Tuesdays or Wednesdays are decidedly the best times to go and have a meal at Amoy. There aren’t too many diners to compete with noodle bowls, lor mee, and curry puffs then, so you can eat more leisurely.

It’s also not an airconditioned place, so you’ll have to stuff your face and leave if you don’t want to look and feel like a glazed doughnut after a hot meal. 

Solo traveller tip: Most stalls take only cash, so make sure to bring a sufficient amount with you.

Tiong Bahru Market

Location: 30 Seng Poh Rd, Singapore 168898

How to get there: Take the 5, 16, 33, 63, 123, 195, or 851 Bus, or the Tiong Bahru MRT

Estimated cost: S$4 for bean curd puffs set, S$4 for a bowl of prawn noodles

For me, going to Tiong Bahru Market for a mid-day meal is a feast for all the senses. Walking towards it means getting to see colourful street murals and post-war buildings that have a rich history behind them.

There are also Michelin-starred eateries along the way, so make sure you have your appetite and tastebuds ready. 

You can take your pick of delectable Hokkien mee stalls or ones that sell steamed yam cakes and bowls of prawn mee at only a fraction of your food budget.

The aroma, sights, and tastes of Tiong Bahru Market can already fill you with a sense of what Singapore is all about. And exploring it on your own means you also cover more ground at a faster pace than you would with a companion.

Solo traveller tip: Head out as early as you can manage to avoid long queues or having food sold out.

Maxwell Food Centre

Location: 1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184

How to get there: Walking distance from the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, or take the Chinatown MRT

Estimated cost: S$16.50 for Hainanese half-chicken, three cups of rice, and a side of gizzard

When I’m feeling extra hungry, I visit the Maxwell Food Centre where locals and tourists swear the best brunch in Singapore can be found. After all, the late Anthony Bourdain himself swore by Tian Tian’s Hainanese chicken, which is saying a lot.

For just under S$17, you can already have a burp-worthy meal of half a Hainanese chicken, three cups of rice, and a side of gizzard with all the sumptuous sauce you’ll need!

You might have to splurge a bit on a beverage to down all that yumminess, though.

It’s close enough to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple to plan in conjunction with a touristy trek. But Mondays are particularly busy at Maxwell Food Centre, so it’s best to go there on any other day.

Solo traveller tip: Anthony Bourdain loved this place. Make of that what you will!

1-Altitude Coast

Location: Level 7 The Outpost Hotel, 10 Artillery Avenue, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099951

How to get there: Take Bus 10, 100, 196, 33, 80, or ride the East-West Line or North South Line if you prefer the MRT

Estimated cost: Cocktails and dishes range from S$12 to S$30

Who says fine dining is only for couples? Single people can enjoy treating themselves to a nice, fancy meal, too!

If you’re planning to splurge a bit during your Singapore visit, one bar/restaurant you might want to check out is 1-Altitude Coast. This fine dining establishment is more than just a rooftop bar/restaurant; it also has a pool deck where you can splash around!

I would suggest coming by this restaurant around 5 pm or in the evening so you’ll get to enjoy the sunset or the glittering cityscape while dining or swimming in the pool. It’s quite a breathtaking view, I’ll have you know. 

Solo traveller tip: 1-Altitude Coast charges an entry fee of S$35 or S$45 (after 9 pm) per guest. Also, the dress code is smart casual, so don’t come here wearing shorts and sandals.


Location: 70 Eu Tong Sen Street #06-01, Yue Hwa Building, Singapore 059805

How to get there: Take Downtown Line MRT or the North-East Line, stop at Dt19 NE4 Chinatown MRT, take exit E, then walk towards the restaurant.

Estimated cost: S$60 or S$95 for multi-course meals

Boasting a sleek and modern atmosphere, Eclipse makes you feel sophisticated when you step foot inside. The feeling of sophistication continues when you take a bite of its elegant Asian and European dishes; your taste buds will surely sing with delight!

But my favourite part about this restaurant is that it overlooks Chinatown. The sight of the sparkling neighbourhood just whets your appetite and makes the experience even more memorable. 

Smart casual is the dress code, so be sure to don your favourite dress, put on your classiest pair of shoes, and enjoy a fun night at Eclipse. 

Solo traveller tip: I suggest coming to this restaurant for dinner instead of lunch. Not only is the view much more beautiful in the evening, but you’ll also have access to more dishes on the menu. 

Free Things to Do Alone in Singapore

I’m not going to lie; touring Singapore may be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, but it can also get quite expensive. If you’re always eating out, going clubbing, and visiting the country’s world-class attractions, the costs will add up really fast.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. I’ve been in Singapore for quite some time now, so I’m able to find fun activities to do that are free (or mostly free). Here are some of my favourite free things to do that you might enjoy as well!

Go hiking in one of the many nature parks in Singapore

Go hiking in one of the many nature parks in Singapore

Singapore is a glittering metropolis, but it’s also home to many native wildlife species. In order to preserve the biodiversity here, the government has created several nature parks where these species can thrive—and yes, they’re open to the public. 

So, if you’re fond of nature or you just want to get away from the bustling city and breathe in the fresh air, consider stopping by some of the nature parks in the country. These parks also have hiking trails if you’re in the mood for some exercise. 

Not sure which park to start with? Here are some of my favourite nature parks with the most interesting trails:

Park NameLocationHow to Get ThereDescription
Bukit Timah Nature ReserveEnd of Hindhede Drive• Take bus 67, 75, 170, 171, 184, 852, 961. Stop at Jalan Anak Bukit Road, then walk to the park.

• Ride any MRT line that takes you to Beauty World MRT station. Take Exit A to reach the park.

Home to Bukit Timah Hill, the highest natural peak in Singapore
MacRitchie Reservoir ParkAlong Lornie Road• Take bus 52, 74, 130, 132, 165, 166, 167, 93, 165, 855, 157, 162, and 852. Walk to the park entrance.

• Take MRT to Caldecott Station, alight at Exit A. Walk towards the park.

Singapore’s oldest reservoir
Jurong Lake Gardens50 Yuan Ching Road• Take bus 49, 154, 154B, 240, 246, 180, 335, 30, and 178, and stop on either Yuan Ching Road, Boon Lay Way, or AYE.

• Ride the East-West Line to Lakeside Station. Walk towards the North Entrance.

Sprawling park around a lake; features include a swamp forest, boardwalk, and a watersports section
Coney IslandPunggol Promenade Nature Walk• Take the Punggol MRT, get on the Punggol Interchange bus (65009), get on Bus 84 to Punggol Road End.Also known as Pulau Serangoon

Solo traveller tip: If you’re planning to hike, make sure to bring some hiking essentials, especially food, water, and navigation tools. Put them all in a backpack as well because you won’t want the monkeys to snatch up your stuff.

Truly, there are several amazing parks in Singapore, and I love them all. But I do admit that if I were to pick an ultimate favourite, I would have to say Coney Island Park.

So, allow me to zone on this particular park and share why exactly I’m quite so fond of it. 

Go hiking on Coney Island Park

Bearing some of the most popular hiking trails in Singapore, Coney Island Park makes me feel like I’m removed from the rest of the civilisation. If that’s something that appeals to you, put on your hiking boots, stat!

The hiking trail is around 5.6 km long and is considered a moderately difficult walk to accomplish. But it’s going to feel leisurely despite the rugged and rustic scenario, so take it all in and take pictures when you can.

There are gorgeously-coloured butterflies, the occasional monitor lizard, and migratory birds joining you on your solo trek. And don’t forget to stop occasionally to take in all the natural beauty surrounding you in the form of swamps and grassland.

Solo traveller tip: The hike can take from an hour and a half to two hours long, so bring a water bottle to keep hydrated.

Catch a few shows at the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Catch a few shows at the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Location: 1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore 038981

How to get there: Take the Circle Line, East-West Line, and North-South Line, and ride the MRT to City Hall. Follow the signs to the Esplanade.

Like many other people, I love watching live performances of anything—be it a concert, a play, or a dance show. But I used to think live shows were expensive, so I wasn’t able to attend many of them—that is until I heard about the Esplanades. 

The Esplanades – Theatres on the Bay is a national performing arts centre in Singapore, and they offer a wide range of performing arts shows, such as dance, music, and theatre.

Many people think that The Esplanade is only for those who can afford their shows, but actually, it’s the opposite. 

About 70% of their shows are free and open to the public.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Best of all, these free shows come in a wide variety. I’ve been able to catch concerts, dance performances, and plays. 

There’s always something new to look forward to every time!

Solo traveller tip: I recommend heading to their website first because that’s where they announce the free shows they’re performing and when. 

Catch the free Supertree Grove light and sound show

Location: Gardens By The Bay, 211 Marina Way, Singapore 018977

How to get there: Take the Bayfront MRT or the 400 Bus

There’s another glorious garden to visit right smack in the busyness of Marina Way. The Garden Rhapsody transforms the already awe-inspiring Supertree Grove at night with a spectacular light and sound show—for free.

The light and sound show lasts for just 15 minutes, but there are two shows every night (at 7:45 PM and 8:45 PM), so there’s no reason to miss it. The show’s theme adapts to certain occasions, so you might want to check out what’s in store during your stay.

The Supertree Grove is another Instagram-worthy place with hardly a bad angle to capture on your camera phone. I should know; my phone’s gallery has gigs of it!

Solo traveller tip: There are two show timings, but get there before it gets crowded.

Join a walking heritage tour

Join a walking heritage tour

Singapore is rich in history and culture, so it only makes sense that you immerse yourself in it. One way to do this is by joining a walking heritage tour; this tour lets you visit neighbourhoods, precincts, and other cultural landmarks in the country. 

The best part is that many of these tours are free! My personal favourite is the Free Walking Tour hosted by Monster Day Tours

This tour offers several options: Chinatown, Little India, or Kampong Glam, Singapore City, Marina Bay, and City Hall & Orchard Road. Aside from the variety of places to visit, tours are also done in groups, so I got to befriend new people! 

Solo traveller tip: Your meeting place with the other tourists will depend on which walking tour you join, so be sure to ask the organizer beforehand. 

Also, bring some money. Yes, the tour is free, but you still need to eat, and you might be tempted to buy souvenirs.

Spend a sunny day on the beach

Spend a sunny day on the beach

As a tropical country, Singapore can get quite hot and humid on some days. But there’s no need to worry much about this; it’s nothing that a day at a beach can’t fix. 

Sentosa is the region most widely known for its white-sand beaches, but you can find more options in other sections of Singapore. Some of my favourite beaches include

BeachHow to Get ThereDescription
Palawan Beach• Take the MRT to HarbourFront Station, and walk to Sentosa Express Monorail Station.

• Take the Sentosa Express train to Beach Station.

• Ride the shuttle or walk to the beach.

• Also known as Sentosa Beach
Siloso Beach• Perfect if you want to participate in beach sports, horse riding, and other activities
Tanjong Beach• Perfect if you want to party
Punggol Beach• Ride the MRT to Punggol Station. Then, take bus 84 from the Interchange.• Beautiful and serene, perfect if you want to enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset in peace
Changi Beach• Take bus 109, 19, 2, 59, 89, or 9. Alight at Nicoll Drive, Changi Village Road, Civil Service Club, or Telok Paku Road.

• Walk a few minutes to the beach.

• If you want to jog or ride a bike, you can also do so here because there are many winding tracks.

Solo traveller tip: Be sure to put sunscreen on your skin. Hanging out on the beach is fun, but getting sunburnt is most definitely not. 

Spend some time in the National Library of Singapore

Spend some time in the National Library of Singapore

Location: 100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064

How to get there: Ride the MRT to City Hall Station, then walk to the library. 

I’m an avid reader myself, so naturally, going to the library will always be one of my recommended activities. And luckily, Singapore has some of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever seen, and its National Library definitely takes the cake.

The National Library of Singapore is far from the musty and derelict libraries you usually see in movies. Instead, it features an innovative design, with lots of glass windows to let lots of natural light in—in fact, this library feels more like a fancy mall than anything.

Only residents are allowed to borrow books, but tourists are still free to visit. So, if you have some downtime for yourself, I suggest stopping by the National Library, finding a quiet spot, and then diving into the book that you’ve been dying to read. 

Solo traveller tip: Just like in any other library, be sure to keep quiet here. You don’t want to disturb those who are reading or studying. 

Get lost inside Changi Airport

Get lost inside Changi Airport

Location: Airport Boulevard, Singapore 

How to get there: Ride the MRT to Changi Airport Station. Alternatively, you can ride buses 24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 110, or 858. 

To outsiders, Changi Airport is just a place where people stay to prepare for their flights. But for us Singaporean residents, we know that it’s also an attraction of its own; there are so many things to do here, and many of them are free!

For starters, this airport is just absolutely gorgeous—the indoor waterfall alone is a marvel—so you can spend hours just snapping photos for your Instagram.

But other than that, you can find about 46 attractions here, and all of them are entertaining in their own right. If you were to ask me what my favourite free attractions are, I would say the following:

  • The Orchard Garden by the Koi Pond
  • The Enchanted Garden
  • The Entertainment Deck
  • The Kinetic Rain Sculpture
  • The Giant Slide

Solo traveller tip: Since there are so many things to do here, you might want to allot a whole afternoon—or even a whole day—just to explore everything. You might also want to try the paid entertainment options for more fun if you want.

Surround yourself with nature at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Location: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

How to get there: Take the Botanic Gardens MRT or the Circle/Downtown Lines

It would be almost criminal to pass up the chance to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, especially when it doesn’t charge anything for you to access it. 

It’s where you can see giant trees and tropical plants you can’t find elsewhere in Singapore. The Singapore Botanic Gardens has around 60,000 plants spread over 80 acres so it might take a good part of the day just to see a portion of it. 

But it’s so carefully laid out that you won’t feel exhausted traversing different areas.

It’s a clean and sanitised garden, but it’s always a good idea to bring a trusty mosquito repellent whenever you’re outdoors. And wearing sunscreen especially when the sun is blazing hot should help keep the sunburn away.

Solo traveller tip: Though getting inside is free, you’ll need to pay S$5 to access the National Orchid Garden.

Other Fun Things to Do in Singapore as a Solo Traveller

Still looking for more suggestions on things to do as a solo traveller in Singapore? Then, you’re in luck because I have a few more recommendations up my sleeve!

Whether you’re looking for something fun and simple like shopping or something daring like bungee jumping, you can find many activities that you’ll like! 

Snap a photo of these IG-worthy views

Enjoy a panoramic view of the cityscape

Enjoy a panoramic view of the cityscape

If you’re like me and enjoy watching panoramic views of cities, you might be interested in finding a high vantage point to catch the stunning Singapore cityscape. If so, then I suggest either riding the Singapore Flyer or heading to Marina Bay Sands SkyPark.

Singapore Flyer is one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world, so when you get into one of the capsules, you’ll be able to view the Singapore cityscape from every angle. The rotation also takes about 30 minutes, so you have a lot of time to enjoy the view. 

Another way you can enjoy the view is by heading to the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. The SkyPark is at the very top of this iconic building, and it has an observation deck where you can have an unobstructed view of Singapore. 

This deck also has a cafe, so you can grab a bite or drink whenever you feel hungry or parched.

NameAddressHow to Get ThereTicket Prices for Adults
Singapore Flyer30 Raffles Avenue• Ride the MRT to the Promenade Station. Take Exit A, then walk to the Flyer.• S$40 (Singapore Flyer + Time Capsule)

• S$69 (Singapore Sling Experience)

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation DeckL56, Hotel Tower 3, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue• Ride the MRT to the Bayfront Station, which is physically connected to the building.• S$19.40 (tourist, Sands Rewards Member)

• S$26 (tourist, non-member)

• S$16 (Singapore resident, Sands Rewards member)

• S$18 (Singapore resident, non-member)

Solo traveller tip: To make the experience even more worthwhile, be sure to visit in the evening because you’ll be able to catch a view of Spectra, a nightly outdoor light and water show.

Take a picture of the Merlion

Take a picture of the Merlion

Location: One Fullerton Road, Singapore 049213

How to get there: Ride the MRT to the Raffles Place Station, then take the exit towards the United Overseas Bank Plaza. Eventually, you’ll see Fullerton Hotel; Merlion Park is behind that.

A mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, the Merlion is officially the mascot of Singapore. So, if you’re a solo tourist in the country, you definitely don’t want to pass up the opportunity to see this world-renowned statue. 

Once you’re here, be sure to snap a few photos for your Instagram. Since this statue faces the east, I’d suggest stopping by during the early morning to watch the sunrise; it’s breathtaking to see the sun painting everything gold, including the Merlion. 

Solo traveller tip: There are many restaurants and cafes in the area, so feel free to enjoy fine dining with a view. 

Go on a hop-on, hop-off bus tour

Location: Contact some trusted bus charters and tour bus agencies with great itineraries.

Estimated cost: From S$52

Bus tour options: Big Bus Singapore or the FunVee Open Top Bus Tours

Want to explore more of Singapore but don’t want to do it entirely on foot? Then let the best travel agencies in Singapore point you in the direction of their hop-on, hop-off bus tours.

Tours like this usually cover the most popular landmarks first, then go on to lesser-known destinations. At any time you feel like it, the bus can let you hop off, take pictures, wander around, or buy souvenir stuff to take home.

It will cost more than a walking tour, but you’ll be able to cover more ground this way. Plus, the buses are airconditioned for your comfort.

Solo traveller tip: Most tour buses allow you to choose the routes you’d like to see first.

Get to know local culture

Check out the local temples and shrines

Check out the local temples and shrines

Singapore may be known for its skyscrapers and sprawling theme parks, but it’s also a country rich in culture. One piece of evidence for this is the variety of temples and shrines of different religions scattered throughout the island. 

Even if you don’t follow a certain religion, you’re still welcome to visit a temple to pay your respects. The temples and shrines also feature a beautiful design and a serene atmosphere, so you’ll feel at ease when visiting.

If you’re looking for suggestions on which temples and shrines to check out, here are some of my favourites:

Temple/Shrine NameLocationHow to Get ThereDescription
Thian Hock Keng Temple158 Telok Ayer StreetRide the MRT to Telok Ayer Station, take Exit A, then walk to the temple.Translated as the “Palace of Heavenly Happiness”
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum288 South Bridge Road• Ride bus 80 and 145, then stop on South Bridge Road. Walk to the temple.

• Ride the MRT to the Chinatown Station, take Exit A, and then walk to the temple.

Featuring a classic Chinese Tang dynasty architectural design and a golden interior
Sri Mariamman Temple244 South Bridge Road• Ride the MRT to the Chinatown Station, take exit A, then walk to the temple.

• Ride bus 61, 166, or 197, then alight at the bus stop opposite the temple.

The oldest Hindu temple in Singapore
Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery88 Bright Hill Road• Ride the MRT to the Bishan Station, then take bus 410 or 52 from the Interchange.

• Ride bus 52, 162, 162M, or 410. Alight at Gate 3 of the monastery.

The largest Buddhist temple in Singapore
Lian Shan Shuang Lin Temple184 Jalan Toa PayohTake bus 139, 142, 235, 506, 57, or 59.Houses both Buddhist and Taoist divinities

Solo traveller tip: Be sure to keep quiet at all times as a gesture of respect for these religious landmarks.

Visit some of the museums and galleries

Visit some of the museums and galleries

Are you a history buff? Then, you’re in luck because Singapore has museums and galleries—covering all kinds of subject matters—in spades. 

I personally love visiting art galleries here because they always contain interesting artworks from artists not just in Singapore but also in other countries of Southeast Asia. 

Maritime museums are also fun because they usually have simulation centres, which provide a much deeper insight into the topic.

For more of my personal recommendations, take a look at the table below:

Museum/Gallery NameAddressHow to Get ThereEstimated Cost (Tickets)Description
National Gallery Singapore1 St. Andrew’s RoadRide the MRT to the City Hall Station, take Exit B. Walking to the Gallery will take about seven minutes.• Free for Singaporean residents

• S$20 for non-residents

Houses the largest public collection of Singaporean and Southeast Asian art in the world
National Museum of Singapore93 Stamford RoadTake the MRT to Downtown Line, then get down at the Bencoolen Station or City Hall. Walk to the museum.• Free for Singaporean residents

• S$15 for non-residents

Offers permanent galleries, modern multimedia exhibits, and live performances that tackle the history and culture of Singapore
ArtScience Museum6 Bayfront AvenueRide the MRT to the Bayfront Station, then take Exit D since it’s the closest to the museum.S$9–S$30 (depending on which exhibition you want)Combines art, science, design, media, architecture, and technology
BattleboxFort Canning Park, 2 Cox TerraceRide the MRT to either Dhoby Ghaut or Fort Canning, exit the station, then walk to the museum.S$20An authentic World War II secret Command Center built nine meters underground
MINT Museum of Toys26 Seah StreetRide the MRT to the City Hall Station, then take Exit A. Walk to the museum.S$25The world’s first purpose-built museum for toys
Asian Civilizations Museum1 Empress PlaceTake bus 10, 10e, 57, 70, 75, 100, 107, 128, 130, 131, 162, 167, 196, 196E, 700, 850E, 868, 951E, and 971E. Alight at the Fullerton Square bus stop.S$15Boasts over 5,000 years of recorded Asian history through a diverse collection of artefacts

Solo traveller tip: These museums and galleries have exhibitions that require another ticket. If you want to check out these special exhibitions, be sure to bring extra money.

Sign up for a walking tour of Little India

Location: Serangoon Road, Rochor Canal Road, and Bukit Timah Sungei Road

How to get there: Take the Little India MRT, the Rochor MRT, the Farrer Park MRT, or a taxi

Estimated cost: Mostly free, but tips to the tour guides will be appreciated

A walking tour is one of the most intimate ways to get to know the history of a place and what makes it tick. And in just under two hours, you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of its culture and heritage.

Little India often has casual walking tours from local guides who simply love sharing their knowledge of this colourful enclave in Singapore. Some itineraries include food tasting from the best Indian restaurants in the area, so sign up if you’re a foodie like me.

There are paid walking tours where you’ll need to sign up in advance for the itinerary and pay the fee beforehand. But if you’re lucky, you might come across someone who does it for free (but tips will always be welcome, of course).

Solo traveller tip: Check out the awe-inspiring Hindu temples in the area.

Enjoy nature and wildlife

Say hi to the animals at S.E.A. Aquarium and Dolphin Island Singapore

Say hi to the animals at S.E.A. Aquarium and Dolphin Island Singapore

I have a fish tank at home and love it to pieces. That’s why I almost blew a gasket the first time I set foot at the S.E.A. Aquarium at the Resorts World in Sentosa and Dolphin Island Singapore.

At the aquarium, there are over a thousand marine species to marvel at, with sting rays, hammerhead sharks, and even dolphins’ antics to entertain you. It’s one of the most tranquil ways to “explore” the sea with both feet on the ground.

It usually takes me from two to three hours to see what the giant aquarium has to offer. But being on my own means I can get to drink in (not literally, one hopes) all that beauty and awesomeness at my own calm pace. 

The second marine-themed attraction that I also love visiting is Dolphin Island. I mean, how can I not love this place when I get to hang out and interact with dolphins? 

Sometimes, if I have money to spare, I even take the Dolphin Adventure package because that allows me to swim with the dolphins. 

Isn’t that exciting? It’s truly one of the best experiences of my life.

Establishment NameAddressHow to Get ThereTicket Price
S.E.A. Aquarium8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa IslandTake the MRT to HarbourFront Station, and walk to Sentosa Express Monorail Station. Take the Express train to the aquarium.• S$30 (non-residents)

• S$28 (residents)

Dolphin IslandAdventure Cove Waterpark, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa IslandTake the MRT to HarbourFront Station, walk to Sentosa Express Monorail Station. Take the Express train, and alight at Resorts World Sentosa.• Dolphin Observer: S$61

• Dolphin Encounter: S$87

• Dolphin Discovery: S$138

• Dolphin Adventure: S$182

Solo traveller tip: Always follow the aquarium rules to keep you and the animals safe.

Ride a tram in the Night Safari

Ride a tram in the Night Safari
Source: pelican

Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

How to get there: Ride bus 927 or the Mandai Khatib Shuttle, and alight at the Mandai Lake Road bus stop.

Estimated cost: S$55 (tickets)

If you’re more of a wildlife enthusiast, then I suggest visiting the Singapore Night Safari at Singapire’s Mandai Wildlife Reserve. Actually, even if you aren’t a wildlife enthusiast (like me), you’ll still enjoy this attraction; I certainly did myself.

This safari features four dedicated sections—Fishing Cat, Leopard, East Lodge, and Wallaby Trail, and to get through them all, you need to ride a tram. 

My favourite feature of this tram ride is that it’s a guided tour, so as we pass by over 2,500 creatures, I get to learn a lot about them. 

Another thing I suggest doing is booking seats for the Creatures of the Night show. The presentation happens at 7:30 or 9 in the evening, and you get to watch various wild animals perform! 

Do you really want to miss small-clawed otters and fennec foxes displaying their natural talents? I don’t think so (no, seriously, you definitely don’t want to miss it! This show will be one of the highlights of your Singapore trip, I guarantee it).

Solo traveller tip: Just like the previous tip, always follow the safari rules for your own safety as well as the animals’.

Ride a ferry to one of the Southern Islands

Ride a ferry to one of the Southern Islands

Location: Marina South Pier, 31 Marina Coastal Drive, Singapore 018988

How to get there: Ride the MRT to the Marina South Pier Station, then take Exit B to the Ferry Terminal.

Estimated Cost: S$15 for a ferry ticket to the Southern Islands

The Singapore mainland is bursting with countless landmarks to see and things to do, but did you know there are actually islands off the southern coast that are accessible to the public? 

These islands are Lazarus Island, Saint John’s Island, Kusu Island, and Sisters’ Islands. These are rich in natural flora and fauna—so much so that both tourists and researchers alike visit these places.

I’ve been to these islands several times, and my two go-to activities are hiking and swimming. I mean, how can I not hike and swim when I’m surrounded by such lush greenery and clear blue waters?

But other than hiking and swimming, I’d also recommend checking out the national marine laboratory on Saint John’s Island to learn more about the local research. If you’d like to stay overnight, camping is also possible on one of the islands.

If you’re interested in heading out to these islands, you need to go to Marina South Pier and book a ticket for a ferry ride there. 

Solo traveller tip: Did you know there’s a wishing well on Kusu Island? If you’re heading down there, be sure to drop a wish as well. You never know what might happen!

Indulge your inner shopaholic

Hunt for hidden gems in thrift stores and vintage shops

Hunt for hidden gems in thrift stores and vintage shops

Buying souvenirs is something tourists always do during vacations. So, when you’re visiting Singapore, you should also buy a few trinkets as well. 

However, let’s put a twist to this. Instead of buying from souvenir shops, why don’t you scour vintage stores instead?

The reason for this is that you can find all sorts of quirky and unique antique knickknacks. You might discover a gorgeous locket that used to belong to a married couple in the early 1900s or—if you’re lucky—a vintage watch that’s still good as new. 

My favourite vintage shops that I visit every now and then are Retro Gate, A Vintage Tale, and The Fashion Pulpit. These stores are very much focused on clothes because I like to think of myself as a budding fashion icon (I’m really not, though).

Solo traveller tip: Seriously, check out as many thrift stores and vintage shops as you can. The things you find might even be better than the items you typically see in main stores. 

Go on a shopping spree on Orchard Road

Go on a shopping spree on Orchard Road

How to get there: Take the MRT, and alight at the Orchard Station.

Estimated cost: It can be free if you’re just window-shopping, but ultimately, the cost will depend on which shop you’re going to.

Orchard Road is a shopaholic’s version of paradise. On this strip of road, you can find all kinds of stores—from boutique shops to grand, world-famous brands.

So, if you have enough money to spare, feel free to splurge to your heart’s content. Get yourself a dress or bag that you really want. 

After all, you’re on vacation, so you might as well treat yourself to the very best you can afford. Some of the shops worth checking out are the following: 

  • The Centrepoint
  • ION Orchard
  • Orchard Central
  • Ngee Ann City
  • Paragon Shopping Centre

The aforementioned shops are a bit on the higher-end side, so if you’re on a budget (which is my case more often than not), I suggest going to Lucky Plaza. This plaza is known for its affordable goods, but it also has some gems if you know where to look.

Window shopping at luxurious shops is also a great pastime. At least, this is what I do sometimes, and I still have a blast every time, so I would recommend others to do the same.

Solo traveller tip: When you’re hungry or thirsty, don’t hesitate to stop by the pubs and eateries on the road. 

Get your adrenaline pumping

Go bungee jumping

Go bungee jumping

Location: Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett, Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099011

How to get there: Take the MRT to HarbourFront Station, walk to Sentosa Express Monorail Station. Take the Sentosa Express train to Beach Station, then ride the free tram to Siloso Beach.

Are you a thrill seeker at heart? Or maybe you just want to get out of your comfort zone and do something wild and daring? 

Whatever your answer is, bungee jumping in Singapore is undeniably one activity you can cross off your bucket list.

I personally don’t like bungee jumping (I’m too much of a chicken), but my friends do, and they recommend Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett. Here, you have to get to the AJ Hackett Bungee Jump platform, which is about 47 meters from the ground. 

You can even try different jumping styles if you dare. If you don’t feel ready to bungee jump yet, you can start with the giant swing instead—still scary, if you ask me, but it does look quite fun.

Solo traveller tip: Want to immortalize this moment? You can purchase a video or photo memento of your jump.

Treat yourself to a fun day at Universal Studios Singapore

Treat yourself to a fun day at Universal Studios Singapore

Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

How to get there: Ride the MRT to HarbourFront Station. Take Exit E to VivoCity and go to level 3 to board the Sentosa Express. Alight at the Waterfront Station, then walk to the entrance.

Estimated Cost: S$81 for the tickets

Universal Studios Singapore is one of the country’s most well-known attractions, which is understandable since this is the only Universal Studios theme park in all of Southeast Asia.

Once you step inside this theme park, you’ll feel you’ve been transported away to a different land. Get on one-of-a-kind rides and scream your heart out as the rollercoasters bring you up, down, and up again. 

You can also catch state-of-the-art shows and explore the zones themed after the studio’s most beloved franchises. With so many things to do, it’s easy to forget about everything else and just get lost amidst all the fun. 

Solo traveller tip: If I were you, I’d bring extra money because the dining options and food stalls here are so tempting, you can’t resist buying something. You might also end up buying merch if you’re a big fan of the film franchises featured in the park.

FAQs about Travelling Solo in Singapore